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TS AAM Jay's Diary

Well my pack has finally arrived and I'm looking to start Exante Total Solution in the morning.

I started lowering my calorie intake on Monday in preparation and monitored my carbs intake. I think I'm starting to go into ketosis as I've had a headachy feeling today and as my wife so kindly put it 'my breath is minging' and there is a metallic taste in my mouth.

All the things I've read so far will help me on my way and I'm hoping for some great results which I will share through this diary. I will also post any failings, ramblings and pleas for help and use it as a means to record my water intake so apologies in advance for that.

Catch you all tomorrow!
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Day One - 0900

Found it hard to drag myself from my pit this morning, I think it's a combination of the late nights over Christmas and the fact it's dark and the weather is rubbish.

When I did get up I was surprised that I wasn't feeling hungry following my last two days of calorie and carb reduction although within half an hour there was a grumbling going on. During the night it clicked with me how I was going to manage to blend my shakes and soups during my day at work and the answer was quite simple, a shake in the morning, bar whilst at work and a soup when at home in the evening.

I should point out that last night I sat down and seperated all the packs into 'lucky bags' all containing 1 x soup, 1 x shake and 1 x bar. I saw somebody's post yesterday saying they had done it and as the saying goes 'Monkey See, Monkey Do'.

With all that in mind I pulled a lucky bag from the box to find that my shake of choice was Banana, I was a bit apprehensive after hearing people say it wasn't up to much but I found it to be nice and creamy and filling, I followed this up with a pint of water.

In work at the moment and having first cup of tea (black, no sugar) and another pint of water and whilst my head is a bit 'foggy' I'm feeling grand.

(Water 2 pints, tea 1 mug)
Day One - 12:30

This morning has been good, generally haven't felt hungry until 12:30 when the all to familiar grumbling started but I must say that this was very much under stated in comparison to earlier on in the week during my 'preparation phase'.

I decided to have my nutrition bar (toffee, nut and raisin) followed by a nice cuppa and a pint of water at this point. The bar itself was delicious and whilst I am a little apprehensive as to whether it'll see me through to tonight it was quite filling.

Saying that if any hunger pangs hit mid afternoon these will be dealt with by drinking tea (countries have gone to war for less) and water, which seem to be helping.

Fluid Intake - Total so far
Water - 3 pints (1.5l)
Tea - 3 mugs (500ml)
the lucky bag idea is a fab one...i might also steal that!!

glad to hear your getting thru day one easily so far....x
Thanks baby....I'm well pleased that today is going good. I adopted the 'prepare for the worst and hope for the best' stance and it's working.
Day One - 20:00

Just finished my 3rd meal of the day in the form of a vegetable soup which was very nice, I did add a sprinkle of salt and a few sprinkles of chilli powder as I'd read that it was bland but I think I could've down without either as it's taste was comparable with Batchelors Cup-a-soup, in my opinion.

I was concerned earlier that following my bar for lunch I wasn't going to make it until I had my soup and certainly as I was making my way home from work I began starting to feel hungry and when I got into the house I instinctively thought about grabbing a biscuit or the like but was able to move past it, I think it was more out o1f habit than anything else and I'm glad to have been able to resist as in the past I wouldn't have.

As is the saying on this site 'Onwards and Downwards'!

Fluid Intake - Total so far
Water - 5 pints (2.5l)
Tea - 5 mugs (1.25l)
Day two - 0900

A honk for yesterday for me!

Had a better nights sleep last night after tossing and turning a lot the previous night and managed to get up on time and make the early train.

Woke up with a feeling of emptiness in my stomach this morning but this didn't translate to hunger or if it did it was so minute that it didn't register on the radar, I'm feeling pretty pleased with this as, before I started, I was concerned that there would be the eternal screamin from food from my brain and stomach which simply isn't the case (well not yet anyway).

I had a chocolate shake for breakfast mixed with 250ml of water and that went down without any issues, in fact it was very nice. Followed that up with a pint of the old clear liquid (not to be confused with yellow liquid.....ever).

Feeling really on top of things at the moment and hoping that it continues!

Fluid Intake - Total so far
Water - 2 pints (1l)
Tea - 1 mugs (250l)


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Good job so far, Jay!
Day two - 1300

Just finished my Chocolate Orange and whilst it tasted OK it did get quite sickly towards the end, I might have to break this into 2 going forward.

In general I've been having the odd gurgle in my stomach which I've always related to hunger in the past but now those feelings aren't there. I do have the odd flash of 'Oh I could kill a mars bar right now or a Dominos pizza would go down a treat' but that's it done and they only exist as thoughts.

