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Jenna's 2013, back on track and getting to goal diary.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Jenna88, 6 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Hey guys,
    I'm Jenna, 24 and from Northern Ire.
    Decided I needed a fresh start as I've been having a particularly hard time staying on plan since Christmas. It is my intention to get back on it properly from tomorrow morning, Monday 7th January.
    My story so far....

    I started SW on March 5th 2012, I joined online for 3 months and initially weighed in at 12 and a half stone. I've always been ''the fat one'' and ''the funny one'' and tried to tell myself I was ok with it and was built that way. It wasn't until a friend uploaded pics of a night out on facebook that I realised how big I'd become. I've been following Green and EE since starting and have loved them both, I tend to do more Green days now.

    I haven't (until recently) found SW hard and have enjoyed the weightloss process, I weighed in yesterday and was 8st 9.5lbs which I NEVER thought I'd get to as my initial goal was 10st...it's funny how you can be unhappy at a weight you never even thought was achievable lol! I think I thought losing weight would fix all my problems which obviously it hasn't and I don't know if that's why I'm struggling recently as I'm still unhappy with various things (God, you guys know more about me than my family and friends lol)

    I'm planning on getting back on track tomorrow morning, I also start a new job tomorrow which is stressing the life out of me already so I'm 'treating' myself to a takeaway tonight.

    I really want to get to goal but think I could be happy even if I was back down to 8st 7.5 which has been my lowest weight so far.

    Hoping to keep it positive this time and not worry about when things may go wrong, I need to focus on getting back on it and doing my best.

    Me at 12st 7lbs NYE 2011/2012
    me BIG.jpg
    Me 8st 10lbs NYE 2012/2013
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  3. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Full Member

    Hi Jenna, just popping in to subscribe to your new diary! Good luck
  4. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    Hi Jenna Happy New Diary and Good Luck x
    I'm looking forward to more of this.....Hoping to keep it positive this time and not worry about when things may go wrong, .....but don't make that something for you to stress about either as we all feel crappy sometimes x Big hugs x
    P.s I still think you look great even in last years pic but you do look stunning in this years and that inspires someone like me who never thought they would possibly be an 18 let alone a 14 wonder if they could get even a little bit smaller (unfortunately I can't get younger again though!
    Jenna88 likes this.
  5. lotty28

    lotty28 Silver Member

    Hey. Popping to subscribe too x
  6. kim63

    kim63 Gold Member

    Haha! Im having my last naughty day today as well, as had a week of it tutut! This will be our year Jenna & have a pop over to the 8's thread to see my post about our aims/goals this year.
    P.S You looked stunning last year, but like me prefer the slimmer version of oneself lol! x
  7. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Thanks for the support ladies :D Means alot!
    I'm hoping getting back in to routine will help things as I think it's being off everyday is giving me time to think about naughtiness and hopefully running round after the kiddies (Ages 5 and 6) will give me a teeny bit of exercise...every little helps.
    Tomorrow is planned, and I know I shouldn't but I am going to try and have a lower syn week to make up for naughtiness.

    Monday 7th January 2013-The plan.
    EE day

    Shreddies, banana and milk (A and B)


    Fruit salad (frozen fruit from tesco and some fresh pineapple and apple)

    Baked potato, spaghetti hoops and veg.

    If I'm hungry I'm hoping to snack on pineapple or apples.
  8. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Hello my little chickadee - Stressing is not good - have your treat tonight and back on plan tomorrow. I know you can do it and everyone on minis will be your support. Chin up hunni x
  9. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    I agree a treat night tonight is a good idea, get it out of your system, also you deserve to celebrate your new job :) good luck tomorrow.

    You look stunning in both your pics btw, especially this years.. You've done so well try and remember that when you start being too hard on yourself.

    One thing I would say is although I sometimes have low syn days after some naughty days, if you do feel like having something have it and don't beat yourself up, sometimes making ourselves feel deprived can just make us eat more rubbish
  10. debtin

    debtin Gold Member

    Hey Jenna, although I knew your story, reading your story is great. I agree you look fab in both photos but its how we feel within ourselves. Still jealous of your pins. Don't stress too much about your first day at new job, its never as bad as you think. Look forward to reading up your diary. Good luck for tom x
  11. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Hi Jenna,

    Just wanted to say although im not a SW girl just yet (intend to once I finish lipotrim) when I started the whole losing weight process I found yout 2012 food diary and read that for inspiration and honeset you probs dont realise but you truly inspired me to lose weight. I know from reading your 2012 diary you can be quite hard on yourself!! you look abolutley fab.i got to 8st 6 just before Christmas but than had amassive binge and pu some weight on. Its funny about target weights and trying to lose that last bit is hard, i know at the end of the day you need to get to a trget weight that you are happy with, i would love to be 8st 3lbs but have changed my target to 8st 7 as i cant bear the thught of having to lose another stone so thought i will try nad get t 8st 7. but, i do wrry sometimes that i am getting a bi obsessive and trying to go to low which is just as bad as being overweight so just wantedto say, you look beautiful and slim, just dont look skinny! i look healthy at 9 st 2 and i looked slim at 8st 6 so would love to get back to looking slim. id say i was a size 8 - 10 then. at the end of the da, do whats right for you, best wishes and look forward to joining the SW forums when i get to goal to maintain.

