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I've lost a whole child!


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I've been having a really crappy week CD-wise, been stopping and starting and can't seem to find motivation. However, I just had my little boy weighed (he's 2) and he's 32lb - the exact amount of weight I've lost so far! And believe me, he is soooo heavy to carry. I can't believe I carried an extra child's-worth of weight around with me! Made me feel a lot better. :)
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Well done you :) Amazing losses and into the healthy weight range! :D
I remember a similar experience myself- I'd taken myslelf over the 3 stone loss and taken myself out of the obese weight range. My CDC pointed out that it was the equivalent weight loss to my son! I sat and cried in front of my CDC I was so overwhelmed. Sounds funny now lol but really brought home how much I'd lost :)


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'This is a lost child announcement...'


Certainly puts it into perspective, doesn't it? Well done - what a fantastic amount of weight to lose!


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Aww thanks guys, it really does help put things in perspective. Just need to psyche myself up and stick to it this week! :)
Wow, that is amazing!!!
And I was impressed with myself as in two weeks I lost 10lbs which is the exact weight of my month old nephew, and holding him yesterday was quite amazing! But that is nothing compared to a two year old!!!! :)


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well done with your great loss!!!
i thought the same thing the other day about my weight loss, my son is 6 years old, and weighs 4 stone and i have lost more than that now, if i put him on my back i cant run around so how the hell did i manage when it was stuck to my body???


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Hey, one of my sons is 16 and weighs 14 stone, don't think I can be included in this game!!!
Well done all of you, what a great way of thinking of your weight loss, better than bags of sugar!!

what a great motivator!
And what great losses you have had. I think sometiems we get lost int he big picture and forget what great achievements we have made so far.

Well done hun :happy096:
The weight that I've now lost is the same weight as my 11 year old son :D Tis some feeling I can tell you, I can't even lift him :eek:


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that's fab!! I love looking at things like that. I read the other day that Lindsay lohan is only 95 lbs. When I get to goal I will have lost nearly a whole lindsay! Lol


I like to load my scales up with uni books/tins,bottles of juice until I get my weight shed so far, then I pick up (barely) and wonder how I managed to carry that about all day. Every day. For 6 years.


can see the end in sight!
lol lexie I do that too! Load up a suitcase... It's unbelievable. How did we do it??


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Fantastic losses.. and a great way of putting it............ Losing a whole child is amazing.. I have a 2 year old and 3 year old and they weigh about 2 and 2 1/2 stone each and they are very heavy..

So thats fantastic............. GO girl.. keep up the fab work xx

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