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Is your social life effected?

G: 11st0lb
I'm just wondering how LT has effected your social lives? I'm very socialble and usually eat out twice a week and go partying at the weekends so I think I'm going to find it really hard to adapt to LT way of life. I am very excited to start and of course I am willing to give up these things, but I just wondered if any of you have tips on how to cope?
I know i can still go partying etc but i won't be able to have the alcohol which gives me the confidence! BTW i am not an alcoholic!!
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rainbow brite

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I'm the same as you with wanting the alcohol to boost confidence babe. To be honest I personally find it easier to avoid social situations whilst on LT but there are some this time around that I simply can't avoid so will just be sipping on water and chatting with others who aren't drinking :) Just think about how good you'll feel when you come home and have successfully completed another day :) xx


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hi there,

I don't drink and therefore my social life revolves around eating! This is my first day at work on LT and already someone wants to book a team lunch....not sure i can cope watching everyone eat...lol

I think its easier in a pub or somewhere like that - you can buy water and its a drink. But when people are eating its gonna be hard to sit and drink water!

any tips from long term LT'ers
G: 11st0lb
I'm just dreading being invited out to places. It doesnt bother me not eating whilst other people are, but I'm worried of drawing attention to myself.


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I'm on CD, which is similar and to be honest your social life does suffer. BUT with understanding friends I've done fine. Pubs are fine cos you can get sparkling mineral water and add flavouring (do you have that on LL?). Meals out are more tricky but I'm on SS plus so can have chicken and salad.

People don't really care usually whether you eat or not - its amazing what people don't notice but I have avoided some occasions because I didn't want to have the conversation!

I think you just learn to adapt and just try to remember it isn't forever!
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you are right, it is about adapting and it becoming part of your routine i suppose. I just give in to temptation so easily its very annoying. I want to loose weight more than anything, yet i lack willpower.
And you're right it's not forever, and it is worth it (hopefully) in the end. xxx


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Yeah, I agreenwith coley. I initially avoided the social outings that I could but when I got more comfortable I didn't mind being the only one not eating -nor did anyone else. I backed out of work lunches & events entirely though! You need to choose the events you can deal with.


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i mean can you seriously go to a restaurant and sip water whilst everyone eats!? lol


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Being Irish I drink a lot... Being in London and working in a multi cultural environment I eat a lot... Bad Mix..... This Diet >>>>>>> Cuts everything out.. Huge change but its the best thing to do.. If you stay on this for a few months you can lose weight, control drinking, control eating and most importantly.. Be healthy!


Creating my life
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I've been to a restaurant and drank water while everyone else eats! Yes it is noticable but once you've explained everyone gets on with it. It was fine. I have an end date in my head and when things get hard I say 'It's only until...' I find having that promised end date helps me cope. Besides it is a choice. I could eat at any time but I'm choosing not to.
After a few weeks it gets much easier to be around others who are eating and drinking when you are not, trust me.

I sat with my entire family while they ate their Xmas dinner, I never would have thought I could do that when I started LL, but it was suprisingly easy, it almost becomes a habit to not eat as you know that it would be "naughty" for you to do so (or maybe that's just me........?)


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well i am on day 3 so i guess i can only imagine what its like to be that comfortable and into LT. I am glad it does get better :) and Coley you are right about the end date, i have a date in mind so thats gonna be somethign i fix in my mind when faced with tempting restaurant invitations.
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i will be honest.. i have completely lost my social life. i tried the whole sticking to my shakes while everyone around me eats etc etc... but people just looked at me like as if i was a frickin alien. at the moment i am just hiding away like a hermit and then one day i will make my grand entrance with my hot bod! lol... :)

it works for some people and it doesnt for others... but it is so hard to have a normal social life as these days our lifestyle and especially social events pretty much revolves around food


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it's a difficult one. I've been for several meals and even a sit down meal at a wedding. The other people in our table were so intrigued. It made for good conversation. In fact I have another wedding in six weeks and I won't be eating again
Just do what feels right. It is difficult yes but I see it as short term punishment for getting into this situation and then soon you'll have a hit bod and it will all be worth it.
Don't give into temptation and if you think you can, then remove yourself from the situation

Take each day and event at a time. It is possible - ididnt eat or drink in my own hen weekend so anything is possible!

blue eyes

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You will have to find what works best for you. I avoided it for the first few weeks and because I hadnt told anyone I drove drank sparkling water and had chicken and salad to eat, nobody noticed the first night I went out.To be honest your friends should be supportive of you and hopefully will help you.XX
G: 11st0lb
I dont want to stop going out though else I'll not only be depriving myself of food and alcohol, but fun aswell!!

I guess its about finding new fun things to do that don't involve eating or drinking!?
any ideas?xx


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This is so right most stuff revolves around food!! and it does get quite annoying...at work we wanted to do a different night out something we hadn't done before...we went to bingo...OMG it was so funny I nearly imploded laughing so much.....

A great one is to get your friends to take up dancing classes..great fun and exercise without having to go to the stinky gym
G: 11st0lb
ha, i love bingo!when i was at uni, we all dressed as old ladies and went. don't think the regulars were that impressed, we got heckled out of there!!!!
dancing classes are good too,ive always wanted to try salsa dancing.
your right there, everything does revolve around food!!!i spend most my days at work excited about gettin home to cook the tea!!how sad am i?!xx

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