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**it's Tuesday**let's Do It Hour By Hour


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Morning everyone

Been up all night coughing and barking, feel dog rough this morning, going to get meladdo off to school and then I'm off to bed.

Had another 100% day yesterday, but I dunno about today to be honest, I feel as though I should probably eat something as I'm taking cold and flu tablets. What does everyone else think?

Hope everyone has a good day, good luck to those with weigh ins
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Be careful about certain cold and flu remedies cos they could knock you out of ketosis. I was really ill last week, and just had and extra pack which seemed to do the trick. Its the whiskey yesterday that might have done it for me! Hope you feel better soon!

Off to work in a mo. Another busy day apparently, so that should keep my mind off food! Dog to the vets too cos he is begining to lose hair around his ears and eyes. Bl**dy dog is costing me a fortune lately!


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Morning everyone. Hope you feel better soon Caress. This is a big fake but if you have a hot sunshine orange they taste a little bit like lemsip and it may soothe you a bit.

Big birdy, i hope you dog is ok and that the vets bill isn't scandalous. The things we do for our pets!

I haven't been here for ages but today is the first day of the restart so here I am! Wish me luck everyone...

Good luck to everyone with weighins today.


I will get to goal .....
Morning lovelies,

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great Caress, wrap up warm and look after yourself today ;).

Big Birdy - hope work isn't too hectic for you if you're still not 100%. And yes, probably was the whiskey that knocked you out of ketosis :giggle:

Hope the vets isn't too pricey (I have 2 yorkie babies and they cost me a fortune so I can sympathise there)!

Chika - good luck with your restart hunni. You can do this :)

Everyone else, lets have a great day. It's my first WI tonight. Had a sneaky peak at the scales this morning and all is very good :D just not sure how mine compare with my CDC. So I'll report back later hopefully with good news


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Thanks everyone, I've just phoned the doctor's and I've got an appointment to see her at 4.30, cos the cold's gone into my chest and as I'm asthmatic, not really worth taking a chance. As I'll no doubt get antibiotics, Nicky said I should go on aam for the time being, and get plenty of rest, which I absolutely intend to do, cos I've decided that what I have is so much worse than a cold, I in fact have man flu. Just need to find someone to come round, fluff my pillows, make me drinks, fill hot water bottles and generally wait on me hand and foot.


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Hello everyone!

Hope you feel better soon Caress!!.. Good luck at the docs, I have athsma too so I know how yucky it can be to get a chesty cold! So lots of rest!!

Well, it's my Brothers (yes brothers) 3rd birthday today so I'm taking my daughter to meet him at soft play and I'm going to race down the slides with them both!! Oh yes, a big mamma on the slides.. I hope I don't get too many funny looks!!!

Good luck with your wi Dobbie!! .. Have a good day Emm.. and everyone else!!!
Morning all, I sympathise with you Caress, its horrid being an asthmatic at this time of the year. I have a stinking head cold, but am still at work like the brave soldier that I am :D Going to dose myself with lovely hot shakes and boullion today, need to give it 110% for the next two weeks.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Theresa x


Doing it for keeps now!!
I've only one thing to say to you lot today:



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Ooohhh Happy birthday - hope you have a good un! x


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Happy birthday hun

getting party ready as I type (put oven on anyway ):party0023:

cake is ready plates out cakes and crisps bought and made the jelly going to work soon so got to bake flan and rollls before I go hubby will have to make sarnies when he finishes work Im not back till 8.30.Just in time to clean up .So dont be late nelllis you and 10 kids will have a good time hehe .Anyone want to blow up balloons

I have got in to the 13s this morn so smiling from ear to ear while running round with hoover tied to my arse .The joys of been a mum .

Have great WI its a special day today my dd and nellis birthday
You know you can do 100% today on your restart so keep positive xx
get better soon loads of hugs (from a distance to busy this week to be ill).
Must get on food to prepare and work is calling xx
Morning All

Caress and Theresa-hope you both feel better soon
Mandy_in the 13's my jealousy grows by the day!!!
Natalie-Happy Birthday
Becky-Hope your DD is OK

And have a great day everyone.I'm aiming to drink more water today-see if we can get those scales moving
Chika-Nice to see you back,good luck with your re-start
Dobbie-Good luck with your WI


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang
Andrea - poor thing, keep up the fluids - most important with a cold hun... Becky hope your little girls ok... Chika good luck with your re-start. BB - hope your boobs are on the mend hun... Mandy - brilliant you've come so far - keep it up.
Dobbie - well done on doing so well on your re-start....
Emm - hope your ok as well... Gemm - brilliant loss for yesterday night hun, I'm all booked and paid for at the Spa!
Sue - get the water down ya neck - I've been a bit slack last 3 days myself, we'll try harder today!
Morning to Roosters & ELWL xxxxxxxx
NAT - A Very Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch up later - got meetings and all sorts today xxxx


I will get to goal .....
Mandye ...... food!!!! :drool::drool::drool: Sounds yummy. Enough said or I'll be on the hunt for some solids after making 7 whole days of SS!!!

Sorry to hear some of you are poorly sick - that sucks. Although it's a very good day to be curled up in bed with a hot chocolate (shake of course!!)

Ooohh and it's just occured to me that tomorrow is hump day (Wednesday) so it's nearly the end of the week!! Yay!!



Doing it for keeps now!!
I'm starting a game a pin the tail on the ass...oops donkey!!

Here I go.......spin....spin.....spin.....pin!!!

Drat....hit the hind quarters instead....right who's next!!!:D

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