Is it even possible?!


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My OH just made me buy a stunning dress from lipsy in a size 14 for holiday!! It's gorgeous! Silver and very girlie, and from 65 to 25£!

Just brought it home and I can't even get it past my arms/boobs ect obv I know I'm not a size 14 yet lol but isit even possible I will ever be able to it in it?!? Icant even imagine it ever fitting, let alone in 6months!
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That's it x


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I love Lipsy! they do gorg dresses ect. Im sure you will be in it before you no it and looking fab!! x

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Oh course it's possible Hun. I'm now a size 16 (some fit perfectly and the odd thing still snug) and that's with 2st to go and it's likely that I'll be a size 14 when I get to goal.