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Is this normal??

Morning all.

Well day 4 on LP dawns and found me wide awake at 6:30 with the mantra "i can do this; I will do this" running through my head (read the Thought Provoking" post last night..lol) and i've already sorted the kitchen, bins for recycling collection and am sitting now glugging water for 30 mins before I have my first shake.

Is this sort of energy normal? I'm normally a "get out of bed at last possible minute" type of gal..:confused:
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Looks like you are well into ketosis hun, welcome to the cold hands and feet brigade, and your house will never be cleaner lol.
Lol...thanks. Think you're right about the clean house. Will help distract me from food too I guess. Mind you i've not been too physically hungry but have been psychologically hungry which is great if it shows me the difference and how much I used to eat for the wrong hunger.

But i must admit this site is a real find. I had been looking on some other general boards and some people are viscous to VLCD users. IMO if they don't agree that's their right but there is no need to post so aggressively to people who post looking for support/advice. I was beginning to despair of finding a forum that was supportive.


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This forum is really friendly and there is usually someone around. Its great if you are not sure of something, and lots of tips and advice.


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I know what you mean- another forum I use for help would lynch me if they knew I'd resorted to a VLCD- they think they're for losers (well, I hope they are! LOL!) But most people I know feel like that too, which is why I'm keeping the fact that I'm doing it to just my Mum & my Husband. I really appreciate the support on here- I'm addicted!

My problem is picking at the minute- I was fine the first week, but lately I've found myself nibbling here & there which HAS to stop, as you said- it's not hunger thats making me do it- just habit. It shows how much 'extra' I actually ate every day that I hadn't accounted for!


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Hi Hun, lucky you to have got the ketosis energy boost, never happened to me, im on week 5 and still lacking in any energy what so ever lol :)
Lol.. it may be a transient out of body experience I had this morning so I'm not getting too excited about it lol.

Am hoping it lasts though as I only moved back after 15 years in London a month or 2 ago and I still have boxes everywhere. Sadly i'm also still really excited that i'm living in a house with a drive and back garden rather than a 4th floor flat in a concrete jungle :)


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Hiya Gorey Girl, its geat isnt it when this happens? i was like u.......getting up at the very last minute but now is a completely different story, im up before my bf and kids, its great!!!
Use it to ur advantage and take time to notice the difference in how u r feeling as i have not felt this good since....i dont know when......and i know that i certainly dont want to go back to feeling how i was just 2 weeks ago before i started lipotrim. Now that im getting all the right nutrients and feeling great,with tons more energy, it has made me realise what rubbish i was putting in my stomach and how it was effecting me.
Good luck with sortin ur boxes etc and good luck with lipotrim, keep us posted on ur success :D xxx


Here we go again!
Hi there. I still have a lot of energy and I'm into week 14. Don't know where its all come from but am loving it. Like Kered said, be ready for the cold feet and hands. My hands were so cold last night I was wearing gloves whilst watching tv!
im afraid it is normal sweetie i had fire on a coaty and blanket all me kids was sweating lol and i was freezing lol but jus wait to u get into ur first weigh in you'll love the results believe me i did and im so ready for week 2 bring it on thats what i say xx
It's amazing isn't it? We, by rights, should be dragging our hands behind us on the floor with lack of energy, but the opposite is true!! Spring cleaning the house has been a doddle and I sleep like a log now. But cold!!!....brrrrrrr! I used to be my OH's hot water-bottle in bed...!!!!


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Hi Hun, lucky you to have got the ketosis energy boost, never happened to me, im on week 5 and still lacking in any energy what so ever lol :)
You and me both Em and I'm in week 8 :cry:!!!!! xx
My friends are saying i'm calling more too; anything to pass the time in the evening lol

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