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Is anyone up for actually losing weight over Christmas? I'm game!!


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Hi, just wondering if there are others out there that are planning to lose weight over Christmas or are most people going to have a break and indulge and be willing to deal with any damage in the New Year?!! I think it's because I'm quite new (7 weeks in) but I'm really determined to lose something!! Anyone joining me?!
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Well I got it into my head that Im gonna be good over the xmas and stick to it, but dunno if I will have will power, would like to think I can, I really dont want to undo all my hard work. Tho Im going away for a few days over the New year so might have to have a few days off then...not go mad tho still gonna make healthy choices when I can.


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As I'll be out of town for a week during the Xmas holidays visiting family it will be challenging, but I will also try to stick to the plan as much as possible.
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I'm an in-betweener. I'm staying on plan until Christmas Eve afternoon, then I'm off plan until the day after Boxing day, then on plan again but having NYE night off. I'm hopng not to go too mad but I won't be flexi-synning, just going off plan.
I know that I will have a gain because I can't eat anything off plan without it showing on the scales, but I hope that it will be less than usual.


I will succeed!!!
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I had a 2lb gain last night and it's given me the kick up the butt I so needed. I am not strictly on plan this Saturday as having meal out, and plan to eat off plan on Christmas day, but after last night I plan to be SW friendly otherwise now. Hopefully I'll shift the 2lbs next WI I gained this week and get back to what I was so any damage would be minimal. If I DON'T I'm going to be gutted as it'll make it harder.

So count me in...I'm gonna do my bestest! xxx


Too big to fail
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I'll have a go.
Now I will be away for a week so I don't know what food will be on offer. Having said that, it's a skiiing trip and if skiing ain't body magic, I don't know what is!
I would hope to at least sts but maybe even lose.


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My weight is being so stubborn about coming off, that I daren't come off plan this early on in the proceedings. The other factor is that money is impossibly tight this year so I'm being a bit of an Ebenezer Scrooge in terms of the extra frilly bits round Xmas, and so there just won't be things for me to pig out on, so I might as well be good! :D And I don't drink, so it all should be quite easy .... famous last words! I bet everyone that's naughty stays the same or loses and Saint OzzieMoz will put weight on ;)
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Yes I definately going to try & stay on plan but I know my dad & MIL will buy me chocs for Christmas :confused: Already I'm thinking I'll eat these over a few days, even weeks, but can I????????

Nobody else will buy chocs as they know I'm doing SW.

If I do indulge it will be minimal as my weight loss has been slow & I want to keep off what I've already lost!
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I will give it a go, I'm sticking to plan everyday apart from xmas day, boxing day and the sunday afterwards as I won't be at home (visiting relatives) so won't have much control over food choices. I also plan a night off nye. I'm still planning on going to weigh in between xmas and new year.
I'm going away but I aim to make my breakfasts and evening meals SW friendly as much as possible. We will have a big cooked breakfast so don't normally bother with lunch, then dinner will be pasta dishes, jacket pots, curry etc.
We do have lots of nibbles and treats but they will be shared amongst lots of people.
I won't lose but I hope not to gain any more than a couple of pounds. Famous last words...

Good luck to all who aim to lose :)


Not such a fat kat now :)
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I would love to lose weight over christmas, Ive done it before but my weight loss is so slow at the moment that I darent come off plan.


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Wish I could but going back to the mum and dads on Monday until the 28th. Be trying (very hard) not to eat chocolates etc etc and I've told mum no big bags of Tesco Onion rings which I love and could eat a whole bag in a night (or I used to) so I think eating sensibly but her mash is with milk and butter where mine is with Quark and my roast tatties are with fry light hers is with dripping, so I know its going to be hard (I know not to argue about having it done my way!). But will try saying no to everything else.
im going to really try my class aint stopping over xmas so i will be going and hopefully will try my best to lose seeing as xmas day on fri and my class on monday


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I am determined to get 6lbs off in the next two weeks so I start 2010 a stone lighter! I have lost 8lbs so far, so getting into double figures would be good too, as long as it goes down and not up then I will be happy!

So brrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggg on the challenge!


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I'm up for it, but i'm not expecting miracles :D if I can lose 2/3 lbs over the 2 weeks I will be happy.

I will indulge within my syns limit, I honestly don't think that will be a problem, as I don't feel like i've deprived myself of anything so far.

I am only 4 weeks in though so maybe i'm still in the honeymoon period.

I have told the family I don't want any chocs and other than what I have got the kids i'm not getting any extra.

I do like a tia maria coffee with cream, but i'm not going to buy a big bottle, just a couple of minatures so I can have one xmas day and one boxing day :D

So thats my plan, a little bit of what I like instead of lots of what I like, which, unfortunately is what happened last year:D

If I STS and don't lose, well I won't lose any sleep.

Devon Dolce

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I'd like to lose or at the very very least sts - I've still got classes over Christmas - last Thursday WI this week and then two on each Tuesday before getting back to normal in January! I'd really like to get my Club 10 from the last 3 WIs of this year which means I need to lose average 3 pounds a week - I am realistic that this probably won't happen but good to have this aim in mind! xx


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Well just seent his post. I am alone on christmas so I see nothign wrong with trying to do an EE christmas dinner.
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yes i am going to try and be good, need to loose weight or stay the same dont want to have to loose another half stone in the new year because i have had xmas off!!!

Dont really eat chocolate so probably only be pudding on xmas day, and the xmas dinner my mam makes fattening, doesnt roast poatatoes in goose fat or anything, so i am hoping should be ok!!
we will find out in jan!!!

Jane x

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