I've done it!!!!!


I STILL mean it!
Well all you WeMitts - I really don't know how I feel tonight.
I have been for my first "official" weigh in with CDC since 28th September. During that time I have been on holiday for 3 weeks. (and drinking for 2 of those!!!) Well, I am very pleased (and a little shocked) to tell you that I have lost 3lbs - taking me 1lb past my goal weight.
I now weigh 10st11lbs. and I have lost 10st.12lbs.
It has taken 44 weeks.
I did SS for 7 months, and have done 790 & then 1000 cals to lose the last 1 and a half stone.
I'm gobsmacked.

Ann xxx
FANDABBYDOSIE! in the words of little Jimmy. Don't know what else to say. I'm speechless!

Dizzy x
Absolutely delighted for you Ann you are quite literally half the woman you used to be - fantastic!

Enjoy every minute - you are a true inspiration:D

Over the moon for you Ann!!
But it's no less than you deserve: never veering off course, never giving up - your commitment and sheer determination throughout your journey has been truly awesome. If you could package it, you'd be a billionaire!! :D

Oh Ann, what a fantastic achievement. You must be on cloud nine.

That's an incredible loss.
I bet words can't describe how you feel Anne!

Many Many Congratulations!!

You are a true insparation!
What an astonishing achievement. Many, many congratulations. I hope as it really sinks in that you can savour the feeling, it must be like conquering Everest. I know that's what my weight problem feels like to me! My CDC is great, but golly I wished I lived in your area so that I could come to you - an entirely selfish perspective there! But seriously, very very well done!!
How fantastic! I hope i can say the same as you someday! Well done, i cant imagine how good you must be feeling!xx
44 weeks??? :eek: Almost 11 stones??? :eek: You are living proof that the CD diet works. :D

I will not give up. I will perservere until I achieve my weight loss. Thank you for massive inspiration.