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Is It Just Me Or...


I ate my willpower!
This BMI thing is a load of old Bullocks!! Because take a body builder. They will be, for example, 5'10" tall and weight about 20 stone 10lbs. The BMI calculator puts him as having a BMI of 40.5 and say that he is seriously overweight. Yet that weight is all muscle and he is probably extremely healthy.

Taz, you do karate, so some of your weight is bound to be muscle. So I think we should all go with what we feel is normal and our dress size and not some silly BMI chart.


I ate my willpower!
good idea i think i will be able to tell when im in the healthy range anyways ill feel better for it
Yea, we all know our own bodies and what feels right for us. I will stop loosing weight when I am happy with myself and when I can walk upstairs without dying!! Lol
Yeah I agree, I don't really have an ideal 'weight'. I have set a target but I know that may change as I will know what weight/size I will be happy at when I get there

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