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Janey's journey to slim town

First day done and under calorie allowance by 40. Only allowed 1200 per day which is probably where I have been going wrong. Need to exercise daily me thinks so I can eat a little more ?

Breakfast- peanut butter on granary toast

Lunch- ready made sandwich and cup a soup

Dinner- bowl of homemade chilli

Snacks - apple and pear

Drinks - tea with skimmed milk and water

Really proud of myself as I've turned down a jam doughnut, dairy milk and a slice of birthday cake!! Can't imagine how I ended up overweight ? as I would have said yes to all of those yesterday !!!
Heres to day 2.......
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Day 2

Again stayed under calories, had a busy day at work so it makes it easier, thank goodness, even went to pub and had a diet coke!!

Breakfast - peanut butter on granary toast

Lunch- sainsburys chicken chow mein (fresh)

Dinner - fish, mash and mushy peas (yum yum)

Snack -none

Drinks - diet coke, tea and water

Off tomorrow but going for a run in the morning as halfway through C25K and determined to finish the program.
Day 3

Day off work today so I thought this would really test me but it's been ok. Hubby came in late from his shift at 4:30 this morning forgot his key and woke me up to let him in, not best pleased as I couldn't get back to sleep grrrr!! He had also promised to run with me this morning as it's 'our time' but as he was back in work at 3pm this afternoon I let him sleep in (brownie points in the bag for me)!! Went for run on my own, first time in almost 3 weeks and enjoyed every minute!! Completed week 4 of C25K!!!! Yay me

Had a busy day cleaning etc so food was not bad and no nibbling !!!

Breakfast - 1/2 banana pre run
Peanut butter on granary post run

Lunch - lemon and coriander hummus with wholemeal pitta and cucumber sticks

Dinner- Lloyd Grossman chicken tikka masala, rice and 1 mini onion bhaji !!

Drinks- water, tea

Really think I can do this !!!
Everything sounds great hun. :) Congratulations on finishing week 4 of c25k, big well done.

Food sounds lovely, I think you can really do this aswell!! :D
Day 5

Horrible day at work, in an awful mood but still kept within calorie allowance. So tired so early night for me

Breakfast - pear

Lunch - jerk chicken sandwich and square crisps

Dinner - tuna pasta bake (homemade).

The scanner on MFP is fab!!! Saves so much time calculating and you know the calorie allowance is accurate!! Will sit here with my cup of tea whilst the rest of the family tuck into chocolate cake but I'm not tempted at all. Want to be slim more than I want chocolate cake !!
You do have to be careful as it's so tempting to eat it out of the jar :0(

I find that a scraping on granary toast is one of the only things that I can eat in the morning, I don't like cereal but will force porridge down if necessary .
Day 6

Work all day today, turned down a gingerbread man!!! I hope this willpower continues!!! Got home @ 6:15pm and went straight out for a run. Husband decided to join me which makes me work harder as he won't let me 'give up'.

Breakfast - porridge

Lunch - shapers wrap and shapers crisps

Dinner- southern fried chicken pieces and salad.

Drinks - tea and water.
Day 7

One whole week of cc and not cheated once!! Have stayed within 1200 calories and 'ran' 3 x times!! Weigh day tomorrow but to be honest I feel better when I know I've been 'good' despite what the scales may tell me.

Breakfast - wholemeal toast with peanut butter.

Lunch - nothing (had to watch rest of family munch on a mcdonalds )

Dinner - southern fried chicken, new potatoes & salad

Water and numerous cups of tea whilst visiting family !!!!

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