  12. gingercake

    gingercake Full Member

    Good luck Jenna, your original start weight is the same as mine now so I will definitely be following your progress!
    You look amazing, a true I inspiration! Well done on your journey so far.
  13. CiaraDaisy

    CiaraDaisy Silver Member

    Good luck Jenna, good idea with a new diary for a fresh start. I'm with you there, Monday 7th January were back on it!

    Also noticed you started slimming world on my birthday :)
  14. lotty28

    lotty28 Silver Member

  15. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    hiya here to follow your new diary x
  16. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Hey guys, complete detour from planned day but still on plan-green day.

    Carrot sticks (felt q sick)

    Fruit salad

    3 apples

    Passata pasta bake (a of cheese) and lots of veg.

    2 x hifi bars- b1
    Toast and cheese for a2 and b 2
    3 x choc biccies-12 syns

    Edit: Hadn't intended on any syns today but I'm trying to see it as a lifestyle change so have had 2 choc biccies.
    Last edited: 7 January 2013
  17. gingaling

    gingaling Gold Member

    Hi Jenna..here to subscribe to the new diary....
    how did the new job go?!
  18. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Hey, thanks :)

    It wasn't awful but I literally fought back tears most of the day as I just don't feel I should be there. It didn't help that mum text me at lunchtime asking was I ok as i had a major gurning fit this morning...Had myself calmed down then read that and was ready to cry again fs! I'm insane.
    I'm really worried incase I'm just lazy rather than unhappy, I do want to work as q frankly I'd be bored all day if I didn't (unless others were off too) and I'd have no money, I've just no clue what to do. Dreading tomorrow already, thinking ill do the month I've been promised then sack it off.
    I've applied for a nanny post, I've no experience looking after children in their own homes but I think it would be something much more enjoyable as there wouldn't/shouldn't be as much pressure as ensuring 29 kids of different abilities know how to read and add (then again I've never done it so don't know). Chances of me getting it are slim to anorexic but I'm glad I've at least tried applying for something else...gives me some hope.
    Bet you wish you hadn't asked now haha x
  19. gingaling

    gingaling Gold Member

    Aw Hun. Did your old job end which meant you had to apply for this one or did you not enjoy the old one too?
    Are you a teacher/teaching assistant? Can't imagine how stressful 29kids must be in one go. The nanny job sounds more fun and manageable...so it's good you're looking at other things in a similar field. You have to start somewhere, so even if you don't have experience as a nanny now, you've clearly got loads working with kids which is a lot more than most people have so your chances can't be that slim! Really hope that tomorrow goes better!!! :p
    And you've stuck to plan amazingly so that's a positive from today!!!
  20. CiaraDaisy

    CiaraDaisy Silver Member

    Hey Jenna I hope you're alright. If you're that stressed about it maybe you should try something else for a while, you're working life shouldn't make you so anxious. It's hard too when you do short amounts of time you don't get to really get stuck into it. I often doubt teaching, it's so much work. I love the children but I don't know if I'm up to it sometimes. I know I won't do it forever anyway. Like you though I don't know what I would want to do.

    Hope tomorrow is better and everyday gets better xx
  21. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Thanks chick. I've never actually had a full time permanent teaching position as the job situation in Northern Ireland is grim, literally graduated with the highest grade you can get and no reward for the 4 years of hardwork.

    I'm currently covering a sickness and have previously had maternity leaves/long term illness cover. I don't know whether its just the uncertainty and feeling that because its not 'your job' forever that has me constantly on edge as I don't want to do a $hit job for the woman who is off. I am ridiculously scared of failure and letting people down.

    I definitely think I need out as I'm pretty sure I shouldn't get myself soo worked up about going to work each day...it's like watching a p1 child on their first day lol screaming, crying the works!

    Thanks for being so positive and encouraging, it may sound silly but it really means alot as this is one area of my life I can't properly talk to anyone about. Obv my mum has witnessed my insane breakdowns but she doesn't seem to be able to listen to/understand my fear/frustration!

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