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Jeggings - a blessing or a curse??


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Having worn lovely stretchy leggings regularly for the last couple of years I always had the threat of getting into my jeans to keep a check on my expanding girth. Now they've produced jeggings (jeans crossed with leggings if you haven't discovered them yet) and I never have to get back into my jeans again. Plus is comfort, minus is that they don't tell me if I've put on weight.

So what do you think - are jeggings a blessing or a curse? (Needless to say, I still own some :doh: )
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Theyre a curse. I try not to own any trousers that dont allow me to see how much weight I have lost/gained. So if my jeans are getting tight again I know i should be pushing extra hard on the exercise. I have recently discovered wearing Leggings with no skirt or somthing on and just a longer top or jumper. I do however only own 1 pair of leggings.


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I dream of the day I can wear jeggings or leggings - with knee boots that fit my calfs, and not look like a blob. One day...:):):)


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Lol thats a good point!!! I bought my first pair of leggings this year from I was about 10 lol, perhaps I will 'graduate' to jeggings soon. I am not exactly the most fashionable lol.
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Total comfort but require a long top to cover bum and tops of my fat legs then need to counter balance my shape with an ugg style boot to make lower leg more shaped. But I love them and hate them at the same time as stated earlier you dont know if you are gaining weight.

I dream of the day I can wear jeggings or leggings - with knee boots that fit my calfs, and not look like a blob. One day...:):):)
Give yourself a break honey. I am around 320Ibs. I own about 4 pairs of leggings and one pair of jeggings [admittedly a habit I'm trying to get out of as it makes me lazy about dressing in proper jeans/trousers] and I wear them with knee boots or killer heels.

If I can you can ;). Don't beat yourself up ... there's plenty of folk who don't know you, who will.


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Love them..Comfort is soooo important and you can dress them up and dress them down. If you've put weight on, you know you have any way, so makes no difference if wearing jeggins or jeans!


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