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Jelly fab, does it count as a drink???


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Made a jelly last night and OMG it is fantastic! :drool: Bought some Super Cook geletine from Sainsburys 17p a pack!!! been reduced don't know if that's all stores or my local one, theres plenty date on it so got 2 packs-bargain!
Anyway, bak to the point, is this classed as a drink? I used a full spoon of flavouring so can't have anymore of that today in my water, but as I was eating some jelly I got confused as to if it was counted as a drink or not. xx
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Wow bargain, 17p is great!

With regard to the question, I don't know but I have actually wondered this myself but never got around to asking!

Are you only allowed 1 spoonful of flavouring per day then? I admit I have been putting 1 tsp into a 2 litre bottle and having 2x 2 litre bottles per day. :confused:



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I believe it's 1 teaspoon a day x


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the official CD guideline is to allow one teaspoon per day... however, when CD first did the flavouring there was no limit to the amount u can have.
basically they introduced the guidelines i believe because some ppl are more sensitive to the slight carbs than other people are.
i cant have some of the bars because they knock me out of ketosis but i have had 4 teaspoons of water flavouring in a day with no ill effect whatsoever and had a good weight loss that week so didnt affect weight loss either.
trial and error on this im afraid. the only way to know if u r sensitive to the drinks is to try more and check ur keytone level before and after.


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sounds fab, which flavour did you use and how much gelatine do you use to make it?

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