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JanD's dietchef diary


maintaining since June'09
Hi All!

I've decided to keep a diary on here to help me stay on the straight and narrow. Any comments, suggestions and encouragement gratefully received!!

I'm actually a member of Slimmimg World (and still am as I enjoy the discipline of the weigh-in) but I'd lost my way and needed a new focus. I googled the Cambridge diet because, although I didnt really fancy the idea of no real food, I felt I did need something with which I'd see results quickly to give me a much-needed boost.
There was a sponsored link at the top of the page to dietchef and you can guess the rest.
I started in the middle of October and lost 12.5lbs in 4 weeks :)

Then with one thing and another (boring to relate) and Christmas I ended up regaining 7.5lbs of that :cry:

For the last week I've been playing at it - not sticking to it properly but not being too bad and managed to lose 1lb, more by good luck than anything else! ;)

So - from today I am going hard-core food wise! I say that because I DO enjoy a little tipple the evenings I don't work (I work 3 nights per week) I carried on with it when I lost the 12.5lbs and will carry on until I stop losing - at least I'll have something left to give up!! :party0016:

So now I'm 13st 10lbs and want to lose another 3st 3lbs ..... originally I was 15st 9.5lbs! :rolleyes:

Today I've had granola with blueberries and half a muler light vanilla yoghurt.

I'm about to have a soup (will decide what kind when I get to the cupboard) and will also decide which main meal to pour onto my bed of raw baby spinach this evening when I see what I feel like!
I'll have a nak'd or hi-fi (from SW) bar this evening and I'll probably have an apple this afternoon - I tend to get peckish around 3-5 pm - we don't eat till about 7 in the evening.

So good luck to all you other dietchef-ers too!
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maintaining since June'09
Hello again!

Today I've had granola with blueberries and half a muller light yog.
A bit of a mushroom soup - I say a bit because it fell over in the microwave and I didn't notice so I lost most of it ... :(. I'm not very hungry today though - I think because I've got a cold and am feeling all 'bunged up'.

I'll have a meal pouch later on for my main meal - again on a bed of baby spinach. I'll decide what when I see what I feel like - last night I had braised beef.

I'll try not to have anything else then and take my bar (nak'd or hi-fi), 2 little apples and another sachet of soup to work with me (it's my first night tonight). It works out that I have an extra meal on my first night but 1 less the day I finish so it evens itself out over the week.

I'm drinking lots of hot blackcurrant or blueberry and green tea with lemon - but not as much water as I should (slaps wrists and resolves to do better! :break_diet:)

Hope all of you are getting on well!

Talk again soon! Thanks for taking the time to read this .. :) ..
I keep waiting for mine to tip over in the microwave lol tall pouches + shortyarse microwave is bound to lead to trouble lol I'm careful to do the two small slits at the side then I just shake it about a little rather than opening it all the way then stirring in the middle of heating.

Are you off Slimming World completely Jan? I'm on that still sort of too but going to boost it with a few days on DC now and then to bring down portions a bit, I know they say you can snack all you want on SW but it's no good if you can do a great human dustbin impression lol

Get glugging your water, I've nearly finished a 2ltr bottle of fizzy water plus have had four herbal teas/coffees and about a litre of tap water with sugarfree vimto lol I'm not a camel honest just if you have the glass or mug right next to you all day it gets drunk! Getting up for a refill all day prolly helps towards exercise in a little way too! :8855:


Stubborn and doing it
Oh no, not a cold :(

And the dreaded evil microwave - why do they make them so small these days! I have to fold the top of the pack to get them to fit in!

I'd have thought your green tea, etc. would all count towards your "water" total - I believe it's a myth that the water has to be water.

Hope you feel better tomorrow.


maintaining since June'09
Hi Guys! Thanks for your comments ....

LoChan - I'm afraid I'm not SWing at all really (unless you count using hi-fi bars instead of nak'd sometimes - I love the new lemon ones) but as well as liking the discipline of the weigh-in it's a friend of mine who runs it and I do all the weighing which I enjoy.

As for those bloomin' silly microwaves :sigh: !!

I cut the top of the pouches right off now, have done since day 1 back in October when I couldn't make the top stay folded down. I don't know what happened today, I think perhaps I didn't push the sides in to make the base a bit more stable and it was consequently too thin to withstand rotating - it was annoying though! :mad: Although it could have been worse - it could have been a soup I liked - I'm not fussy on the mushroom.

I know what you mean about the human dustbin thing. It's great that you can eat all you want on SW but when you don't have an 'off' switch there comes a tme when it's the sheer volume of consumption that gets to you! (IMHO you understand)

Jessica - thanks for trying to reasure me but unfortunately it definitely IS a cold :sick: ..... Never mind eh??

