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Jemmas weight loss diary

Iv decided to starts diary after 2 weeks on ww. Iv lost 10 and a half pounds so Far in 2 weeks which I'm realy happy with!! please feel free to tell me if I am pointing anything wrong!!!

Bran flakes 2pp
Semi skimmed milk 1pp
Banana 0pp

Wrap 3pm
Ham 2pp
Salad 0pp
Extra light Mayo 1pp
Strawberries 0pp
Grapes 0pp

WW cottage pie 5pp
Carrots 0pp
Peas 2pp
Sugar free jelly 0pp
Weight watchers cream 2 pp

2 oatcakes 2pp
Philadelphia with chives 1pm

Had an early dinner as I'm going out.... But am going to drive n have diet coke.....how good am I!!!!
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Well done on your weight loss, you're doing great


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Wow Jemma well done on your great weight loss.Keep up the good work. ;)
Bran flakes 3pp
Semi milk 1pp

This was soo hard I was on a course today With work and they did a Buffet with lots of yummy food!!! But I was good and had a ham sandwich and salad hope iv pointed it right....
Brown bread 4pp
Butter 1pp
Ham 1pp
Salad 0pp

WW chicken and pasta bake 6pp
WW garlic bread 5pp
Banana 0pp

Ainsley harriot cupa soup 2pp
Melba toast 2pp
Strawberries 0pp
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Porridge with skimmed milk 4pp

WW soup 2pp
Melba toast 1pp

Going to a BBQ so going to try and b good.... But I think the vodka might take over lol!!
Hi sweetie :) here to follow ur diary xx
Was Soo not good at the BBQ last night!!! Here's what I think I ate but was maybe a lot more.....
Burger in a bun with fried onions(omg!!!)
2 sausages without the buns
A tiny bowl if chicken curry with rice
A couple of prawn skewer thingys
And I think I may of had another sausage!!!
Waay way to much vodka and shots!!!!
No idea how many points all that was but I think it's safe to say my weeklies have gone lol! I'd only had 7 points so far In the day before I went. Feel realy disappointed with myself I wanted to b realy good but it all went wrong!!!
Dont panic about it. Just make sure to get on track today and not give in to hangoverfood!!!!!!!!!.

You have been doing excellent all week .one bad day doesnt make a bad week.
None had a lie in : )

Cupa soup 1pp
Melba toast 1pp
Ham 2pp
Salad 0pp
Extra light Mayo 2pp

Salmon 6pp
Veg 0pp
Potatoes 4pp
Sugar free jelly 0pp
Sounds good! I don't think all ur weeklies will be gone tho :) depends how much vodka tho lol xx
Glad u enjoyed it :) x
ur doing great hun can i ask how the extra light is worked out pls and i like ur booze night sounds good 2 me hahaha x

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