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iv cheated will i gain alot of weight???


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if you're back on the wagon, you'll probably maintain at the very worst. it'll only be water/glycogen weight anyway, not fat. just get back on the wagon!! :)


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im so dissapointed in myself tonight i could not cope and had 2 slices of toast and 2 scrambled eggs and now im ever so worried i will have a big weight gain when i get weighed next thursday....does anyone know if i can expect a big weight gain???
Probably not - if you stop right now and don't have any more carbs. In fact, you'll probably still lose weight this week.

Next time, just have the eggs, okay? :D
i'm in same boat hun but i wasn't as good as you i've gone made a biscuits and chocolate and cake. been craving something sweet and then i just blew. i'm gonna have hell now getting back into ketosis


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i'm gonna have hell now getting back into ketosis
Not necessarily. :)

Never doubt the power of the mind. Someone famous once said, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

So paraphrasing just a little, "If you think it'll be easy to get back into ketosis or if you think it'll be hell, you're right..."

I've been on and off Cambridge more times than I care to admit, and there have been numerous times where I've found getting back into ketosis incredibly easy.

Mind over matter. I swear it works! :)
well im very suprised im still in ketosis after cheating last night thank god and even more supriseing i lost 2lb when i did my daily weigh in this morning, im not goin to make a habit of it tho but at least i kno if i need to eat something every couple of weeks i can :D

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