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Interview worries!

Argh help, I've been applying for jobs since last Summer and when I get to the interviews I always feel so negative about it and I don't wanna come across that way.

Any one have any tips for super confidence and getting passed through interview phases?

Also I've found that employers don't seem to want to employ people who're slightly over weight, they may deny it but I don't think I've ever gone into a Starbucks/H&M/Oasis and seen some one even a few lbs over weight. I know the places I'm applying will be getting so many applicants because of the lack of low end jobs for people who've been made redundant or just left school, I don't want my weight to affect my chances :/
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Losing the mummy fat
Hey hun, I hate interviews!
I had one on tuesday and ended up getting the job and Im sure it's because I was prepared.
I researched the job and the hotel, and wrote down what questions I would ask them and what I would say ect.
I also got my OH to do a mock interview with me, made it much easier.
I always think taking 5 mins before you go in just to take some deep breathes and give your self a little prep talk

Aww that sounds good and congrats on the job :D I think arriving a little earlier helps with my nerves but I still flake under the pressure.

Not enjoyed my group interview experiences either :/


Losing the mummy fat
I think group interviews are the worst, I've never been to one cause as soon as I find out there is one I don't go!
Having to do activities ect infront of other people is so nerve wrecking!
Have you tried maybe joining a group? maybe a fitness class or whatever? Gives you a chance to do things infront of a crowd?
Hiya hun

Interviews are so scary! The one I had for my current job was nerve racking because 1- I knew half the panel, 2- I wanted the job so badly and 3- it was all competency based so very formal and very very intimidating!!

So here are my tips, based on what I done at that interview... I'm a really shy person, but it's actually very easy to fake confidence - just pretend that you're confident now, start faking it, and eventually you will just become confident and it will make the interview much easier to get through. You should also prepare a lot for your interview, start as soon as you find out you've got the interview. Have lots of examples of past experience and be able to expand on things you mentioned in your application, research on the company to be prepared for that question "what do you know about our company?", as someone else said a mock interview will be really helpful and you'll get the chance to think about your answers afterwards and know how to make them better for the real interview - we all know that "oh I should have said" feeling after an interview. The panel should offer you water - take it - sipping this before you answer your question gives you time to think about your answer. Take notes in with you and sit them infront of you, that way you can glance at them without making it obvious, you'll find you won't even need them if you've been studying them in the waiting room.

Hopefully these help you a little bit! Wishing you lots of good luck!! Oh and if you really feel nervous I recommend bachs rescue remedy, it works a treat! xxxx


Losing the mummy fat
Well thats a huge step in the right direction!
Once you've started going on a regular basis your confidence will go sky high x
Oh and btw - employers should never ever discriminate against candidates! I think the only time weight/height/build matters is when you're applying for something like air hostess or bunjee rope tester or something. I have never been discriminated against for my weight in an interview situation and have seen plenty of larger ladies working in places like Costa, New Look, HMV etc etc :)
I really do agree with everything Evilpenguin says. Visualise yourself as a confident person. Take time to smile and make eye contact, and don't rush yourself, or feel pressured to answer questions in record time.

It might be worth asking for feedback after some interviews, just in case there is something specific that you could change.

Good luck honey bunny xxxx
Thank you guys :D All of this is really helpful! I will be a more confident person for sure :) heck what's scary about an interview after facing the losses that we all have keeping up with Slimming World :)
keep your chin up. It is hard to find a job in this climate.

Be prepared, research company, create a list of questions. Wear a suite.

Keep repeating to yourself, "I can do this".

I agree with the idea that weight does play a part when being interviewed. I have had 6 interviews over the past 13 weeks and I get great feed back but no job. However, 2 strangers over the past couple of weeks, have thought I was with child. Ouch. It makes me think that the reason I am not getting a job is because interviews think I am with child, but with todays laws possible employers are not allowed to ask about your family.:D


I am one of the 63336
I really really do feel for you. I've finally got (and started) a permjob after a year of applying.

Even if you aren't feeling it - try and come over as confident. I'm sure what clinched it for me was the 'Tell me why we should employ you' question - which ALWAYS throws me.

I have no idea where it came from but I looked the interviewer straight in the eye and with full confidence stated 'If you employ me you know that I will always do the job to the best of my ability. I don't leave a job half done, I always make sure it's finished as well as I can do. I know when to ask for help and consider that a strength rather than a weakness'. I think it was the confidence and me 'stating' that rather than just saying it - if that makes sense - that swung it for me.

The other thing is preparation. Interviewers seem to be working fromthe same crib sheet these days. (What are your strengths. What are your weaknesses. Tell me about a time when you had to act under pressure. etc etc). Sit down with friends and relatives and ask them to help you produce your answers. Then when you get asked these questions you have your answers ready.

Finally, drink a couple of glasses of water in the couple of hours before the interview. If it is going to be warm in the interview room you can't risk being dehydrated (as I was in the interview for the job I got. So bad I almost passed out so heaven knows why they employed me!!)


I am one of the 63336
Oh, another thing. Research jobs that are being advertised - you may come across something you've never considered before but having looked in to it interests you.

My new job is as a funeral arranger. Had never considered it in a month of Sundays but thrilled to have got it. xx


My belly this will be!
I have interviewed loads of people - the worst ones are the nervous ones cos it makes it awkward - it is like you try to concentrate on getting the person to feel 'vaguely normal' so you can get your best from them but in doing that you can lose your way in the interview and waste time.
Do your homework on the company and the job and go and visit to get inside info if you can. Make an appointment so that the visit is not an imposition and then mention your visit in the interview. People who value their companies are only to happy to show off to folk, and it will be brownie points to you at interview for having more info on the company and bothering to go and visit in your own time.
If you cant think of a question to ask at the end when they say - do you have any questions before we finish - you can try - why do you think your company would be a good place for me to build my career? Killer question.:)
Be prepared, research company, create a list of questions. Wear a suite.
I agree you need to research the company. Part of this research should be finding out what the dress code is. You shouldn't necessarily need to wear a suit and in some cases it could work against you. I work for a charity and we all dress casually. When a vacancy came up a little while ago, a couple of candidates showed up in smart suits. To be honest the first impression was that they wouldn't fit in. Depending on what the dress code is you might be better being casual/smart (but not jeans!). It all depends how your potential new colleagues dress.

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