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***it's MONDAY...lets Do It Hour By Hour***

Good Morning Mocha,

How are ya hun?? I read somewhere that you hadn't been on ss properly lately, there wasn't much detail about it so not sure how long you've been off it for. If you've read any of my recent posts or my diary you'll know I've been the same. In short....I started eating on Thursday evening, well tea time ish. Then continued to eat or should I say 'stuff my face with everything that I could see' for 3 days. Saturday was Izzys birthday party and I ate for the whole of Mankind all day. Yesterday was my first day back to SS and I stuck to it. It was hard of course, I also noticed that my tetras don't taste the same, not because they're different but because I'd eaten so much regular food that my taste buds must have gone a little ski-wiff.

Darling Izzy is calling me, she must have just woken up :D catch you all later.....get glugging :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:


xx sj xx
Hi SJ :)

I haven't managed to get back into SS since I came back from holiday which was last Tuesday. I intended to restart on Thurs but it didn't really happen and has been downhill since then!

So hopefully today will be the day!

I did read about Izzy's birthday and read your diary so I saw about you munching the crisps etc. I'm glad you managed to get straight back on with it yesterday, it's definitely so much easier to get back into it if you do it quickly! (Not like me!!) Good luck for today and I hope you're back in ketosis really soon :)



I will get to goal .....
Morning you guys!

Right, well today is Monday (obviously :silly:) and the start of a new week - so Mocha J lets make today the day you get back onto SS!!

You know you can do it, we know you can do it, you just need to find your mo-jo and get back into the swing of things!!! If I am struggling I find it helps to get my day ahead planned - which shakes I will have - how I will have them, when I will have them and then it somehow seems much easier. So focus hun and you'll make it through today and then tomorrow and the day after will be a breeze!!!

SJ - well done on getting back to it yesterday! I know what you mean about taste buds changing. Mine are all over the show since starting 790. Very weird indeed!

Well I had better crack on with some work :(. Let's get the water going and have a good Monday:D



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning SJ and Mochja

Good to hear you're back on the wagon SJ you have done so well...keep glugging that water.

I struggled a bit yesterday, I think it is TOTM any day, really had cravings for the 1st time in ages. I must admit to having a small piece of liquorice last night. It was just enough to stop me having a binge. :cry:Went to bed early and tried to forget about it.

Woke this morning still with the feeling of wanting something sweet....just made myself a hot summer berry...I must focus...I must focus....HELP!!!!!:wave_cry:

Will try and fill up with water...and might even split my shakes today and see if that helps.

Anyway better go and get myself dressed, ready to tackly another day.

Good luck anyone with a weighin today.

Have a good one.



I will get to goal .....
Aww HM ..... you don't want something sweet hun (other than your summer berry) it's just your TOTM telling you that you do. Give your TOTM fairy a big slap and tell her to be quiet! You are doing sooooooooooo well - you managed your break to the Isle of Wight and still lost so don't give in - you are stronger than that! And I wouldn't worry about the liquorice - it'll make you poop more than gain weight :p!!

Keep yourself busy chick and that pesky fairy will soon get fed up and go away. Failing that, what about a frozen CD bar?? Might just take the edge of your craving until TOTM arrives??

Have you got a busy day ahead?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thank Dobbie....you made my smile with the Poop thing. I am on iron tabs as well so poop is like liquorice (sorry TMI):eek:

I know your right and I will just keep busy today....not working but have got kitchen to clean from top to bottom.:sigh:

Have a good day


I will get to goal .....
LOL!! At least you do poop!!

Cleaning is a great distraction therapy!! I do it all the time. You're gonna be fine today chick - just stay focused!!
Morning Dobbie, Hedgemag & Lucy

Good idea about planning the day Dobbie! Any tip is worth a try, so I'll decide now which shakes I'm having and get them lined up on the kitchen worktop.

I've already done a note and stuck it on the fridge to make sure I have enough water. So it tells me by 12pm I must have had x amount, to be on track. lol. Sounds silly but it works for me :)
Morning everyone,

Mochaj you were up early hun, keep glugging babe xx

SJ, just cought up with your last entry in your dairy,a very big well done for jumping straight back on the wagon yesterday babes xx

Dobbie have a great day xx

Lucy hope you have a good day too huni xx

Maggie, hugs being sent your way huni, come you can do this hun, its just totm trying to tell you that you want sweet things but you dont really huni, try and have the shakes today to see if that helps as well as splitting packs, i am signed into msn aswell hun if you want a chat xxxx


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Morning gang! Hope you are all well on this Monday morning. In someways I'm glad it's here and am back at work. Feel off SS with a bang at the weekend:doh: (why are w/ends sooo hard) a bit miffed as I was good all week but I'm here and glugging ready for my first shake of the day soon. Catch you later Vx


I will get to goal .....
Aww Vicky, you and Mocha J are in the same boat today - so c'mon girlies ....l get those butts back to it!!! You can do it!!
Morning All,

Hope everyone is well. Does anyone else WI on a Monday? I'm going to see my CDC at 5pm and after 2 weeks of serious SSing (no cheating, not even a little bit) I'm expecting good things. :scale:

I want to send you all some positive vibes :vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:
Draw a line under any cheating over the weekend, glug the water and stay positive.

Big Hugs and much love to you all
My wagon has stopped so I can climb back onto it.. After my weekend I don't feel like running and jumping! Haha... Still feeling motivated so I'm thinking that's a good sign!

Happy Monday everyone!


I will get to goal .....
Good luck for WI Beedub ..... can't wait to hear how you got on!!!


I will get to goal .....
Morning Majic .... back to it today Mrs!!! Mocha J and Vicky are with you too - both restarting after weekend!!! Get that water down yer neck girl! !!!

I'm being very good - onto pint no. 4 already today :D. Been invited to a very special dinner do at wentworth golf club on 10th November and have a lovely dress/jacket to fit back into to wear for the occassion. It's perfect - pink with a gorgeous floral pattern, bright red 4inch heels and red bag - looks stunning. Small problem .... it's a very small size 10:eek::rolleyes:!!! It's nowhere near at the moment - top half all fine, but because it's a shift dress - too tight around my saddlebags:mad:. So I reckon I need to be somewhere near 9 stone :eek:to make it fit. So hoping to be around 9stone 10lbs mark this weeks WI and to do 3lbs a week for the next couple and then get everything crossed!!!
If not, I'll be going in a black bin bag!!

Anyone else working towards a short term goal???


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Oh Dobbie you lucky thing I love Wentworth!! Had a couple of lovely work do's there. OMG have I got a short term incentive!! Hubby is taking me to NY at the end of November for thanksgiving parade and shopping!!! I hope to hell I can drop off another stone before then. We are going with my SILaw too and she's just so skinny now (lost 3 stone on SW years ago) I've been trying and failing to lose it ever since. So no mishaps for me from now on! I must get another stone off at least!

I'm aiming towards being under 15st by the end of October (currently 15st 6lbs) and a dress size 14 by Christmas. Can't wait for lots of shopping in the January sales!!!!!!!!!

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