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It's Monday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****


Just call me Anne x
Morning, an early start for me too!

Hubby away, with three kids, two cats, one dog and myself to get ready! and here we are sorted and it's not even 8am!
Men? who needs them?! :girlpower:
Morning :)

Just thought i'd say a quick hi before i set off for my placement in about 10 minutes.

I'v had a wierd morinig today, nothing seemed to go as planned and i've created a little problem for myself concerning my contact lenses :mad: (i hate them things, lol). But i have managed to drink just under 1 litre :D .

I am taking a 1 litre bottle with me to my placement too and intend to sip that thorughout the day.

Anyay, i best get going. A quick trip to the loo and i'm gone.

Speak to you all later.

Have a fab day xx :)


Finally...Life begins
Morning all!

Weigh in day for me tomorrow so looking foward to that, but also back to work for me tomorrow too SIGH!!

Hope everyone has a good day and chat later!!!!!
Morning All

I'm just sneaking in on work computer before i tackle a mound of paperwork:eek:

Feeling really bloated and yuk today with totm and extra calorie consumption from last week BUT feeling very motivated. Brought 2 tetras and some fruit to work with me so wont be tempted by any naughties.

Good Luck with the gym searching Sam. Morning Maggie! xxxx
Morning everyone

Got kids to school now have the monday morning ironing!Yuk!

Anne,No we don't need men!!!
Maybe baby Hope your day in school goes well
Saffron-sick kid at home Rather you than me!!
Sam, can't wait till I'm on gym search(Don't think I could face one yet)

Hope everyone has great days!!


I've lost count of the day i'm on - but I'm very seldom hungry. I got through drinking all the water at the weekend and I'm hyped up for today!


Talks too much
Morning folks, just sneakin on here while im supposed to b lookin up directions to somewhere i have to go to! Gonna b a busy week, and i forgot to make my 790 meal for today, which i always have at lunch time. lunch time in my new office is a big event and everyone sits down together to eat. dont know what im going to do as havent time to make up a meal now, mite grab a salad from tescos and try picking out the stuff i can have!

am def sleepin better since i started CD again, the only thing is i dont wanna get outta my bed in the morning, but thats nothing new!

hope everyone has a good day! xxx
Hey kids!

Sexy new ticker del ;) LOVING THE BMI OF 25!!!!

Well, i have missed you all. I hate being rots'd stupid shifts but our GM has now gone on the sick and left us dealing with all the sh*t in work - GREAT! Never mind, cut my hours this week so feeling all optimistic.

Some exciting news: Oli and I are off to see a mortgage advisor in 10 mins OMG OMG!! Leah is growing up (at last), so watch out world. The real reason i'm excited is that it means i can have a cat/a few cats and a tortoise!! Hehe, so much for growing up eh?

How have you all been? BEHAVING i hope?
Lurve Leah aka someone who REALLY needs to do their hair this morning cos she's looking like a bush xxxx


Fed up of being fat
Morning all

MB, hope you have a great day at your placement and that you got your contact lenses problem sorted?

Hope your daughter feels better soon Tara.

Good luck with the gym search Sam ... Im toying with the idea of pilates at the moment and then when I up the calories a boxercise class or gym, not sure yet?

Delli, hope you get your lunch sorted, salad and maybe some plain chicken should do it?

I had a great nights sleep, best Ive had in ages, my son slept right through, other half didnt disturb me, didnt wake once till the alarm went off. Ive weighed this morning and although I had 3 naughty days I have thankfuly lost the couple of pounds of water I had gained and remained the same. I want a good week this week, Im determined to get in to the 10 stones within the next fortnight, would be great if it happened before the end of the month ... just need to shake off 6lbs to get me in the 10's.

My son was a bit clingy when I dropped him off to nursery today, pouty lip as I went and he looked as though he was going to cry ... I always feel bad and sad when he's like that .. I know hes ok though and hes happy when i collect him.

Have a good morning all x


Fed up of being fat
Hi Leah, great news on the mortgage front and being able to have some pets!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
On clearing out some clothes yesterday I discovered a whole lot of clothes that I can now WEAR!!

It is like Christmas all over again! Fabulous!!

Some of the clothes I have found are brand new with the tags on - whoopee!!

Morning everyone!

I a just have a long 5mins LOL with my walnut and vanilla shake!

Kids have all got off to school at last after this dreadfull rain,my younger 2 were late as I took eldest in the car but too close to the primary school to drive and the rain was too bad to bad to set off walking,infact 1/2 the school seemed to be queing for a late mark LOL

Plan for today is to do the ironing and tidy my bedroom

Good Luck for the day everyone

Good morning!!

Have had my first choc orange shake today - a bit weird but nice. looking forward to today. keeping busy with housework and running around after my 2 yr old!!

Keep positive everyone. xx

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