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Jane's weight loss diary, over 120lbs to go!!

As of today..1st aug 2011 im going to be doing calorie counting, rather than just healthy eating. so thought it made sense to have my diary moved over to this section, im hoping for some support, tips, advice anything that can help to be honest as this is all new to me. below was the first cpl of pages of my (just healthy eating diary)

Right so here I am

5th day on my healthy eating/exercise plan after weighing in at home on monday to find out im 20st 7 half lb!

Got stuck into it, each day going well... eating right, on the treadmill, wii etc... then friday night comes round!!! and iv ate, bowl of pringles! bowl of cheese balls! (crisps) lol 2 yorkie cookies! (they are so big) and had a mini can of coca cola!!! why oh why did i do it??!!!

because i was hungry?
beacuse i was bored?
because they where there?
or just habit?

God Knows, but I know i cant let it happen again, i know everyone has bad days but 5 days in?! hmmm noop has to stop! so this is when i thought id start a diary on here, rather than just look! lol hope for some help along the way :wave_cry::eek:

so i will have a better day tomorrow, i know i will!! im going to be posting on here a daily food/exercise diary with hope that it will keep me on track :confused: :eek:

hoping to lose 120lbs so here I go........
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Don't beat yourself up+fee guilty about these things,it happens,its life+its hard to break the habit.
You have ecided to do somethin positive about your weight+yes you have only been dieting since mon but do u feel any better already? Just think of what u normally would have eaten in that time frame.

What diet u followin?

Good luck with your journey,i will read with interest xx

Don't beat yourself up+feel guilty about these things,it happens,its life+its hard to break the habit.
You have ecided to do somethin positive about your weight+yes you have only been dieting since mon but do u feel any better already? Just think of what u normally would have eaten in that time frame.

What diet u followin?

Good luck with your journey,i will read with interest xx
Hello and welcome :)

you have made a sensible decision to start a diary on here, my diary has helped and motivated me beyond belief!

Everyone is very supportive and we are all in the same boat, so come on, jump aboard and we'll sail along this together :)

Thankyou for reading my diary..crikey that must have been a mega read for you, so thank you so much :) You'll know my story then, and realise i can relate to how you feel.

Don't worry about a wee slip up, the hunger pangs strike, especially in the early days :eek: Try to keep busy when they do....a wardrobe clearout, an 'avoided' DIY chore, a lovely long soak in a bubble bath, pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure, go out for a walk, phone a friend :), read a slimmming mag, watch a diet related prog ( I love those!!!), drink iced water, clean your teeth :eek:, have an early night etc etc.

If the pang doesn't ease, have a bowl of cereal, some fruit, crackers, sugar free jelly, raisins, boiled egg, etc etc...or something more filling then allow for it next day when planning your intake of food/calories.

Fill up at meal times with lots of veg and fruit. I've probably said all that on my diary, so sorry if i am repeating myself :rolleyes:

Anyway, lots of luck, i've tried and failed so many times, but this time feels different, it really does. Please keep posting, i look forward to chatting with you, if you ever need to chat offline, even if its not diet related, or you just need to talk, please PM me, i'm a good listener..and lately I've realised i can chat for scotland on here..despite being quite shy..honestly! :D

Keep going, and good luck for next weigh in :) Onwards and downwards!!!!

hi rae rae! thanks for that :) yeah i know what your saying, what i would have eating would have been way way worse! and i do feel better less bloated, more energy, and less hungry! as i say i think its just that i had them at home, knew they were there, so i had to have them? strange!! but back on track today :D

RR! thanks for posting on my diary, you do talk so much sence, it was reading your diary that got me through the first few days! :) and i know one slip up like lastnite is nothing (before i would have gave up thinking id spoiled all the hard work so why carry on) but.... not now :p back on track today and for longer than 4 days this time :rolleyes:

bye for now, jane x
Right so here goes.....

B, small cornflakes, banana, fresh orange

L, 2 cracker breads, low low cheese spread, spring onion, grapes

D, baked potato, 1 tbl spn bolognese! side salad

will be drinking at least 2ltrs water and doing 30 mins on the treadmill (4mile) and 15/20 boxing on the wii for my arms!! hope that helps the boxing is a killer :eek:

OH is out with our wee boy at soccer, soo off to get some music on and get on that treadmill.... :p

heres to a good SKINNY day :D

j x
U sound so happy to b doin this which is great :) if it was me then id b more likely to think sod it il av today off aswell but u havent...congratulations for dustin yourself off+gettin right bk on the wagon.

I will look forward to seein ur first WI results :)
That's the spirit :)

just wondering if you are scottish like me?..with reference to the 'wee' word???? :D

Your menu sounds like the type of things i always eat, well done, you are on the right track!

here's to another good day, the first few days are truly the hardest, when you've got through those, you're on your way to success :)
Thanks Rae Rae, i am happy to be doing it, spent soooo long saying right i'l start tomorrow, or this is the last pack of crisps/choc bar etc... no more :p

do you have a diary of your own that i could follow? :)

yes rr im in glasgow! (why do we always say wee) :p

I used to think when reading your diary, oh i like that, and that, oh and that! hehe

Well feeling alot better today, but i weigh in on monday, i hope lastnite's crazzzzy 30mins hasent spoiled everything else iv done this week :( heres hoping!

j x
You will do great im sure :) r u.calorie counting or following a plan?

