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I've Been Food Shopping!!!


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Ok am itching to get and do my refeed shop so its all out of the way and i dont have to worry about it come monday :sigh:

But .... do you reckon this will be ok?
I mean everything like chicken and fish will be fine as that can go in the freezer but am worried about the salad and the potatoes ... although keeping the pots in a dark place a shouldnt make them go off within 5/6days should they?!!!!!

Now the salad stuff - im buying a cucumber and orange pepper and a bag of mixed salad leaves. Do you think i should wait just because of these things?

Arrrrrrrr i wana shop! :cry: lol
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Yeeeeeeeeah! Go for it girl!! Just get the best dates you can. You'll probably find you can get chicken & fish with good enough dates for next week but as you say, if not you can freeze them. The cucumber & pepper will be fine in the fridge. Salad leaves might be a little more challenging but you'll probably find some with mon or tues dates on them. Just get a small bag and then you can have an excuse to shop again soon!

One small tip too. When you open the bag of leaves (but not before you have to) put a piece of kitchen roll down each side of the bag. This absorbs any excess moisture and I find they keep better. Sometimes they can go a bit slimey otherwise. They last beyond their dates if you do that. xxx


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Ahhhh nice tip Jan! thanks! I shall tell my dad that one as he always buys the bags of salad and always ends up throwing it out because it goes all slimy!!

Ok its settled, shopping tomorrow!!


Here we go again!
Good tip Jan, I will do that. I'm doing my shopping for refeed on saturday afternoon. I eat saturday evening so everything will be really fresh. Can't wait! What you like Tanya not being able to wait! As excited as me about refeeding now. Knew you would be. Funny to think you were really scared of it some weeks ago.


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also if you buy chicken etc to remove it from its plastic packaging and put on a plate and cover with clingfilm if your planning on keeping it in the fridge instead of putting it in the freezer, as it 'blows' or goes off very quickly

not something nice to find when your expecting a lovely fresh chicken breast and are presented with a gone off piece of smelly meat...urgh

(im sure you knew this already but just thought id mention it) xx

h xx hope you enjoy your shopping trip..bet itll feel wierd lol


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So i have been shopping ... It was HECTIC!! People all over the place, kids screaming, people bumping into me and i almost lost it and thought feck it i dont wana eat really so im not guna and thought about leaving the trolly and walking out .. but i didnt! As much as i was excited about eating, im not now! I think the excitement was for the shopping part but that wasnt even exciting :sigh:

Anyways i bought:

2kg chicken breast (they are 1kg bags in small portions so ideal!)
3 fillets of haddock and 4 fillets of salmon for just a fiver!!!
Turkey Mince
Low fat yogurts, strawberry, raspberry and cherry annnnd a low fat hazlenut one (in date untill july 1st)
Low Fat Fromage Frais (in date untill july 1st - ideal!!)
Sliced Ham
Cooked Beetroot
2 Bags of Mixed Salad (in date till 24th)
1 Orange Pepper
1 Bunch Spring Onions
1kg Bag Small Potatoes
4 Tins Tuna in Brine
Low Fat Bolognaise Sauce
Paprika Spice

All for just under £30 :) not too bad i suppose considering that chicken and fish will last me over the 10days i have before my holiday and the only things i will need to buy extra of will be the salad! Im planning on nicking some of my rents fruit!!! :giggle:

Does all that sound ok?

I already have a 1kg bag of mixed veg in the freezer and 4 brocolli heads (also in the freezer).

The only thing i need to buy will be Bread - which i will get on thursday nice and fresh when i first have it and a cucumber - asda didnt have any!
Ya , maybe friday morning wasnt the best time to do such a specific shop (V.buzy and all) but on the other hand they usually have their best bargains out then ... Best of luck with the refeed Summer. with willpower like yours girl im sure you will be fine.:D:D
Only another 3 sleeps......how exciting!!!! You are gonna LOVE eating again!!!!!


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Oh i duno about that supa - i was really excited, now i just cant be bothered with the hassle of cooking for myself (love cooking for others though), i love my chocolate shake too much!! :( But we shall see - maybe come sunday night ill be excited again and itll be like xmas eve!! :giggle:


maintaining since June'09
Oh i duno about that supa - i was really excited, now i just cant be bothered with the hassle of cooking for myself (love cooking for others though), i love my chocolate shake too much!! :( But we shall see - maybe come sunday night ill be excited again and itll be like xmas eve!! :giggle:
NOW you're sounding more like I was ... Lol! I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you get there :) x


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Oh Tanya how fab for you. I'm sure you will love eating again! x


I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks for that tip Jan!!

ooooh Tanya!!! aaaaah!! I bet your excited lol!!


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I am and im not - only 7 more shakes untill first bit of food in 21 weeks - nooootttt that im counting or anything!
Oooh Im so excited for you hun. I was a bit like that about it aswell but dont worry, once you get going you will love it. Have you decided what your yummy first day meal will be? :)

Thank you Jan for that tip...off to get the kitchen roll as we type.....

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