Fluid Intake - Total so far
Water - 5 pints (2.5l)
Tea - 5 mugs (1.25l)
Fluid Intake - Total so far
Water - 5 pints (2.5l)
Tea - 4 mugs (1.l) __________________


Wants to be thin!
Well done Jay! Sounds like your in the Zone so to speak. I restarted today after a massive 2 week Xmas munch so all positive at the moment, just dreading the next couple of days until i hit the K Zone ha ha. Today i have had a strawberry shake and will be having the veg soup for lunch. Bar for Dinner this evening - not sure which one yet though.
Thanks you all for you're words of support.
Day Two - 2000

Just finished by Thai flavoured soup and I'm now polishing off a cold pint of water. The thai soup was quite nice and not unpleasant at all, it does leave a bit of a tingle on the lips but it isn't too hot to handle!

Today has been a bit harder than yesterday and I've had more rumblings than I did yesterday, on the train coming home in particular which wasn't helped by two guys coming on with a tray of chips and gravy each. All good though, got home and had a cuppa and put the kids to bed after which I tucked into the soup.

Full on honk for today and it feels good. Weigh-in is on Mondays so really looking forward to my first one and hoping for weight loss of any description. I see others posting about 10lb+ weight loss but I'm not letter myself think about numbers like that just yet.

Fluid Intake - Total so far
Water - 7 pints (3.5l)
Tea - 6 mugs (1.75l)
Very wise to not be influenced by others weight loss Jay. Thats the road to disappointment if you dont get quite such a good loss. For what its worth bte my first week on a vlcd was 5.8lbs. Nowhere near the 10lb mark but the way I see it is that it means I wasnt carrying as much glycogen as other people.
Very wise to not be influenced by others weight loss Jay. Thats the road to disappointment if you dont get quite such a good loss. For what its worth bte my first week on a vlcd was 5.8lbs. Nowhere near the 10lb mark but the way I see it is that it means I wasnt carrying as much glycogen as other people.
I completely agree. The issue with disappointment, well certainly has been for me in the past, is that it can lead to binge eating to 'help me feel better' and then the cycle starts again. How often have we said to the other half 'I've had a sh1t day in work how do you fancy a <add favourite takeaway here>'.

I'm not going to allow myself to be disappointed by accepting that any weight loss is good, because it is, any reduction in BMI is good, because it is.
Day Three in the Big Blubber house. 1100am

A bit late posting my early morning ramblings as it's been a busy one. My lucky bag presented me with the strawberry shake this morning and I was dreading it, I don't like strawberries. Regardless I set about making it and was surprised that when I tasted it I quite enjoyed it. Yes it tasted of Strawberry and yes it was nice and creamy, I've decided that perhaps its the texture of strawberries I dont like rather than the taste. Followed up with a pint of water.

Slept well last night and although getting me out of bed was akin to the rising of the Mary Rose once I was up I felt good and my wife commented on how perky I seemed, could it be that I've hit the K zone.

Mentally I feel 100% prepared to take on any cravings if and when they come although, so far, they seem to have given me a miss. I'm not saying that I don't think about food at all, just now when making a cuppa in the works kitchen I thought 'a Mars bar would go nice with this' but as quickly as it entered my head it was dismissed.

Fluid Intake - total so far
Water - 2 pints (1L)
Tea - 1 mug (250ml)
Day 3 - 2000

I've been a bit slack in posting today, it's been a busy day in work and I've not had the opportunity until. I had the chocolate, nut and raisin bar for lunch which held no secrets and I've just had the mushroom soup which wasn't too bad although I did add a few shakes of chilli powder and some salt.

The biggest surprise today that come half past one which is when I had my bar I wasn't feeling hungry whereas on the past two days by 12 o'clock my stomach was grumbling like my father in a queue at Tescos. By 7pm this evening though I was starting to feel hungry and made myself a cuppa to deal with it, I do wish my wife would move the biscuit barrell away from the kettle as whilst I didn't have any there was the thought of how nice a couple would be with the cuppa. Glad to say I resisted but I'd be lying if I said I didnt fancy a couple.

Friday night is normally takeaway night in our house and thoughts did stray earlier towards that, more on the train on the way home than anywhere else and the Rugby is on tonight which would usually call for a couple (6-8) pints of lager but I'm giving that a miss for a good while.

The two things that have surprised me most so far is my willpower, I didn't think I had any, and how much food or more specifically the thought of food has dominated my life so far. I've always been a big guy and I've probably put a stone on each year for the past 3yrs and whilst I have attempted to sort this out in the past I've always failed but this time I have genuine belief that I can do this. I know it's easy to say this sat on Day 3 and I am potentially setting myself up for a big fall but the scales of truth will be my judge.

Well it's a day closer to weigh in on Monday and I've resisted the peek so far and I am looking forward to it.

One concern I have is with the amount of liquid I'm drinking over the course of a day which has been up at around 5 litres or so a day. The guidelines state 2-4 and I'm a worried that drinking over this may jeopardise any weightloss attempts, has anyone experienced this? I'm aware that drinking large amounts of fluid is dangerous but this is normally where it is consumed in a short space of time, I tend to drink mine between the hours of 0630 and 2200 so I'm not overly concerned with that aspect.



Fluid intake - Total so far
Water - 6 pints (3L)
Tea - 5 mugs (2.5L)

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