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Its time to get smaller


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Forgot to mention, I have decided I am going to treat myself to an indian takeaway next Friday night, that's as long as I get a loss next Thursday, I really want to be in the 18's by then, currently at 19stone 1lb which will need a 2lb loss...

I love Indian food.. its relatively low carb, as long as I watch my rice portion and order sensibly... I might even have a poppadum!
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Great news about your spa day reward coming up!

That roast veg soup looks lovely - and being all veg it's bound to be uber low in cals :)
wasn't really online over the weekend.. I find it easier to post when I am at work!

Weekend was good ish, I didn't do as many walks as I had hoped, But I was tired.. really tired. We did hit the beach on Saturday evening and I did find myself better at running around after my toddler, so we did walk the length of the beach, but not at a good pace. We then went up some hills that are close to where we live yesterday. I pushed the little man in the buggy and was good. still not a great pace, hubby was with me and I find he slows me down a little but was still a lovely walk.. mainly uphill so I am sure that burned an extra few calories. over the weekend I ate mainly the same thing.. I had my usual eggs, spinach and mushrooms on toast for breakfast, roast veg soup for lunch and veggie burgers (strong root beetroot and bean) with sweet potato chips and roast veg for dinner. Evening snack is yogurt with flaxseed and mixed seeds/

So today I am really feeling an ache.. I think I need to up my calorie intake a little, I feel really run down today, have just been out for my first 2.5km walk and I am sore and tired after it. I think I might take tomorrow as a rest day, I had been counting sat and sun as rest days because I hadn't gone on "proper" walk but I had been very active so I will take it easy tomorrow and try to get to bed early tonight.

So on the menu for today is:

Breakfast: spinach, mushroom and 1 scrambled egg, 1 slice of low GI bread and a big cup of coffee..
Lunch- the last of the roast veg soup
Dinner- quorn sausages with a veggie and quinoa stew.

I am starting to get a little bored with my breakfast and lunch if I am honest. I might swap egg for half an avocado mashed. I am really stuck for lunch ideas.. I am not really a big salad fan but I might give it a go.

I binged last night, I binged bad... I had 1000 calories worth of crisps and chocolate.. I binged so badly.. Weigh in is Thursday and I think I am going to have a gain... well I had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and I am the same as I was last thurs, the extra calories will probably have hit the scales by then.

but that it.. whats done is done and I am not going to worry about it... I thought I needed to up my calories but would have been so much better to add some avocado or something.. But back on track today.

Was up late this morning so I didn't have time to make my usual breakfast... I just had 2 fried eggs on 2 slices of toast with a cheese triangle and a big cup of coffee...

Lunch is some veggie stew (made with chickpeas, carrots, courgette, mushroom, onion, broccoli, celery, quinoa, tin tomatoes, veggie stock, herbs and spices)

Dinner is veggie stew again with quorn sausages on the side. There is a huge pot of it at home so I will be eating it for the week!

Heading out for a walk later. 2 walks of 2.5km each. Beautiful morning so I am looking forward to it.

Have a great day everyone!


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You just never Orla, the body is a tricky thing! A woman from my SW class hadn't lost anything for two weeks, then went out, had a big Chinese meal, loads of alcohol - and she lost 4lbs!
You just never Orla, the body is a tricky thing! A woman from my SW class hadn't lost anything for two weeks, then went out, had a big Chinese meal, loads of alcohol - and she lost 4lbs!
Thanks Ladyfelsham, to be honest I was very disheartened about it all yesterday, I went for a walk yesterday morning and I got awful shin splints pain, with the binge I had the night before. felt very down yesterday and felt like throwing in the towel and just ordering a pizza!
Posting here really helps too and its great to have the support of fellow members. I also know its normal to have days like this and im sure I am going to have many more before I reach my target weight.
So I am taking a break from exercise today, keep the calories to a minimum and give myself a break. Going to go swimming for the next few days to try to give my legs a rest.
Hopefully I will have a loss, sneaky peak on the scales this morning and I was down 1lb, proper weigh in tomorrow morning so I will count it then.


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Well done for getting back in focus, it can be really hard to do that sometimes but it's worth it!
Weight in this morning. I had a STS week.. at least its not a gain :) Had a lovely rest day yesterday so I am fully focused on weightloss again. Have to go into the bookies at one of my breaks today... The office are all betting on Cheltenham so I have been nominated to go down to place our bets.. So I will count that as one walk and then get out again on my lunch for another walk.

Noticed I wasn't as hungry last night. I guess with the lack of exercise I didn't need as many calories.. feel very refreshed today and ready to tackle this again.

