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***it's Sunday...lets Do It Hour By Hour***


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i am a twit thats official LOL

Morning all

having started a saturday thread on sunday i feel a right noonooo but hey its early lol

Well, diet wise the weekend has been good sof far - havent cheated - havent checked pee sticks so I dont know if i am back in ketosis but I feel fine so no complaining on that score

Am going to Cairo this morning - will be back late tuesday so its only a 36 hour stop over but it will be nice to sit in some warm sunshine ( havent checked weather but i hope its warm) - - i have even packed a small bottle of coke zero so I can go for a quick nightcap when we get there and not go down the slippery slope diet coke or pepsi always leads me onto

cannot believe how dark it is this morning but have to admit its nice not to wake up to the freezing air of the last few days

hope every ones weigh ins went well yesterday and i am really sorry i didnt pop back to the thread to respond to later posters

have a lovely lazy sunday and i shall see you all soon
Woke up choking this morning, got no sypathy from dh :mad: he just told me to go to the bathroom if I was going to make lots of noise :mad::mad:
Then heard that dd was downstairs with the telly blasting full blast!
I think I might escape somewhere on a train today :rolleyes:
Morning Everyone

Dreary morning but I'm hoping the rain which has been forecasted wont arrive until much much later. Going to woolies this morning with ds to get some craft bits and pieces and then we're going to spend the day making things.

Maggie, ......what have you been up to? confess! I'm sure its not as bad as you think xx

Slushy - Cairo? mmmm, wish i was coming with you. Never been to Egypt, is it nice?

Georgie, glad to see u here this morning. Bet you are snuggled up with those gorgeous cats!

Whoops - not a good start for you today by the sound of it hun, hope your day improves xx

Going to try and avoid the sugar free sweets today as i've had abit of a thing for them during the past week or so. Dont want to get back into a sweetie habit. totm is looming so my sugar cravings are always abit worse at this time but i shall just ride it out!

Morning JJJ, you're spot on, you must know me too well, snuggled up with cats and laptop, surfing about looking for a party frock, want something semi fitted but with some sort of sleeve as a bit self conscious of the bingo wings ... all seems to be strapless or sleeveless though but at least looking keeps me out of trouble! Good luck with TOTM it's a killer and enjoy your crafting.



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morning jjj - cairo is amazing - very bustly with tons of MENTAL drivers and traffic but with the odd mule and cart mixed in - weather is in 70s right now so just nice for pool side reading - and without the swarms of flies that the hotter weather brings

have been going there for 19 years so have done teh sights and cultural stuff - will just use it as an excuse to chill this time

Morning all!

I'm feeling mighty proud of myself today - my family were away last night so I was in by myself all day and night, and not one mouthful of food passed my lips! Normally I would have had an indian and a bottle of wine (or 2) but the new me just sipped my water! It's become a habit not to eat now, I see adverts for food and think "yum I can't wait til I can have that" but don't actually crave or need the food, if that makes sense. The sooner I finish CD the sooner i can eat properly (and in moderation!!!)

Maggie why the sad little angels?

Slushy enjoy Cairo - it's throwing it down here and its freeeeeeezing - although I am constantly cold lol

Whoops - (((hugs))) for you, hope you're feeling a bit better. I've had "man flu" for about 3 weeks now, and have had no sympathy at all (aw poor me :p)

Jodie step away from the sweets!!! No good will come of it!

Georgie enjoy your dress shopping, show off that fab new figure! I've got to find something fab for my sisters wedding on Christmas Eve - you're right about everything being strapless

Corinne x
there are loads of nice dresses on the debenhams website that have little sleeves
not sure how theyd look in real life but theres one or two i fancy trying on and i DO NOT do sleeveless
though i have to say that IF i COULD wear it THIS would be my dress for xmas parties

JJJ when i did weight watchers a couple fo years ago i got addicted to their fruity and minty sugar free sweets but eventually found they had a VERY severe laxative effect on me lol
be careful! : )
oooh that's gorgeous, I too am after sparkly, just found this one... what do you think?



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Hey folks!
Everyone seems bright and cheery this morning! Wish u would all keep the noise down a bit, im trying to sleep here!! hee hee

HM - fess up! what have u done!??!??

Slushy i love that dress! although in my neck of the woods, if i turned up wearing that id prob b dangled from the roof and spun around all evening in replacement of a disco ball.
I've just been looking at my holiday pics from earlier this year (always a sure fire way of depressing myself!) When h2b gets back I might be brave and get him to take a couple of pics of me now to see if I can see any difference yet, mind you if I can't tell any difference I may cry lol

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