Credenhill - Thanks for sympathy .... I still have to go to work too! :cry:

I think you're right about the green tea - and weak juice (not that mine's particularly weak!) But I DO need to drink more water as well I think, to get the overall volume up!
keep it going your doing well.

I did sw 3 yrs ago and hence the reason I have moved onto cd now as I had no control over portion sizes rofl, eat as much pasta as you like haha, worked for a while...............................................story of my life!


maintaining since June'09
I know ........ if we could stop when we were full we wouldn't have a problem would we????
:17729: :rolleyes:


maintaining since June'09
I can't believe I've fallen off the wagon ALREADY!!!!!

On my way home from work this morning (Sat) I went to my Mum's - did her breakie, made her lunch, flask, hot water bottles etc and had a piece of toast with butter on AND a biscuit !!! :sigh:

When I got home I had my granola with raspberries and half a muller light THEN I had 2 crackers - one with cheese & one with pate and a 2 finger kit-kat!!!! I don't even know why!!! :confused:

I could really kick myself - or need someone to kick me!!!!! I will blame feeling so rough and sorry for myself (although I don't really feel sorry for myself but I can't think of another excuse :rolleyes: )

I've been good since I got up. I had Fragrant chicken curry on a bed of raw baby spinach and I've brought with me to work a hi-fi bar, a tiny apple and a very small banana and a Green Giant Vegetable soup.

I'll have to go to Mum's again on way home in morning (Sun) but will REALLY try harder.

Somebody please slap my wrists!!!! or something else ........ :whoopass:

Thanks for asking how I am Jessica - much the same is the answer - a bit more coughing today - so at least it's progressing - the quicker it does that the quicker it'll leave me!!

I'll sign off with - MUST TRY HARDER!!! :wave_cry:


Stubborn and doing it
Just remember you are human and none of us are perfect. At least you did not binge or go crazy. It is very difficult being around food and not being able to have it - there must be a mental way of dealing with the "can't have" thinking and the "one won't hurt", but I've yet to crack it. Maybe we can crack it together :)

Today is a new day - forget yesterday and just crack on. I'm so impressed with your 27.5 lb loss - just look how closer you are to your goal weight. You are definitely an inspiration to me - thank you :D

That's not too bad a 'slip' really Jan - I'm sure you can recover from that easily! Or do what I do, get some exercise done then you've got more grace for having some extra calories on top of the DC stuff! Don't be fretting over it, I'm not gonna smack you lol *pats instead*


maintaining since June'09
Hi Guys! Thanks for your comments and support & understanding!

This morning (Sun) I managed to resist having a whole piece of toast but I did cut the end off one of my mother's and I pinched a few of her pringles - well they were THERE!! (I ask you - even stealing food from an 82 yr old now :(!!)

I didn't have anything other than my granola with rasps and yoghurt when I got home, before I went to bed.

I had meatballs with butter beans & raw spinach for evening meal but for some reason - before I left for work I had a slice of corned beef :confused:.

I've brought to work a pea & ham soup, a small banana & apple and a nak'd bar.

Still not drinking enough but better than I was.

Thanks again for being there! :)


maintaining since June'09
I'm not even going to bother trying to remember what I had before I went to bed this morning .... well it got to lunchtime with my swimming lesson ....

I've lost it big-time, haven't been able to get my head into it properly at all...... I'm really going to try not to let it get me down and I'm wondering if I can pull anything back before I get weighed on wednesday ......... :sigh::cry:

BIG SIGH!!!!! :wave_cry:
Aw hun, sorry to hear you're struggling atm. Do you want to join a weight loss challenge to help you focus a bit more? I can pm you my email address if you're interested? We've got at least five of us dietcheffers aboard so we can band together a bit lol :)


maintaining since June'09
Hi LoChan .... that sounds good!! :)

I don't know what's up with me atm!!!
Don't worry too much, we all have times like that - hopefully we can all motivate you to get over it now, when left to my own devices I go off track and stay there for months at a time lol

Have sent you my email somewhere or other on y'profile!


maintaining since June'09
Have mailed you ... thanx xx


maintaining since June'09
Thank yoooooo! I've started okay - Granola with raspberries and yoghurt, black coffee, green tea.

Have joined LoChan's group but haven't had time to figure out how to access it properly and use it yet. But it HAS made me focus on making 2moro's weigh-in as good as it can be in view of how bad I've been ...... I'd hate it to be a gain 1st week in but I'm afraid it MAY be :(

Hope you have a good day too, whatever you're doing :) and thanks again.

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