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iveabigask's Diary


Skelator Here I come
Hello all!!

Thought it might be useful to start keeping a diary on how i'm feeling and the challenges i'm facing.
I have always been overweight. at my heaviest I was 14.7 stone, ended up losing 4.7 stone on weight watchers but would fluctuate dependant on what was going on in my life.
Then nearly 4 years ago I met my husband who is a terrble foodie. I was still calorie counting at this point, but of course i slipped and ended up in the mindset of "if you cant beat them join them" So my weight has now escalated to 16.8 stone, and I cannot believe it!!!
I reckon i have tried every single diet there is out there, and i'm the most amazing starter of things but really not a great finisher lol
so i had decided I was going to do LL, but typically i found every reason under the sun as to why I couldnt start that week.
Finally got myself together and met with the LL counseller last monday and started on LL last Thursday.
First 3 days are a nightmare, had stomach pains, feeling sick and exceptionally tired!
Now i'm on day 4 and apart from waking up with a headache I feel great!!!!
Hubbie is very supportive and wont eat in front of me which really helps, and my friends are great too.
Were having coffee instead of wine lol!!!

anyway thats just a little bit of background on me, and super skinny / healthy here I come!!!!

Ask xxxxx
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!
sexy xx
Welcome Ask!!! you have come to the right place! i will enjoy reading your diry xx


Skelator Here I come
So it's day 5 and im feeling pretty good. Off to a conference for the day so should be able to plan my shakes! Had a sneaky weigh this morning and I'm back in the 15 stone Mark yay!! But I'm not getting into the habit or I'll drive myself crazy!!


Skelator Here I come
Still feeling good, but absolutely freezing cold!! I have my scarf glued to me cos I'm so cold!! On the upside my house is nearly clutter free cos id nothing else to do all weekend lol


Skelator Here I come
ok so day 5 nearly over, and it was much tougher than I expected :(
Atteneded a conference all day, and by the time himself came in to collect me, I was fit to chew on the chair. So, all the way home I was in a mood and not looking forward to having another soup.
So I put the kettle on, and hubbies dinner was in the oven. The smell of it was absolutely driving me crazy :( lovely lovely wedges. So I had to run away up the stairs and read inspirational stories to cheer me up.
Just had my last meal pack for the day, which was a mushroom soup. At least you feel like you're chewing on something???? Even thinking about food is making my eyes water.

So today I bought a dress thats size 16, and i've convinced myself I will look better than Kim Kardashian in it lol!!!

Only 2 days to go till WI..... arrraaahhh!!!!!!! Why doesnt someone have a magic wand a wave away all the fat???

Ask xxxxx
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im sure u will look a lot cuter that kim kardashian..... hehe x


Tough But Sexy X
Loved catching up on your diary and look forward to hearing how you get on with LL. You are over the worst, sure there will be chllenges along the way but you sound like you have the right support to help you get through this.

You have a similar amount of weight and goal to me, nothing ever worked for me in the past but you will see from my stats that I have lost an unbelivable 33lb so far in 8 weeks, its the best thing I ever did starting LL. I surprised myself I lasted longer than 2 weeks, but getting into smaller sized clothes is enough to keep me going until I hit my goal. xx


is Magdalicious
Hi Hun.
I'll be following your diary with interest too.
You're entering the most exciting part of the LL journey. Soon you'll feel full of energy and enthusiasm. You'll be fully in ketosis and soon you'll start noticing your body changing.
Embrace it and enjoy the experience Hun. You will learn sooo much about your eating habits and the reasons behind overeating etc. It's all an amazing learning curve! :)

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Skelator Here I come
Well darlings
Its home time after a long day. As suspected the crazy tiredness came an hour early and by 3 this afternoon I was exhausted!! Constantly yawning yet not craving food!! Drank some of the sunshine orange and that took the edge off till 530 which is great!!! Have 2 soups for tonight which will see me through till the morning. hurray!
Feeling hangover I'm that tired though. I made a fatal mistake and bought dissolvable teeth whitening strips, completely forgetting these could have an impact on my ketosis! I rapidly scrapped it out of my mouth just in case! Doh!
Looking forward to tomorrow's WI and meeting the group. I hope they're nice!!

Hope y'all had a lovely day.

Ask xxxx
goodluck for ur WI tomorrow x


Skelator Here I come
Good morning everyone,

I had a dreadful nights sleep, very restless so i'm feeling very tired this morning. This is only the first time in a week that ive been tired in the morning!!! I'm all out of shakes and bars, so dont know how i'm going to make my soup on the sly in work?? I'm not hiding the fact that i'm doing it, i find youre better off being up front and letting the gossip commence. It doesnt bother me. So what I'm on a meal replacement diet?? Like i might be fat, but you will always be ugly LOL
As you can tell i'm in flying form this morning lol

have a chcoablock day ahead of me which will hopefully make it go quickly, but looking forward to the weight in this evening. Hoping they are all nice!!!
Thank God for the sunshine orange powder, I dont know how i would have coped this week without it!

anywho, hope you all have a wonderful day, because youre wonerful!!!

will post later

Ask xxxx


Tough But Sexy X
Great attitude today, I always work out my days before ordering the packs, I think its part and parcel of making me plan meals when I can eat again. Something I never did to be honest!

The day will go quickly if you have a busy one, I am in the office for the forst time in weeks and arghhhhhh is all I have to say. Got a few meetings lined up so hopefully I can get back to my hotel at a reasonable hour tonight.

Good luck tonight with your WI. xx


Skelator Here I come
Only an hour till my first weigh in!!! I'm absolutely starving!!!!


Tough But Sexy X
Good luck I am excited to hear your results xx

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