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I've just realised I've lost exactly 5 stone!

Not bad for 12 weeks I reckon :D Still more than that to go but the nice thing is I'm seeing the changes more now each week, whereas before I couldn't really see a difference.Right now I'm wearing some jeans that originally were a tight 26-my Mum took them in for me 2 weeks ago and they were too tight(measured in between a 20 and a 22) and the zip kept sliding down when I sat down.I am sitting down typing this and the zip is staying where it is and they're not digging into my waist like they were before.I can even squat down in them.I bought some trousers size 20 a few weeks ago and couldn't do them up at all-I tried them on this morning and they fit perfectly :) I'm wearing a size 16 top and it's not tight on me!All in all I'm pretty happy this morning :D Roll on next 5 stone off :)
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Well done honey you're doing so fantastic you should be so proud of yourself. The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining so get out there and show of the new gorgeous you xx
Aww thanks wabbit...made me smile and get a little tear in my eye at the same time :) I don't think I've ever felt gorgeous(very low self esteem here in fact almost non existent)so to even read something like that just makes me glow inside.
Well done you! You can go out strutting your stuff around because you must feel absolutely fantastic.There is nothing better than trying on something that didnt fit before and feeling really comfortable in it and looking good. Well done chuck Sarah x
heheh it'll be a while before I'm confident enough to strut anywhere!My OH keeps telling me to start wearing skirts but I have really fat legs (definitely bottom heavy here) so I've told him he has to wait till I've lost some more :) Hoping to feel confident enough for skirts by August when we go on holiday to visit his family in Poland.I always feel fat and frumpy over there-Poland doesn't really have a weight problem...over there a stone overweight is a tragedy and it's hard to even find clothes for bigger ladies.The clothes are lovely though so I'll be buying some in the hopes of getting into them later on this year.Right now I weigh 17-12, so hoping to be 15-7 by the time we go on holiday-that's 10 weeks to lose 2.5 stone...hoping I can do that :) That's the lowest I'll have been for years!

Well done Rose you are an inspiration. They always say the last stone is the hardest on any diet, but I feel this diet is hardest when you have to do it long term as motivation wanes but you keep it up and you will definitely get there and be super super gorgeous!!!!!!
You're making me blush!!!I'm not an inspiration...KD is an inspiration,and porgeous-and all those who have lost it and kept it off :) Not me.


can see the end in sight!
well done rose! You have done so well! You will be feeling great in time for your hols x
hi rose, out of all the posts on here, i always come back to yours and can't believe how quickly it's come off! i lost 12 lbs in first week and am trying to lose another 3 stone by end of august for hols! do you think this is poss? you wait till family in poland see you rose they won't believe their eyes, good for you! x your an inspiration x
lifetime-I definitely think 3 stone by the end of August is possible-just take it one week at a time :) And thank you for your nice comments :)
Well done Rose, you are doing bloody fantastic! You might not think of yourself as an inspiration to others but you are. Five stone is no easy task-but you've stuck to it and you're still going. You're doing amazingly well-so well done to you!:D


WILL be Slim!
incredible hun in such a short space of time!
Inspiring!!!! :)


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Fantastic, well done!

I'm not far off 5 stone lost myself, but it's taken me a lot longer!

Absolutely blinking AMAZING weight loss!! Well done!!
And for the record, you ARE an inspiration xxx

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