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Just cooked a lovely dinner of salad, new potatoes and jerk chicken- as requested I might add- and the children don't want it! Husband like it but battled with the children. I should be pleased really because all they wanted to eat was the salad of lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, mushrooms and tomatoes.

I am normally quite patient but as I am on day 2 without food I feel like screaming!!
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It's frustrating when they don't want it and you would kill for even just a bite lol. Well done for getting through it and not scoffing some yourself. It does get better and by day 4-5 you will feel great and the hunger and drooling will have passed.
I really empathise! Watching others eat has not been the like a little scavanger....they so much as leave a pizza crust and i want to eat it.

But just think....that is a nice healthy meal. When you have done the diet and got the results you desire, you can be eating delicious things like that to your hearts content xx


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Oh Hope, if you are close to Ealing I would ask you to bring the jerk chicken, infact the whole meal to my dad, he'd love it!
Sadly I didn't appreciate nice meals sometimes when I was a child, have a nice relaxing bath or foot spa instead of a scream!


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Hate it when the kids don't eat what you have cooked, even more so now on CD. If my husband is home dissapear upstairs and leave him to deal with it.

Charlie xx