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**Jessica Rabbit's Diary - Im moving over to maintenance***

Monday 4th May 2009
DAY 87 of SSing
Goal weight 9st 7lbs
WEIGHT = 12st 1.8lbs
WEIGHT to GOAL = 36.8lbs
MOOD = Positive

Have had a good day today – set up my diary as a positive step to getting to goal. Have had the weekend off for my wedding anniversary and a night away so now its back down to business and getting the rest of this weight off forever !!!!!

Probably will bore the pants off everyone but will hopefully make me more accountable for what I do each day and its something I haven’t done before so will help me on my way to this being the time I get to GOAL!!!!

Have been up to my eyes in washing and sorting ready for ironing and Sainsbury’s delivered the shopping.

Just got back from bowling with the family. Had a fab time as I was beating HB for the first 7 rounds but didn’t manage a strike and he did so he blinkin beat me – never mind!
Whole place was packed and the smell of fast food was overwhelming – but do you know what I didn’t fancy any of it which is a great thing!

I have surprisingly not felt hungry at all today whether its the remnants from the weekend still in my system I don’t know, but fingers crossed I will get into fat burning again without much pain!!!!!

I’m going to chart my weight in my diary every day too partly to keep me on track and also hopefully to help the people who have questions about daily weighing and fluctuations.

May be back around later with another instalment but will probably be getting everything ready for tomorrow.
Mini goals
Tummy tuck weight 12.0 Wedding weight 11.5
In 10stone range 10.13 Millennium weight 10.8
Julies wedding 10.3 Healthy weight range 10.1
In the 9stone range 9.13 AT GOAL 9.7
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All the best with the rest of your journey! Am replying so I'm subscribed and can keep an eye on you :) xxx


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This is brill, Jess! You don't have long to go! x


Stubborn tortoise
Go for it Jess! You've done brilliantly so far and you are gonna get to goal... the diary is a great idea, and as Sarette says, I am posting so I am subscribed & can follow your success. Yay, Miss Rabbit!!!

Go for it Jess! You've done brilliantly so far and you are gonna get to goal... the diary is a great idea, and as Sarette says, I am posting so I am subscribed & can follow your success. Yay, Miss Rabbit!!!

Im following yours too you inspired me to do one with yours we will definitely be keeping an eye on each other I want that 2.4lbs off by the end of this week Missy!!! xxx
Day 87 - update........
Have now had my 3 shakes and 2.5L of water and feel okay. lets hope it stays like this!

Have decided to change my weigh day to a Monday starting today so it keeps me on track for the weekend as up until now unless I was on the hour by hour thread it was a licence to nibble a bit over the weekend knowing I could probably get it off for the Friday weigh in so NO MORE!!!

The other thing that gave me a kick up the ar*e to get this last bit off was on April 18th it was my nephews party and my mums HB was taking pics. Now on that day I was feeling very slim and the photos have come back saying something different!

Now dont get me wrong I definitely look so much better than I did at 3 and a half stone heavier but it was the wake up call to say Ive got a long way to go yet so get on with it and stop nibbling!!!!

picture that spurred me on x
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Jess, Hon,
Im loving your diary entry!!!! and im so pleased you had a fab weekend away.. am a tad jealous had a hard few days with the kids and DH working.. lol
You will be at goal before you know it hon, and Im so there with you...
Keep smiling and keep up the fab work...... your doing great xxx
hey curly we had good time but realised the last time we went away overnight together was April 08!!! and that was for a wedding so wasnt what I would call exactly quality time on our own - well it was as grown ups but not private time.

I normally spend all weekend on my own with kids and HB working in the gardening season anyway (APR-NOV) and I know EXACTLY how you feel and especially when the kids keep saying they miss Daddy I could happily swing for them but hey ho! thats why Im around on here alot over the weekends cos theres only so much kids talk I can take - love them dearly but need adult conversation every now and again!

Sending you lots of positive vibes chick cos I know your hormones are being naughty at the moment I remeber mine the week before last xxx
TUESDAY 5TH MAY 09 DAY 88 of SSing

TUESday 5th May 2009 DAY 88 of SSing Goal 9st 7lbs
118 days till goal date (30th AUG 2009)
WEIGHT = 12st 1.4 lbs CHANGE = - 0.4lbs WEIGHT to GOAL = 36.4lbs
MOOD = happy:D
Have gone down by 0.4lbs this morning after getting back on the wagon yesterday from my weekend off so pleased about that.
I’m surprised at how easy it was yesterday, but it may be because I have been ssing for so long my body has become used to it, but also I think that subconsciously I have decided that this is the LAST time I am doing this drastic diet that I know I had to get back on track and I had decided I was going to eat rather than it being me reacting to something and losing my control. Plus I mainly had high protein so I think that my body wasn’t screaming out for carbs so that made it easier.

