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Jans new diary

Hi there everyone,

just swapped over from LT, lost 17lb in 3 weeks but struggled with the lack of variety, I read loads of posts here and decided to try Exante (the fact its cheaper is a bonus) It arrived today yayyyyy! I used last of LT shakes with a very small eve meal, chicken and tomatoe or salmon & salad since Monday,now not sure whether to carry on with 2 and a meal or go back to 3 soups/shakes/bars. Has anybody had any success swapping over and having a sml meal? (I think its the WS plan :confused:)

Well heres hoping to lose more than when on LT, although a loss is a loss, just seems so small a loss when your not eating. Also I didnt get any info with the packs, I know its online but don't you normally get written info with these types of things.

Well, will keep reading and writing and hopefully losing :D

Thanks for reading
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Hi Jan,
I've only just started too (coming to end of day three, woohoo!) and I didn't get any info either. I emailed exante and they said they had just changed format of info and were getting new ones next monday. They said they'd send it to me so might be worth you contacting them direct too just in case?
17lbs is a great loss though, well done.:) Good luck with the switch.
Thanks Peeps,

I tried a banana shake for breakfast - luvin it! bar for lunch, choc orange - luvin it. So far i'm glad I changed over, got soup tonight tho so may change my mind lol the LT soup was worse than minging.

Well done on your WL Julie, I hope I can get to those loss figures, and good luck Forty for your WI, what day do you weigh?
good luck with the soup. i cant stomach them they are so vile but i like all the other products. i weigh in on wednesdays. just getting small losses. 3lbs off this week but almost at goal so cant expect big losses :)
3lbs is fantastic, thats what I lost this week, was a bit disappointed TBH was only 3rd week thought it would be nearer the 5, but a loss is a loss I guess. I think I may go back to TFR today, have been having sml protein meal past 3 days but scared I wont lose if I keep that up-silly know but i dont think i've conquered my food issues enough yet lol
well done on the weight loss :) yep I'm aiming for xmas for my AAM week too. I think it works out right anyway as pretty sure that will be my fifth week. Been dreaming about all the possible meals I could have today!
Soups definitely getting more maneageable and so far the veggie one seems to be favourite meal of everything...no scum on top!! WI day monday...getting a bit excited :)
Sometimes I think i'd prefer one of them pills the astronauts used to have lol wouldnt have to worry then eh? I suppose this is a little like that.
Will keep my fingers crossed for good WI for you SSP, 1st week is usually good. I've got 3 meals out over xmas & 1 party, so far have chosen mostly highish protein meals, its the booze i gotta watch, a bit of a lush on the quiet :0)
I was counting on it lol cheaper : ) I will be driving on 1 occasion and intend to drink vodka, lime and soda in a large glass with loads of ice Mmmmmm on the other occasions, think I miss alcohol more than food, thats a bit worrying isn't?
i also miss the alcohol and prefer it to food :D
i will be drinking tomorrow night. every friday is my drink night. i always say will only have a couple of rum and cokes but generaly end up having half a bottle or more! eek ;)
Ahh common theme here lol maybe we should be on the AA forum. I used to drink pints of cider so now with changing to vodka it should save me some calories. of course you eat more when drunk, and as for the hangover food, well theres a whole new thread!

Feeling quite ok with the thought of soup for tea, seeing as i've eaten this week, just about to make it now, sooo watch this space lol
Ha ha, it tastes a bit like one we used to get from the machine at an all night garage many, many, many years ago, sort of brings back memories lol have you ever tried the LT soup?
Well strawberry shake for breakfast, mm not sure theres any strawberry flavour in it!!! was creamy tho, just like drinking a glass of full fat milk

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