Jelly Jelly yum-yum!


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To whoever it was who gave me the recipe for jelly (water, flavouring & a scoop of mix-a-mousse) THANK YOU!! :D

It's absolutely yummy and one 400ml bowl last me a couple of days. Funny, before the diet I'd have scoffed the lot without stopping!

As an extra treat, I make up a tiny bit of chocolate sauce with 1tsp of shake and a little water: I don't think that compromises my diet at all. It just makes it that extra bit special.

All in all ... 10/10 :D

Debbie x
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How about making the jelly and :) :) with 1/2 pack of choclate made into a mousse then its like having chocky angel delight with jelly xx


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Yeah, can you tell me too please, mine is always a failure. Bubbles on top and jelly like underneath.:eek:


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1/2 litre water
food colouring (optional)
1 1/2 scoops mix a mousse
1 teaspoon flavouring

Put everything in blender and mix.
Pour in bowl or ramakins, then into fridge.

Like meringue on top, jelly underneath



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Should the water be hot or cold?