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It's Friday Horray****lets Do It Hour By Hour****


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Good morning all,

Outside looks like it has been snowing everwhere is white :eek::eek: and flipping cold again.

Off to have my nails done at 10am and then home in the warm for the rest of the day...lots of hot drinks for me today!!!

Good luck with weighins today JJJ and Tara fingers crossed for you.

Have a good one

Catch you later
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Good morning Maggie and everyone else,

shiver shiver shiver its soooooo cold Jack frost has been very busy!!!

Maggie enjoy having your nails done huni,

I am not getting weighed today, so hopefully next week will be a very good one!!

H2B has this morning off work, so we wil both go for a nice long walk with the dog, then H2B back to work this afternoon and i get the nice warm house all to my self for a couple of hours b4 kiddies get home from school, 2 of which have non uniform day for children in need

have a good day everyone xxx


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Morning Girlies
I am back for a couple of days
I have emailed Jane my cdc last night with this news ( so i hope she reads it there before she reads it here ) so i will share it with you but i really dont want to go into major detail about it - - but i have basically been on a major binge
yesterday my weight was up almost 7lbs
today its back down a little and just up 4lbs on my lowest weight so far
anyway today is my restart

i have whipped myself with barbed wire and all that, i have analysed what triggered it etc and how to avoid it so now its move on time and back onto SS

actully got some psyllium husks yesterday and am quite looking forward to porrige this morning - - then i have a house to clean, laundry to do and a visit to tescos to look forward to

deep joy lol

will pop back later
meanwhile i hope you all have a lovely morning and lose lots of cals going round that mulberry bush : )
Morning all

It's freezing here too :gen125: I have no work today so might spend the morning cosied up on the sofa and catch up on some TV I recorded. Lazy morning! Then I have lots of stuff around the house that needs doing this afternoon.

Slushy I had a big binge one night two weeks ago and just like you had gained 7lbs in an instant. Luckily I went straight back into Ketosis the next day and over the week the 7lbs disappeared so I finished the week with a half pound loss overall. Not a good loss for the week, but considering I had gained 7 at the start of the week I was pleased it came off. I hope the same happens for you and it comes off quickly :)

I hope everyone has a good CD day

Morning all!!!

Well...I managed to get through another day yesterday, even with my daughter eating "treats"!
It's freezing here too!! -5C to be exact!!
I also managed to get cakes for the guys at work...bought them yesterday and decided that I would not have them in the house, as the temptation would be too great....apart from my car smelling like a Bakery everytime I sat in it yesterday, I have now gone into work with frozen cakes!!! I left them in the car over night!!! Lol!!
Jam doughnuts will never taste the same for them!!

Well, have a great day all...Maggie and Tara your plans for the day sound wonderful and I wished that I was at home again today!!!

Keep drinking that water y'all!!!



Fairy Princess to Be
I'm really not very good at travelling: I do that thing where you have a last look round to see if there's anything you've forgotten and think "oh, I might need that" or "oh, might as well take that" and "oh, if we do this then I'll need that" and end up with a tonne of stuff so needless to say I didn't feel the cold this morning coz I was effectively lifting weights all the way to work :doh:
Sneakily weighed myself on Boots scales after work last night and am 3lbs down from Monday (although it also seems to think I'm 5'6, which I'm pretty sure I'm not) so pretty pleased and 'treating' myself with Cherry Diet Coke (not appropriate for SS'ers coz of citric acid but I'm on 1000 so not so important). Also, don't seem to have muffin-top in my size 12's which I did when I bought them, so having a very good start to what will hopefully be a very good Friday and an excellent weekend :D
Hope everyone else is off to an optimistic start... challenge for the day is to think up imaginative and inventive ways of keeping the cold at bay.... Can you top my wool wrap and fluffy purple Tinkerbell hot water bottle?
Hmmmm, as I'm at work...my way of keeping warm would be to wrap myself in bubble wrap and parcel tape!!!
Afternoon girls,

How we all doing??

I ahve had 2 coffee's and 2 ltrs water so far plus brekkie & lunch,

Well i am shatterd now, been on a three hour walk with the mutt and H2B we was out soooo long that H2B went straight to work without coming home first,otherwise he would have walked in the front door & straight back out again, the daft dog is now snoring his head off, but at least with H2B with me i was able to pop into the post office

Hope your all having a good friday and have warmed up now xxx


Fairy Princess to Be
Gratz on the long walk, bet you feel really proud of yourself!
Heehee, my water bottle + wrap situation is causing much hilarity around the office. One of the lads thought I looked sweet all bundled up but when I came out the library my boss said "There's a pathetic sight" - charming, huh? At least now I've lost some weight I don't look like the Michelin man though LOL
Hope everyone else is keeping cosy - would love to be in Mrs V's office with her crinkling and popping every time she moves :rotflmao:

Well done on the walk Tara!!! The sun is shining here in Hampshire, but it is still bloomin cold!!!
Thank fully all the cake has gone out of the kitchen...save for a small piece that I have wrapped in a napkin for my little girl...and it WILL go to my Little girl!

Just tucking into an oriental chili soup and feeling the warmth!!!
Hi everyone

I'm a happy bunny today having lost 1 1/2 lbs this week so i'm now only 2 1/2lbs from goal!!! woo hoo! I wont change my goal this time though as i think 9stone will be fine. If i go any lower i think i will have a tough time maintaining so 9st it will be!

Mrs V that is so funny about leaving your cakes in your car! I have 2 tins of celebration chocolates in the boot of my car! They are xmas presents and they wont be coming out of my car until the day they are delivered to their recipients! lol

Trying to get myself motivated to do some sorting and paperwork but cant seem to get up off the sofa! lol

Ooooo, JJJ, stay on the sofa Hun!!!!

I think with the cake situation, it was definitely an out of sight, out of mind action!!!

I have a small slice wrapped in a napkin for Jessica (daughter), and that will go in the glove box, until I collect her from the ChildMinders!
OOOO, Tara!

Just looking at your tickers!!!

Wow!!! Almost at goal....and a wedding not far behind!!!! Well done!!!!

I am at work it is quite warm in my office so thats okay, I am doing weight-matters which is basically the sameas lighterlife have just put the kettle on for my third cup of coffee had a shake/phsillum porridge for brekkie and soup for lunch and just got down my second litre of water. Haven't been for a you know what for 4 days so feeling very BLOATED am on day 12 of s/s and so far so good only 'cheat' I have done was last night while stirring an sweet and sour cook in sauce I licked the spoon twice!! hope that that doesn't mean DISASTER im sure it wont ....will it.......


please try again
afternoon all
well no frost over here but still blooming cold!
at hospital this morning for the usual routine with my girl ( was a good appointment )
had my first shake of the day, down 2 and a half litres of water, bubbas napping so im wrapped in a huge fleecy blanket watching tv and checking the posts
hope your all having a good one


please try again
oh claire lesley
been wondering a couple of days, where did you get ur tinkerbell water bottle from?
i LOVE disney fairys

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