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i've just eaten a slice of chicken,,


too hot to handle!!
not because i was hungry but because i was so cold,,i'm sitting here wearing my pj's and a pants over them 2 jumpers and bed socks,,went to bed to heat up and got up crying as i couldn't,,had a hot mug of tea which helped a little,,still drinkin lots of water tho,,hubby wouldn't go to work till i ate,,as i was so bad,,have i ruined this now??
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dont worry about it! Its hard. You will be ok just try not to have anything else. Get your hubby to watch the video on the lipotrimdemon website so he understands thats what i did with my other half coz he kept worrying that i was going to make myself ill. Now he understands! keep going you can do it! If i can not eat for 2 whole weeks anyone can!

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TRYING to be patient!!
you'll still stay in ketosis chick but prob best not to do it again or you'll effect your weight loss nxt time x


too hot to handle!!
dont understand why i got so cold,,my kids out playin in t shirts and sun cream on,,

according to the website feeling cold is a side effect of ketosis so think of it as a good thing. Something about your body not producing as much heat??

Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
a lot of the ones in the know on here said they feel cold too. got to be weird for the body to not be having any hot food wat so ever going in. i only felt cold for the 1st few days but now i get hot flushes like an old woman lol
Im lucky i dont get cold. My friend gets the lot cold, tired and headaches but ive been lucky i feel really good so far! Im not hungry either but im very bored of the shakes as i only like the choc one:sigh:


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Dont think of it as good, its bloody bad, one thing will lead to another stop doing it a piece of anything is NOT going to warm you up, now stop it and consider yourself rollocked, and an early night for you young lady xx


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Might not be around for a week.....

I don't want to go into details, but sadly yesterday me and my hubby split up......It has been on the cards for a long while. It means for the next week or whatever I will be very busy trying to sort out a new house for me and my children and all the messy stuff that break-ups entail!

I will try to get online but I can't promise, he is coming back to the house later...I made him leave yesterday, but he has to come back later as he needs his car and work stuff/paperwork...plus he does live here!:mad::D

Anyway, Good Luck to you all, Lt'ers!!!

Keep Up The Good Work.....and stay away from the fridge!;)


too hot to handle!!
aw bellyflop,,so sorry to hear that,,will be thinking of you xx
Sorry to here that Floppy, you know where we all are when you need some comfort, and we're not in the fridge xxxx


too hot to handle!!
you didn't see how bad i was guys,,hubby thought i going into shock i was so cold,,stumbling and talking crap,,have a severe headache now,,just took 2 painkillers,,and now i'm burning up,,lol


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Sorry Kelly!

I didn't mean to take over your thread!

I thought I'd started a new one! What a div!:D

I'm ok, Thanks!

Ta Garry! Fridge cam is watching!;)
Kelly welly telly belly, you've never come across as a drama queen before hun, now stop it, it does not become you, now did i not say bed!:p xx
ok but no kiss tonight though.


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i need a kick....im on day one and desire to eat is killling me.......i feel stupid but honestly wish i could eat anything.....help!!!!!
what are you like its day bloody one, not day 2, 3 or even 4 what is wrong with you, you dont need food, it is possible to go a month without food, but oh no, not you, not even day one.
now stop thinking about it and have a shake, a cuppa or get some water down ya, now snap out of it weak willy, or one shall slap your ass xxxx

Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
lol i love the way you have with words gaz :D but it does get easier weakwilled as the days go on...stick in here x

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