Is this realistic??


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Ive been doing a lot of research and plan to start CD after christmas (have too many social events coming up to start before then). I have about 5 stone to loose altogether. Am I being realistic to do ss+ to get rid of 3 stone or so and then work on the maintenance?

I guess Im wondering if anyone has used CD to get rid of the "bulk" of their weight and then work slowly on the rest?

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I know some people on here have done it that way - I did it the other way around - lost 5 stone with ww and then 2 and a half with cd - I lost two stone ish on ss/ss+ but then I moved to 810 - and continued to lose just as quickly - I am now on 1000 and had a gain last week but lost this week - I think Ani is on 1000 to lose - I think 810 is great though - you get to eat a little meal - I used to have half my protien at lunch with my soup (usually a small tin of tuna) and then a green and white meal with chicken or tuna an salad for tea with a pack for dessert - and cd porridge or coffee for breakfast - see how it goes!! Good luck - well done for doing your research ahead of time!


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Hi scary that is how I am doing it. Lost 3 stone 2 with LT total food replacement. Now have just swapped to SS+ for my next 2 to 3 stone. I wanted to introduce some food and will work through the steps of CD until at goal. Good luck x