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Is it true you cant exercise?

i think the advice is to carry on what your doing in a normal day but dont go adding more exercise when you start ?? im not sure but i think that you can carry on what your doing when you start the plan ??
I spoke to my CDC about this on Sunday. On LL we're told "no exercise unless you've always exercised", but the CDC said that light to moderate cardio is okay and muscle toning exercises (like ab cruncher) are not only allowed - they're encouraged!

Spoke to my personal trainer at the gym and he agreed. His advice was if you're on a VLCD you should be exercising enough to feel a bit out of breath but not so much that you can't talk. If you can't talk and do the exercise at the same time, you're going too fast or too hard! :)
my cdc said not to do any exercise. not even my wii dance or anything. ive asked this question previously too because i would like to do some. generally tho everyone seems to say that you shouldnt.
Didn't your CDC just say not in the beginning, Mrs? While ketosis kicks in? I thought that's what I read you say.
nope she told me not to do exercise full stop. she told me off for doing just dance on wii! she said that you do not need to do any exercise on the diet because ketosis is doing the work for u.

on the site it says that you can do it later on but she was like a definite no.
I always understood that you could not start any new exercise but continue with what you have been doing before starting the diet.

I am a returner and used to go for short runs (2 miles) 2/3 times a week whilst on Cambridge and also some light weights.
I heard it can be dangerous??

I was going to start at the gym. Right now I am doing Wii Fit three times a week, but my friend told me to stop?

Can I use an ab cruncher? I really need to tone my tummy muscles :/

it's not true! you just need to take it down a notch if you are used to doing exercise but not start any if you've never done any before. i'm teaching 4 zumba classes a week!
I always understood that you could not start any new exercise but continue with what you have been doing before starting the diet.

I am a returner and used to go for short runs (2 miles) 2/3 times a week whilst on Cambridge and also some light weights.
i'm a crazy nutter and used to run up to 6 miles at a time on ss! however, them my losses stopped! 2 weeks and nothing....

6 miles is the point where your glucogen supplies start seriously depleting in normal people.

i moved up to 810 and bingo.... 8lbs loss straight away.

it's all about getting a balance between enough but not too much.
I agree your cdc shouldn't be so against it! If you feel like doing it, do it!! You'll be toning up as you go, which is great! Just don't make the mistake of over doing it (lesson learnt lol) Start of slow and if you want to do more go ahead :)
Well i just do my dance. N will be doing zumba. With my knee problem i cant overdo it anyway. But i didnt tell her that :p coz she told me not to over do housework!!! Lol. Think she wants me to sleep through it!
i wish someone would say to sleep through cleaning my house :) did the carpet in the kids play room, the rug in the living room, the wooden and tiled floors and the seats where we have our dinner as they're suede and the kids have wrecked them. just basically gutted the house as i did the skirting boards and the doors then started on the paint work on the walls as we have scrubbable paint on the walls cause of the kids.
The official answer is this

Do not start a strenuous exercise programme at the same time as you start the Cambridge Weight Plan. (IF you are already following a vigorous exercise programme then you may need to moderate it to a less active level for a week or two.)
Moderate exercise is useful once you start to lose weight, providing that it is approached with caution and not done with excess. Walking or cycling is excellent exercise, but start slowly, and do not overdo it at the beginning.

Both LL and CD have always recommended a little light exercise a few times a week. A consultant saying 'None at all' is wrong. Both plans have exercise suggestions.
Thank you. Will stick to my wii fit :))


Feeling Motivated
I have exercised all the way through my plan and it has never affected my weightloss. I do running / cross trainer or swimming. I sometimes do a Pilates or Yoga class as well if I have the time.

I think what your CDC should have said is don't start a massive exercise regime at the same time as starting CD. But there should always be an element of exercise in your life even if that is going for a walk, it will help you get into the habit for when you finish CD and keep on with a healthy lifestyle
Well I do loads of exercise nearly everyday plus my job is very physical all on ss. And I feel fantastic lol
I find if you shock yourself (eg-go 1 day heavy then nxt day go light) u lose loads of weight. 6 1/2 lb then 4 1/2 lb in last 2 weeks and this is my 12th week.
Jonny, you may be losing loads of weight but you have had several people on this forum tell you that you are doing too much exercise and it isn't good for you. So i don't think it's a very good idea to be encouraging other people to do as much as you.

To the others, i agree that you can do some exercise on SS, just don't suddenly start exercising loads if you didn't before and if you are used to doing loads already, tone it down a bit.

I've had knee problems so i've not really been exercising, but i'm hoping to start again in a week or so and see if i'm ok. I walk a lot anyway so it's not like i haven't done anything. when i start to come up the plans i want to increase my exercise at a similar rate to my food. When i'm off plan i want to be doing regular exercise for the rest of my life. It's either that or no more cake - ever!

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