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Is this true.......?


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i heard that you should start with really high syn values so you have something to reduce when you 'hit that brick wall' is this right? should i go grab a kit kate chunky:silly:

I currently have been following SW for 2 days only 2 syns used so far (and that was an error...bloomin muller lite layered yogs )
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You should use at least 5 syns per day, but you can have up to 15 a day. Lots of people use them every day, some save them up to have at the weekend (I do this).
You can use your syns however you like - wine, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, extra bread, gravy granules, sauce, a ready meal if you are in a hurry.....
If you start with the full 15 syns a day and then your weight loss slows, you can drop to 10 a day and so on.
I have 10 a day = 70 per week, and count them weekly.
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I tend to only manage about 9 a day, totally forgot about them yesterday so at 9pm I got my treats out, Special K Bites and a hot choc. I know others that say they're too tight to waste their syns on the Bites as they are rather healthy but I'm really enjoying them. Oh and Hifi bars, yummmmmmmmmmmmm I may let my OH try one as he didn't realise I had them until I mentioned them last night but if I can convert him onto them then no more junk in the house


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You definitely need to have more syns - at least 5 every day. They are there to make sure you don't feel deprived because when you do you'll be more like to go way of track. And it's harder to get back on track when that happens than if you allow yourself a daily treat.

There is also an argument for starting out on a high syn allowance. If you lose weight then all well and good. If not you can reduce it until you find a syn level that works for you. Some people do seem to reach a point where they have to reduce their syn intake to get over a plateau. I never did and personally think this is counter productive as there are other ways of getting over a plateau.

Why not aim for around 10 syns a day and see how you get on. I mean you're beating yourself up for eating a yoghurt for goodness sake! When I joined SW, many years ago now, the advice was to work to 10 and I had between 5 and 10 syns every single day and continued to lose weight without ever hitting a plateau.

You don't have to use your syns on chocolate and biscuits, it could be on extra HEs or ingredients to increase the variety of food in your diet and recipes that you follow.


That mars bar aint love..
S: 14st2lb C: 0st12lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 2.1 Loss: 13st4lb(93.94%)
Brilliant! thanks guys! i mean i dont mind eating! lol! i just think im eating so so so much its unreal!! i also am concerned because my dad was like leanne that breakfast is high in calories...and i was like ohh yeh im not really calorie counting...but i thought that was the point?!?! my breakfast was.... 2 fried eggs (frylite) 2 pieces of bread (hexb) spagetti hoops and a activia yog (keeping it regular lol) (he's just jelous! hehe)

This seems to good to be true?!? if this works i have found the best diet in the world!! becasue i am eating like a horse!! ha ha!! i am sticking to green for now!!! im not a massive meat eater :)
I also run for 25 mins every day so i am using up all the carb energy!!
I use almost all my 15 syns a day every day and always have done. When I struggled or wanted a boost then I reduced to 5 a day. The syns are the thing you cut down on so you need to have them. Don't listen to other people who don't understand the diet, I've had it for years from my MIL, she still says "how can you eat ALL that on your diet" with big emphasis on the ALL!!
You can, up to a point, the thing with this is that it could encourage bingeing. I don't save them up, I just have a day off and get back on it the next day but I know those who enjoy a bottle of wine do save them up and spend them in one go. My weekend is too close to WI for me to do this!!

On the SW FAQ page it does say that they allow syns to be saved up although not all consultants are a fan of this.


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The easiest way is just to think of using 70-105 syns per week - then split them up as you like!

Enjoy your weekend!
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This is really helpfull for me to know about the sins too, so thank you :)

I did SW years ago so i can't remember the whole diet, i did do 10 sins a day but think i will go with 15 from the start this time, that way like Jaylou said i can decrease them when i'm not losing :)


That mars bar aint love..
S: 14st2lb C: 0st12lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 2.1 Loss: 13st4lb(93.94%)
Fantastic!! i only just figured out how to save posts so have missed out on a ot of replies DOH! Thats great news! My SW consultant said to go on the computer and make a load of boxes with 70-105. then as you use your syns throughout the week tick them off! i think thts a great idea...its just being organised pahaha!

its my weigh in tonight havnt really used many sins this week i will next week though!!! xxx

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