Im in work today catching up on all the paperwork from the busy day I had on Friday so thats a good thing to keep me on track. Should be able to get my water down me also. Am going to pop in on my CDC aswell and pick up my supplies of tetras.

Will be back later with an update

Mini goals
Tummy tuck weight 12.0 Wedding weight 11.5
In 10 stone range 10.13 Millennium weight 10.8
Julies wedding 10.3 Healthy wt range 10.1
In the 9 stone range 9.13 AT GOAL 9.7


Stubborn tortoise
Have a fab day. Can I ask what scales you have, they seem pretty accurate? (she says with envy!!!)

just read your post on hour by hour - feel for you so much .

They are salter ones I bought from boots with a glass plate to stand on and digital. I think I paid about £20 for them as my eyes are crap and I can never tell if the dial has moved or not on normal scales so invested in some digital ones instead.

Also I feel it boosts the mind even if I have only lost 0.1lb then its still going in the right direction and no room for tampering fingers from kids or HB's !!!!! xxx


Stubborn tortoise
Thanks, exactly what I need & good price. Scales we have are rubbish, passed on by a dieting pal a few years ago, as they weren't accurate enough! I like the idea of digi. And OH won't be able to fiddle with them!!!

Day 88 update...........

Well folks Im back - water intake has been minimal:( - well had 1.5L so will have to force another 500ml down me, just having last shake as Im on here before I go and get madam from brownies.

Have been 100% today but had a major boost after I had done my diary entry. :D :D without a TMI moment I needed the loo and then hopped back on the scales and had lost another 0.6lbs so it was 1lb since yesterday, but wont alter the diary entry from this morning and it should be loads more tomorrow- YIPPEE!!:):)

Went at lunch to get my supplies and my CDC weighed me and I had gained 1lb since last Tuesday, but that was ok considering what I had eaten at the weekend and am now back on track.

Saw my best friend there also who had a meal out on the weekend and she is getting back into ketosis but I feel for her as she is feeling hungry and got a headache.

I have felt relatively ok again today no side effects of getting back into ketosis which is a good thing:D - havent got any ketostix so have no idea whether I am or not but as long as the scales are moving down Im not too bothered.

I have just read a post about people doing exercise on this diet - I honestly have absolutely no idea how they are managing it.:eek::eek: I mean dont get me wrong I hate exercise at the best of times but doing it on this diet would be near on impossible.

When Im in work I sometimes forget about the diet and when I am putting my scales away and stand up from leaning over to get them I feel dizzy and have to take a minute out - so how on earth people are doing an exercise class is beyond me and I take my hat off to them!

I have 2 weeks worth of ironing to look forward to tonight:mad: but will be able to watch my programmes while I do it and HB at work so I can do it in peace and quiet.

Katy did you get any scales after the fiasco this morning ?;)


Stubborn tortoise
Jess, not yet... I will have to wait to weekend, no Boots in my local town (it's more of a big village). But on Sat or Sun I am hopefully off to Glasgow and will get the scales. Like you, I would find those fractions of a lb motivating! OH still doesn't get why I was upset... thought he was doing me a favour!

I am getting scared as head off to work away this time next week, will be abroad for almost 3 weeks. I am taking laptop & will check in as much as poss, but obviously following the plans will be a challenge ad I don't want to undo the hard work. This why I had so hoped to be at target by now... and further up the plans. I am not allowed to bring CD into one of the places I will be going.

Anyway... I will have minis, and you guys, and that will keep me going!

Hugs Jess,


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Your doing really well Jess, and I'm enjoying reading your posts.
I've joined a gym recently, but I did stress to them all about my diet first. They were really helpful (I was surprised as most of these gym bods have never dieted in there lives, I was waiting for them to look at me like I had two heads or something). They have given me really low impact exercises to do, although the sit ups do kill me haha
I could not go to a class though, as I know that would be pure hell and I am sure I would pass out.

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