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Attack Jades diary

Hi all, I'm starting attack today and thought it would be a good idea to keep a diary on here for motivation. If I know I'm logging what I'm eating I think I'll be less likely to cheat! I have 3 and a half stone to lose which would take me from size 16 to 10 which according to Dr Dukan I'll lose by new year if I stick to it so I'm really motivated, it would be amazing to go get loads of size 10 clothes on the January sales, I haven't been that size since I was 14!

Will update later with my food diary for the day :)
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last diet.......EVER!!
Hi Jade,
Welcome to Dukan very friendly forum!
I've only recently started, & everything seems to be going according to plan, which for me is quite unbelievable. Stick to the plan & you'll be size 10 before you know it.
PS Great idea about the january sales!!:D
Hi Jade and welcome, if you stick to Dukan and do it correctly you wil achieve your goal. I lost 29lbs with Dukan (I lost a stone with WW beforehand) I've lost 3 stone 3lbs altogether and I'm now just under my target weight. I went from a size 16 to a 10 and I've recently bought size 8's. Why don't you fill in your stats in your user cp, it's really motivating when they start to go down:)
Cheers guys, will fill in my stats later when i get batteries for my digital scales. The normal ones say I'm 14 stone but they're a bit temperamental!

U know how dukan says u can eat as much as u want - would u really still lose weight if u ate tons and tons of the allowed food?

Also, I'm not going go be able to do 20 min walk every day due to childcare, I thought of walking up and down the stairs instead. Today I've been v active rearranging furniture and im going to do some painting and decorating later, could that count as My daily exercise?
Hi Jade

I started on 25 August 2011 attack day 2 for me now.I have lost 3 pounds in one day so v.happy with that I need to lose over three stones also so it will interesting following your journey as I will be with you every step of the way.
6 days of attack for me and I should achieve my true weight in Feb 2012.
Thank goodness we have these lovely people to support us and vice versa.

all the v.best
Hi Poppy, good to know were starting at the same time, Ill make sure to read your posts and see how your doing. Todays been easy, had lovely food and had a great time shopping for all the meat and fish that I love! Heres what ive had:

Breakfast - ham omelette fried with fry lite 1 calorie spray (anyone know if thats allowed?)

Lunch - oat bran with natural yoghurt,vanilla and sweetener

Dinner- sliced beef from the deli, prawns and cottage cheese sprinkled with chives (delicious!)

Snack - fat free natural yoghurt with vanilla flavouring and sweetener

havent felt hungry at all, all the water has definitely filled me up! And im feeling very optimistic about the next 4 days. x


Just keep swimming...
Fry lite is fine to use Jade - I asked the same question not so long ago.

Lovely to hear that you are feeling so positive. It's all good! Hope you are having a good weekend.
Attack day 2

B - scrambled egg with smoked salmon

L - 2 kippers and a galette

D - mince with fajita seasoning ( rest of the fam had fajitas) and 2 turkey breasts, fat free yoghurt with vanilla and sweetener

Day 3

B - scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

L - sliced beef, prawns and cottage cheese

For dinner I'll probably have a thin beef steak and turkey breasts and natural yoghurt for dessert

If anyone has any advice on what I've been eating it would be welcome! I haven't weighed myself yet as scales are broken but I do feel a little lighter
:Dhi, i've started on the Dukan today, and I'm loving it, easy to follow and so far so good! It would be great to see how everybody's doing and to keep each other motivated!
Today, i've had;
B: 2 x boiled eggs
L: Beef burgers (with tesco's loght choices mince) and a few spices etc
D: Chicken curry

Hope we all keep it up! :happy096:


** Chief WITCH **
And I saw some tomato sauce on attack!! aaaah!

We have a menu thread in the main part of the forum, for daily menus (and it's even a good idea to post a day early, if you'd like our input!).
Hi lydzjos I'm finding it really east too, I am getting sugar cravings but I ease them with either diet Cole or some yoghurt with sweetener. It's hard thinking of quick snacks to have tho other than yogurt, things u can pick at.

Oops forgot to include the oat bran on here I have had it every day tho either with yoghurt or a galette. The tomato sauce was what came with tinned sardines, in the book it says this is allowed?

I just notice the eat smart natural yoghurt which is called 'fat free' actually has 0.4% fat is this ok or shall I look for another?
Another easy day! I started with a galette for breakfast, turkey breast, thin beef steak and wafer thin turkey ham for lunch then mackerel for dinner with fat free yoghurt as snacks. Tomorrows my last day of attack so I'm going to shop for more meat and veggies for cruise phase and I'm going to weigh myself for the first time, will update with the verdict then! Does anyone know if broccoli and cauliflower and sweetcorn are allowed on cruise only theyre not mentioned in the book?

Night all x
Evening all!

Last day of attack done today

B oat bran porridge with skimmed milk

L Turkey breast pieces fried with garlic granules and chilli powder

D ham omelette

No snacks yet, just haven't felt hungry! I just weighed myself for the first time and I have lost 5lbs!!!!! Cant believe it!!Im sooo happy to have finally found a diet I can stick to and that doesn't stop me eating when I want- god bless dr dukan!!


** Chief WITCH **
Excellent! Please fill out your User CP! (Check out our FAQs).

Happy Cruising :D
Another great dukan day!! I can't believe how much I've not felt hungry, normally I'm always looking for something to pick at and eat til I'm fit to burst but the last 2 days I've had no snacks at all. Here's today's menu

B oat bran toast, dry fried mushrooms

L mackerel with dry fried peppers

D chicken breast in sauce made from natural yoghurt, garlic and herbs with cabbage

I feel so healthy and although no one would notice the weight I've lost yet I feel so much lighter. Can't believe how easy this is!
I've been getting a tingling sensation in my hands the last couple of days that comes in a sort of wave - probably not related to dukan, but has anyone else experienced this?
Hi Jade, hope all is ok there. I had a weird feeling at one point, just for one evening, really couldn't settle, hands and arms felt too hot, really odd. I wondered if it was diet related but I haven't had it since attack. Hope you are ok now :) I'm sure someone with more experience will know!
Hey, I'm fine in every other way in fact I feel great, jut keep getting these tingly waves come over my hands an legs! Probably not dukan related, will see the doc if it carries on!

Yesterday was good, I can't believe how little I'm eating considering the diet says eat as much as u want. Met a friend yesterday and took the kids to the park and science museum. I took a dukan friendly snack with me an manages to resist ice creams and chocolates when we got them for the kids which was a doddle - that's one of the times I normally cave .

Day 2 cruise menu

B 3 Dukan muffins
L turkey breast pieces with tikka
D chicken breast and thin beef steaks done in yoghurt and herb sauce
No snacks!!!

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