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It's Tuesday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****

had a good day as well yesterday. back on it again. started august 07 lost 4 stone by november then had a birthday, xmas and have found it hard to get going again. feel in a good frame of mind to do it. really pleased i found this site, its good to know im not alone.
hope im doing this post right not quite sore what im doing.
Morning everyone!

Just a quickie before I felve into the depths of DD bedroom armed with 2 carrier bags and many cloths......YUK. My DS isn't so bad as her, where did I go wrong?
Got on the scales 2 days early I admit, and haven't lost a measly pound. :mad:Infact I think it is showing a gain of one. :mad::mad:I have almost stuck to the diet 100%, 2 glitches where I ate a bar over a day for 2 days cos I was hungry/bored/fed up but I felt it was better than what it could have been! Still have the K fairy though. I will try to drink mre, have it primed as I type, but will do AAM to see if that kick starts things again.....I go back to work this Thursday so want things ticking over again by then.


Doing it for keeps now!!
Morning folks...TWO Daily Threads.....we must be in for a lot of talk today...:D
Morning :) good luck to everyone for another successful day - I dreamed about Sunday roast last night :eek: I'm missing food quite a bit at the moment :( wish it would wear off because I'm not the slightest bit hungry.
Looking forward to starting AAM tomorrow, have weighed out my chicken and it's all awaiting me in the freezer. I didn't buy any bars this week so perhaps I'm missing the chewing :confused:
Ha Ha - I'll come on her to chat then!!!

As per my other DAILY THREAD.....

I got a headach today - was up last night wizzing!!! so feeling a bit raw today...:mad:

Hope everyone is having a good day:D
Ha Ha - I'll come on her to chat then!!!

As per my other DAILY THREAD.....

I got a headach today - was up last night wizzing!!! so feeling a bit raw today...:mad:

Hope everyone is having a good day:D

:confused:ok, so whats wizzing????:confused:


Loving the Cambridge Diet
It is still -6 here today - all white and frosty!

Having no problems with CD at the moment - which is good news!

Hope everyone has a great CD day!



Doing it for keeps now!!
Tried a Peanut bar last night....oh dear...:(not my bag at all...prefer the cranberry definitely!! The peanut left a really bad taste in my mouth!:eek:

Had my famous Thai Quorn & Spinach Consomme last night again delicious but am trying to save my 790 meals for the weekend and SS the days I am in work...so basically 3 x 790 plus 4 x SS, I hope that will get me into ketosis sometime this week!!!:)

I'm going to start a debate now:

What is the worst thing about the CD Diet?

Mine: Waking up at 5.00am with your kidneys in pain cause you need to pee so desperately!!!:rolleyes::sigh:
I'll agree with you on the needing the loo bit - I cried in the car on Saturday because I was in so much pain and not a loo to be found anywhere :eek: (what a wimp!)
Morning all.

Some of ye may have seen my other thread how I broke cd last night, so disappoitned in myself just cant seem to think about anything else this morning. now have totm aswell and in very bad form and snapping at dd for no reason.

Hope everyone has a great tuesday. Im going to try and get back on track :(


Doing it for keeps now!!
morning everyone, it is my first day today so excited and nervous and scared and not sure what to expect but here I am...

YOu are in the right place for support and encouragement!!:D

Welcome to Minimins and CD!!:)
:party0036:The worst thing from doing CD is not being able to have a glass of wine......

My daughter is not from my gene pool I swear. How can someone so neat and clean give birth to something that has a room even Stig of the dump would barf at.?
Morning All,

Only lost lb yesterday and was well depressed. I lost my Dad aged 48 just over a year ago and that got to me too because when not on this diet I used to drink a lot on a weekend which kinda numbed me to the world for the week. Felt lousy lousy lousy yesterday and had to put myself to bed at one point to stop the hysterics. Anyway the result of which was a day of absolute carnage to SS. Have eaten a normal persons junk/take away food for a month in a day. :cry:

Day 1 again today so fingers crossed I can stick with it and don't fall off the wagon again. I know eating only made me feel worse and I knew that before eating and technically I think even If I'd lost 6lb yesterday I was going to eat. It was a bad bad day. All behind me now though....... I hope.

Positive Mental Attitude............. AGAIN.

So day 1-SS'ing
1 strawberry shake down
1 ltr water



Silver Member

It is my 1st time on "let's do it hour by hour thread"!

I am going to spend most of my time alone today so I decided to stay in bed veeeeery long and browse the internet.

I had a weird dream last night. According to OH I was sleepteaching :)eek:). I remember very clearly being at school and I was eating the croissants left on the desks. Then I realised I was on CD and I started crying like crazy :eek:. And I woke up. Weird...

I have to say that the worst thing about CD is the water for me too. I find it hard to drink it AND I need to pee all the time! But its a small price to pay, I say.


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