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It's Saturday **lets Do It Hour By Hour**

morning all

Morning Maggie, hope you are ok, im still bit down about my STS result yesterday but keep telling myself hopefully well lose more next week even though i am on AAMW.
Have you got plans for the weekend?
i am chilling out most of morning then having hair done this afternoon so looking forward to getting that done.

Good luck anyone who has got weigh in today!!!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Lolly
Please dont get down about the sts it happens alot, we plateu sometimes but there is no way that you are not losing fat.

Have a chilled day and don't worry. I am on msn if you need a chat.

Morning ladies :D

sending :vibes: for a continued good day Maggie

Lolly, I can imagine how devastating it must be to stay the same :( but like Maggie says...something must be going on somewhere :) Enjoy your hairdo - are you having a new style ?
Not many plans here for the weekend, dd has party to go to this afternoon and various other things to do tomorrow so we'll be doing the chauffering bit! Taking her shopping for some new clothes later...I may eye up some things for myself for when a few more lbs have dropped off:D
Good Morning Maggie Morning lolly xx

I went to bed at about 4am and still I can't sleep:( Oh well on a more positive note, Just jumped on scaled and it says 9st 7 1/2 lbs woooooo. Last Sunday the scales said 10st 2 lbs lol so this is crazy but I#m happy.

How are you both getting o? :D
Morning Girls!

A bit of a challenging day ahead of me today. It's my friends 40th and a few of us are going out at lunch time for an all day session. Only 1 of the girls know I'm doing CD so I'm gonna have to make the excuse I've been up all night being sick therefore don't want any lunch and won't be drinking. Hope they believe me!

It will be the 2nd time this week I've been tested, it was my daughter's 3rd birthday on thursday and we had a party at home. I baked cakes and pies, made chilli for the adults and wasn't even tempted by it all. I'm proud of myself.

Have a good day everyone!


Doing it for keeps now!!
Hi to everyone!!!:)

I had a boo boo night last night...but it was a conscious choice to boo boo so I;m not mad or not guilty...but I am back on the water and shakes today!:D


Silver Member
Hi everybody!

Had my WI today, and I lost 4lbs: I love this diet :D

Lisa: good luck with all this food, but I am sure you're going to reisit.

Nellis: we are only human, but at least it wasn't something full of carbs that you ate :)

What a lovely day today! I wish it was Saturday everyday.

Elie xx


MUST get a grip

Afternoon all - sorry guyz didnt post really yesterday was still feeling angry, peed off and a total misery guts ALL day! (Thanks to ex on Fri - see Fri's hour by hour for the de-brief....)
Thank you Susan - you were a bloody star, big hug to you :flowers:and Bobbin, cheer girls:flowers:.....

Well I sulked all day - but I am glad I did - spoke to my SIL and BM who agreed that he was a total head case so today I have woken up and moved on a little bit more....

I would like to say that I did not eat or drink wine - even though I felt all the previous flutters that I felt before turning to food for comfort! I spent the time reflecting and feeling more and more pleased with myself for being where I am today...

So, today I woke up I have bathed, got make-up on got dressed and I am taking kids to Windsor bit later where we are going to make a plate each well decorate one so that they can be fired and I might make a bowl - for my soup :D:D:D:D....

I tried a few things on that havent fitted for time - and my scales seem to have stuck this week I'm getting smaller as my clothes are starting to feel bigger and some even fit that didnt....

So today - well today I am not only proud that I am still SS'ing and this is my 48th day - clear, I intend to finish this journey that I have started and the realisation that I can do this all on my own (present company excluded) meaning without my ex has made me a stronger happier person today!

Anyone feeling that they want to give up or the going is getting toooooo tough, take a minute to think - dont let anybody tell you that you cannot do this, including yourself - if I can you can too....

Catch up later - sorry for getting all deep and meaningful but hey I cant tell the kids they're only 9 and 11 :p:p:p:p....

Wishing you all a very happy CD Day xxxxxxxxxx

OPPPPss nearly forgot - WELL DONE all yesterdays losers, and good luck for WI's - & Georgie I did read about the 8's


please try again
afternoon all,

well just back from my weigh in and am 6lb down, glad cos sts last week

gonna jump in the tub im a minute cos its the belfast meet today :D
gonna go for a hour or so then dash off to get my car mot'ed miles away then dash back for more of the meet :)


MUST get a grip
afternoon all,

well just back from my weigh in and am 6lb down, glad cos sts last week

gonna jump in the tub im a minute cos its the belfast meet today :D
gonna go for a hour or so then dash off to get my car mot'ed miles away then dash back for more of the meet :)

Hi Claire
WELL done on your 6lbs down, have a lovely time at the meet xxxxxxxxxxxx

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