I havent got a diary,i should start one,hmmm. Im too much of a nosy parker+red everybody elses diaries,lol x
I'm a glaswegian born and bred, moved away 6 years ago!

Don't know why we say 'wee' hee hee..... :)..there are a few more scottish 'lassies' on here too.

Hope your day is going well :)
awww thanks you,:eek: you should start one just now, i would follow it :)

no no just healthy eating/exercise! trying to make the right choices. :confused: see how i get on lol

hope your well

j x
Yes i seen that in your diary rose! :p sounds so nice were you are.

Thats great a wee home from home then ;)

take care speak soon

j x
Right thought i should update a bit :)

didnt do 4 mile on treadmill, only 3! for the first time this week my thighs were sore :( so didnt want to push it, and regret it tomorrow! as going to be walking alot when out.

And didnt do my boxing on the wii...:eek: but did my 1.5kg weights for 10 mins hehe. well i have been a bit tired today! :p

ooh and also on the food part... i had 3 cracked breads not 2 for my lunch!! :eek:

And after i had a coffee, and one of my ww lemon slices! they are too good!

And... really felt like something sweet after my dinner, sooo rather than heading to the cookies....

I had a half tin of mandarins (in juice) and one wee teeny weeny spray of low fat cream! and it was yummy :D

so not the best of days but not as bad as yesterday hehe so im getting there.

anyhoooo im away to have a wee nosey on here for now :p
Right so I'm going out to the park today, with OH our son and my little neice, soo im taking a picnic! but healthy stuff for me :D

And for dinner for the other 3, im making my yummy homemade mac and cheese...my fav!!!:cry:but no no no i dont want it :p

sooo here is my meals for today...

B, banana, fresh orange

L, ww wrap, sliced chicken,lettuce, spring onion,red onion, small bit of salad cream :eek:, grapes

D, Eat smart roast dinner! they are yum! :) and low in cals! :p

Lets hope i can stay away from the ice cream while out.....:eek:
Have a great day, food choice looks excellent to me! The WW lemon slice is very low fat, i 'used' to indulge in them myself once upon a time, they are delish aren't they???? :)..and no harm in having the odd one, so don't dare worry about it!

I too am going to the park today, taking advantage of scotland basking in sunshine! a walk around the park is good exercise, so well done you :)

You've put me in the mood for a wrap, think i'll have that tomorrow. enjoy your picnic, enjoy the sun..and go on, take the cardi off and sit on it on the grass for a wee while...there is a lot of people much bigger than you walking around with next to nothing on, in this good weather....be brave, even if its only for 20 mins or so!

Good luck for your next weigh in :)
Hellooooo :D

Right soo, today was fab, kids loved it, picnic was yummy and it was so so hot all day! im burnt to prove it!! :cry: why is it i always forget to top up suncream?! always makin sure kids are sorted i think...oh but i am sore :(

And for todays menu, it has changed a bit :eek:

so im just goni write everything that has passed my lips today!

B, just fresh orange (no banana)

L, did have my lovely wrap, but didnt have my grapes :rolleyes: and i also ate 5 pringles!!! and 1 wotsit :p and....because it was so hot, i had finished my water, all that was left was FIZZY CANS....and i had to have 1, barrs limeade!!! :eek: it was nice tho hehe.

then it was ice cream time...and yes you guessed it, i had a cone!!! with a flake!! lol but you know what i enjoyed it, so im not going to come on here and moan... i knew what i was doing :cool: :cool: hehe

D, right so dinner i was goni have my eat smart roast dinner, but i really dont feel like it! im not hungry at all :eek: im really tired and feel i bit ill from all the sun to be honest, cant handle it :cry:

Hmmmm right it is my first weigh in tomorrow but im really not expecting much i have had a couple of bad days, but it was my first week so il learn from it :eek: i hope :eek:

oooooh rose guess what i didnt have my jacket on all day... left home without it on and came back without it on, stayed over my little neice's pram all day! :p oh and good luck for tomorrow il be checking in on you :D

Thanks mspiggy, as you can see from above all went well :), hope you are well and having a good day too :D

right im away to put my wee cheeky monkey to bed.

bye for now. x
A fellow weegie here but now living in NW Scotland...it is always sunny in Glasgow...well in my rose-tinted memories anyway:p
Good luck with your weight loss journey and before long you will be a right 'wee stoater'!
Here goes....... 7lb and a 1/4 (qtr) lost!!!! woooooohooooooo!!!!! :D :eek: :p

im so so happy, i thought my cpl of wee blips might have spoiled my hard work, but no :)

im going to be extra good allllll week, this has gave me that wee extra kick up the bum to keep going :D

menu today.... :cool:

B, banana, fresh orange, coffee

L, half tin of salmon (luv this :p) lettuce,spring onion,1 tbl spoon of salad cream :eek: cracker bread

D, baked potato, curried chicken and onions...yummm :D

will be drinking at least 2ltrs of water, and walking about 3 mile on the treadmill, cant do any boxing or weights as i have burnt my arms and shoulders :cry:

oh im happy happy happy today.....

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