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ive removed my pic its not secure ...

Hi i dont want to causes problems or upset anyone but ive removed my pic/aveater as when i did a google surch of exante diet and look on pics my pic came up and sevral other from this forum who i reconise from talking to on hear i dont mine shareing pics on a site but no for a google surch i mayb going over the top but thats just me ill still stay chatting and that just no more pics for me :mad:
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God thats scary, I would hate to see pics of me on the web!
I just did a search and none of my pics or avatar came up :( Little disappointed!!!
I'm not fussed really coz I know putting pics online means they could end up anywhere and all my friends and family know I'm doing exante so I wouldn't mind.

Sorry to hear you're not happy that your pics were/are up there though.
i get funny as ive been stalked b4 and it totaly freaked me out i had a man come up to me in a bar and basicaly tell me my every move for the previous 3 months and my kids birthdays and my pets names and ware my family lived the police couldnt do anything as i had no prof


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No, I'm the same hun which is why when everyone did the 'What's your name, where do you live?' thing I didn't join in! Don't want the whole world knowing my every slip up, my weight, my side effects, my feelings!!! ;) x
every key stroke you make and send via the web is open game...horrid experience mrs .... why dont ya put up a cartoon pic or summit just to recognise ya posts xxx


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Anything you wouldnt tell someone in real life you shouldnt put on the internet really. The internet isn't safe but minimins make it as safe as possible! Anyone is within their rights to join here and read everything you write though, and maybe you would know them? If you don't want to make yourself identifiable, then don't right anything personal. =) xx
im not complaining about info it was just a shock to look up something and youre own pic pop up i think anyone would be shocked at that


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It was just the angry face and the saying its not secure that lead me to believe you were annoyed.. haha. :p


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Heh pretty interesting that, just did the same and saw a few aswell. Starlights avatar was right at the front page...

I wasn't there though. :(

Edit: just realised I'm homer, and not a picture of myself.... True 'doh' moment!
if you google exante diet then go to pictures youre pic is on their so was mine so are many peoples on hear so i took mine off hear
Oooh I found me - and my Starlight signature :rotflmao:

Well Id be more than surprised if ANYONE I knew spotted me there lol

No sign of any willies though :giggle:
I just put exante in google images, then its on page 9 haha!

Just realised my safe search is moderate! lol


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I seen the willy lol

I also seen the pic of Toots bum, Clair and Rachel's signature... I think I remember that you can turn off google search on your privacy setting though...


I will do this...
S: 24st0lb C: 20st4lb G: 15st2lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 3st10lb(15.48%)
Yeah - I think this is what I mean - its in profile privacy in User CP: -

If you would like to restrict the display of some of the blocks on your profile page, select a minimum relationship that other users must meet to see the blocks.

Note: Guests and users on your Ignore List will only be able to view the blocks on your page where you have selected 'Everyone'.

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