Breakfast- 1.5 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, spinach, 1 slice low GI bread, sprinkling of cheese, big mug of coffee

Lunch- Quinoa stew thing

Dinner- Quinoa stew again with 2 quorn sausages

Snack- activia yogurt.

Happy Thursday everyone :)
Happy Friday everyone!!!! Great to be at the weekend, long weekend for me, st patricks day is tomorrow so Monday is a bank holiday for me. Hoping the weather will be nice this weekend, planning on going to the parade in town tomorrow, home for the rugby match and hopefully will get out for a good walk. Sunday and Monday we have nothing planned so fingers crossed we will get nice weather and get out.

Decided to mix things up a little this morning,

Breakfast- activia yogurt, flaxseed, mixed seeds- was nice for a change.

Lunch- Spinach, tomato, quorn chicken, egg, olives, green onion, cheese, cucumber, hummus- looks yummy, cant wait for it!

Dinner- not sure yet, maybe a tofu stirfry with quinoa. But that could change.

Want to get out tonight for a walk, going to have to force myself to go! Need to do a 5km.


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Happy St Patrick's Day for tomorrow :). I'm doing a long weekend too - because I have to use leave up before the end of March. There could be worse things :D.

Lunch does sound yummy!
Good morning everyone.

Wasn't online all weekend. had a busy few days. Food has been mainly good over the weekend, got out for a walk but I have managed to pick up an injury.. nothing serious but I have to rest for a few days.

Food wise the weekend has been good, made a quiche with sweet potato base instead of pastry.. It was beautiful, nicer than the real thing! forgot to take a pic of it but I will probably make it again during the week for lunch with a salad. My 2 year old loved it too, he called it pizza!

Really wanted to try it over the weekend so I had to adjust my breakfast... didn't want to have eggs for breakfast and lunch. So have been mixing it up with avocado on toast for breakfast, my husband is a big fan of avocado.

So today my food is:

Breakfast- half an avocado and a sprinkling of seeds on toast (low GI bread) with a cheese triangle, coffee.

Lunch- massive salad with spinach, tomato, quorn ham, egg, olives, hummus, cucumber, grated carrot

Dinner- beetroot burger and sweet potato chips.


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made a quiche with sweet potato base instead of pastry.. It was beautiful, nicer than the real thing! forgot to take a pic of it but I will probably make it again during the week for lunch with a salad. My 2 year old loved it too, he called it pizza
Oooh I've been wanting to try that! Did you boil the sweet potato before making it a base, or did you grate it?
Oooh I've been wanting to try that! Did you boil the sweet potato before making it a base, or did you grate it?
I sliced raw sweet potato thinly, I used those mandolin slicers but you could also use a knife, sprayed a dish with oil, popped the sweet potato in on the base and sides of the dish. sprayed again and season. bake for 20mins at 180.

Then add the filling, bake for about 30 minutes at 190. Its so yummy, you wouldn't miss the pastry. The crust edge was slightly hard but still nice.
So tomorrow is weigh in day.. I had a sneaky look this morning and I have lost.. But wont be counted until tomorrow, my official weigh in day. Have been good overall this week so will be delighted if I have a big loss in the morning after a STS last week.

On the menu today is:

Breakfast- went back to my old reliable, scrambled egg with one slice of toast and mushrooms and spinach with big cup of coffee

Lunch- huge salad, with hummus, quorn harm, egg, cheese, olives, spinach, tomato and cucumber.

Dinner- Stirfry with quorn pieces, carrots, courgette, onion, mushroom, celery, quinoa and soya sauce.

snack- apple.

Feeling really positive about my weightloss this week. Haven't been walking due to my injury, but its a lot better today so I am going to attempt a 30 minute walk on my lunch break.

Have a wedding on Friday, it will be a full affair with a 5 course dinner, not really looking forward to the dinner side of things. Cant wait to catch up with old friends but really cant eat much lately, my appetite has shrunk. I don't drink so that side of things wont affect me... if I do end up eating more than I planned or should , then will have to make sure I burn it off on the dance floor that night! My mother in law is minding my toddler overnight so we might try to get a walk in Saturday morning on the beach nearby.. if hubbie's head isn't too sore!

I pulled a dress out of the wardrobe that I wore a few years ago to my sons christening. I thought it looked ok on me that day, but it looks so much better now! When I look back at the photos, the material didn't sit right, I look like I was going to burst out of it! Its slightly too big now but still looks good. its a navy lace dress, have paired it with nude heels and clutch.. getting my hair cut this evening and have booked in to get my makeup done on Friday morning, something I would never have done before.. treating myself.


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Wow sounds like a great day! And thanks for the quiche recipe, I'll definitely give that a go!

Love the fact that your outfit for the wedding is now too big :). Time to go shopping!

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