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* * Its Monday * * ~ Lets do it hour by hour ~


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Morning everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend.

For anyone who cheated over the weekend forget about it cos a new week means a new start and we CAN get rid of this extra weight.

Today I'm off on school placement. Dreading it, cos its with the little uns. I normally like to teach the 10-11 year olds so this will be a culture shock. Wish me luck!

I hope that you all have a fab day :D xx
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Good luck Chika!!! I'm sure you'll be fine!

I'm starting again this morning. Started Weight-Matters today so new week, new start. Although last week I was just picking on protein and not carbs.

My weigh in shows 2lbs loss this week. That's good BUT I put 5 on the week before, so 100% it is for me this week!
Morning guys, good luck Chika, hope you have a great day with the younger ones.
Sarah, whats 'weight matters'? Hope you have a great week SSing.
I've had a terrible weekend again and am sick and tired of starting again so today is the last chance, if i can't get my head round it this week i'm going to try something, no idea what but i can't carry on like this.
hope everyone has a great day
Love Maz x
Hi Maz

I suffered like that for ages then something just clicked, this darn head diet!

Weight Matters is another VLCD - like a cross between CD and LL - has weekly meetings but not counselling - just informal meetings where you get weighed and pick up your packs etc.

There are no meetings by me at the moment because I'm the local consultant, but not set up yet! Quite scary that I have to counsel myself lol!

Good luck with the week, keep posting babes and we can get through this together xxx
Morning all

Good luck Chika with the placement. I'm sure you'll do fine :)

I hope everyone has a good day. Day 3 since proper restart for me. I say proper because I restarted a bit before that but I wasn't really doing it properly and now I am :D So I'm counting Saturday as Day 1 and will weigh in next Saturday.
Morning all. If any of you have read my diary you will know that I have stopped CD due to the hairloss which has started to get really noticeable. My hubby wasnt happy about it so I have switched to WW core plan and seem to be doing OK so far.

So now that I have been eating proper food for a while Im starting back at the gym today. I want to give myself the best possible chance of keeping off the weight I have lost so far, and toning up the flab that I have been left with after losing 4 stones. If I can stick to the diet and keep up the exercise I should hopefully have another stone or so off by christmas too.
its nice to know i'm not the only one who goes through the tough times, i just feel like i'm going crazy and can't do anything to stop it. I'm fed up because i've gained weight and because I'm fed up i eat! I'm a 35 year old smart (ish) woman, how can i continue to do this!!!! will try again today :(
come on Maz. You are so close to goal you can almost touch it. I would think with a BMI 27 that you are already lovely and slim and I think that might be why your chatterbox gets the better of you at times.

Youve done it before so you know you can do it again hun. Stay strong. If you want to succeed, you will.
come on Maz. You are so close to goal you can almost touch it. I would think with a BMI 27 that you are already lovely and slim and I think that might be why your chatterbox gets the better of you at times.

Youve done it before so you know you can do it again hun. Stay strong. If you want to succeed, you will.
Thank you, its frustrating because i know i can do it. I'm just struggling at the moment :( have to make it through the day so will keep you posted - have a good day.


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Good morning folks,

Positive vibes to everyone today :vibes::vibes::vibes:we can do this together, so come on Maz, Sam, Nessa, Chika, Sarah and anyone else that needs help today..

Well I am kicking myself :gen144: I have done a K stick this morning and that bl**dy toast must have knocked me out wtf!!

Still as I tell my clients....draw a line under it and start from now, I was 100% yesterday and intend to be so from now until I get to where I want to be...

On my first litre and also having a hot Summer berry...still dull and dreary outside..popping to the bank later then I will keep busy and probably be on here all day..:character00148:

Have a good day everyone MAY THE VIBES BE WITH YOU :vibes::D

Morning All,It's a beautiful morning by me, the sun is shining and I've got my WI later. Good luck to everyone who has WI today and an extra big hug to all the naughty ones (you know who you are!) who are re starting.Hugs and positivity to you all
Morning all!

Chika - working with younger children is wonderful, but very tiring. They can be very demanding and I dare say, come 10pm, you will be tucked up in bed!!! I was a Nanny for 13 years and I also worked as a Nursery assistant and I loved it!

Maz. Come on Hun, you can get back into it!...just ignore those little voices and drown them in water!!!
Well done on being so positive Hedgemag...so you had a piece of toast, never mind, as you said - draw a line under it and start afresh.

Jessica has been keeping us up at all hours again and Hubby and I are starting to feel it. We have started to argue over silly things as we are both exhausted. I have told him that we are to have an early night!
I have just about managed to get through the weekend - we were really busy and stuck to SS'ing 100% - I would like to have lost 3lbs this week at least so that I will have lost 1.5 stone in a month.
Hubby caved in last night, he ate curry and rice from our local chinese take-away....I stood firm, which was really difficult!!
Anyway, here I am Monday morning, tired, but positive!!! Oh and determined!!!

Good luck all, catch you later.



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Morning everyone! :wavey:
Good luck Chika!
I'm on a complete high thismorning! I made it to day 7! WOOHOO!!! :bliss:Do't have my weigh in till Wednesday though but i'm hoping for a good loss! The kids are back at school today so hopefully i can get back into a routine and it'll be a bit easier to stick to SS. Anyway, hope you all have a fab day whatever you're up to.


I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

Here's some more vibes to help us along with our 100% day :vibes::vibes::vibes:. Bloomin weekends eh?! Mondays officially suck and I can't wait until Tuesday.

I'm pleased to report that I've been a very good girl all weekend, despite being very tempted yesterday (Crimbo cake baking). Licking cake mix from the bowl is a very hard childhood habit to break ... but I didn't give in!!

Let's stay positive guys - we can do this!


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Afternoon Maz, it has been quite today...I have been chatting on MSN and waiting for the washing machine to finish it's spin...exciting stuff :0)

Hope everyone is doing great..and all thoses positive vibes have hit home.
1 shake, 1 Coke Zero and 2 litres gone so far. Aiming for the 5 today...

2 clients this evening and then a chill out for my and OH...and probably more time on Mini's....so addictive.

Have a good afternoon

Hi all.

I am here! Just spent a while looking for a Birthday present for the lady I work with....got it now!!!
It's day 20 for me and I am feeling really hungry today!
I will eat some chicken and salad as part of my AAMW later, but the craving of carbs particularly toast and marmite just wont go away!!!


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Consider the toast and marmite GONE!!!!!!...........chicken is much better .............come on Mrs V....marmite too salty will make you retain fluid...tasty stuff.. lol lol


I will get to goal .....
Hey gang,

I'll be sooo glad when today is over. It seems to have been the longest Monday ever! Prob doesn't help that we have no email at work so I'm kinda twiddling my thumbs a bit and it's very quiet on here too. Ho hum!

Mrs V - you better not eat - or else!! Stick to your chicken and salad or you're in deep doo doo ..... do you hear me??? LOL!!! :D

Anyone got anything nice to do this evening? I'm off out for a puppy walk and then home for my frozen tetra... gee, how action packed my sad little life is!!!

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