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Jess's Diary - Weighed in a day early..


The mother flippin'
Well, I did my introduction post in the introduction section and this is where my diary will be ^_^ I'll do another quick introduction in case anyone missed it. I'm 20, my name is Jess and I'm doing an Animal Management degree. Start weight was 12st 8lb. Doing my first weigh in tomorrow (Saturday) even though it's not a full week because I want Saturday weigh-ins.

I'm going to post the two posts I've already written on my blogspot diary :)
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The mother flippin'
The beginning is nigh.

Tuesday 23rd of September = Diet Day (DDay).

I'm waiting until then because I'm going on holiday to Turkey for a week on the 15th and don't want to
a) Be on a diet while on holiday
b) Start a diet, take a break in the middle, come back to it. That will throw my mindset off.

Diet of choice = Weight Watchers.

I did weight watchers a couple of years back and lost about 10lbs in 4 weeks. I was much thinner at the time and didn't have a lot of weight to lose. In fact I stopped the diet because I thought I was looking pretty darn good. It's such a great diet; I love it! I will have to be on it much longer to reach my goal weight (9 stone 3lb) this time though, which I suppose is a good thing as it will give me more time to break my old habits and create new ones. I think I'm about 12 stone 10 though I've been avoiding the scales recently. Figure it's gonna take about 5 months to reach my goal weight.

My other half, with whom I live, will also be doing it. However, as far as I'm concerned we're not "doing it together". In the past when we've dieted together and I've given in to temptation he's blamed me for him subsequently doing so too, and vise versa.

I'm quite looking forward to beginning!


The mother flippin'
And so it begins.

Back from my holiday and started my diet today (a little later than I meant to, whoops!). When I weighed myself today I was 1.2lb less than before I went on holiday! I actually think I lost a bit more than that because I had a couple of days scoffing my face since getting back. Must have been the bloody huge hill I had to walk up and down twice a day.

Anyway, I've bought lots of low point snacks, which is probably not the best idea because I'm not retraining myself to not snack, or eat healthy snacks. I've got low point crisps and chocolate, icelollies, minimilks, splendips.. all sorts of goodies. However, if I don't let myself have that stuff I'm more likely to give up. It's the way I did it last time and it worked for me.

Feeling really hungry at the moment, first week is always the hardest then it gets much better. I'm only hungry because I'm on a diet, I've had plenty to eat today. Stupid brain! I've had some toast with jam, a yummy chicken wrap, onion ring crisps, a flake. Going to have a garlic cheese chicken with spinach purée meal tonight from my WW recipe book. It's so good I eat it when I'm not on WW!

Seeing as I've already lost a lb I'm going to do my first weigh in on Saturday as I want a weekly weigh in on Saturdays.

Oh, I'll be on 22 points on most days, except Monday and Friday when I'm at work (I'm a student and work part time) when I'll give myself 3 (can't quite bring myself to take the whole 4) as I'm constantly walking around. Those points will come in really handy as I work in McDonalds! I'm actually very good, if I have a 1/4lb I don't have fries, otherwise I get a deli (no fries) or a small cheese burger/chicken snack wrap/3 chicken selects with small fries.


The mother flippin'
Day 2 over!

Another day done :) I saved one point yesterday and have 2 points left today. OH! Just remembered I give myself extra points on work days due to all the walking. I've decided to make 2 points, even though I was going to 3 and the book says 4. That's still 2 extra points, yay! So 4 points left today, and 1 from yesterday. I'm contemplating using them for something. Glass of wine? Scoop of lowfat icecream with a drizzle of golden syrup? Packet of crisps? Chocolate bar? Choices! Or do I just save them for a more decadent treat a bit later in the week? On what other diet can you consider eating those, eh? Love weight watchers! :giggle:

Today felt easier today, maybe because I was at work and can't eat except during lunch anyway. So much temptation at college. I had a sweet chili chicken deli for lunch today. WW eating out guide says 8.5 points, my calculator says 9.5 so I'm going to call it 9. I am a bit sad that I won't be able to have my favourite as often! Chicken selects. 3 are only 5.5 but I love them with the sour cream dip which is 3! I only usually eat half of it though so I suppose I can still have it sometimes, especially with the extra points :) I'm a walking McDonalds point guide by the way, so if anyone ever needs to know :p I always check the special meals and sides, but they're always bloody awful. The special burgers are always huge (size is directionally proportional to taste it seems!). Boohoo.

I was a bit blah about doing the diet with Adam (the boyfriend) but it's actually been nice having someone to talk points with. He's been a good boy so far so he's not putting me off. Having said that, it's not fair doing it with someone who gets an extra 10 points than you! He's a snack monster :giggle: It's quite sweet; he comes home, we have a cuddle then he says "right, let's do my points" and he tells me what he's eaten during the day (he knows generally how many points he's had for breakfast and lunch etc). I add it up for him, add on dinner then tell him how many points he's got left. I don't think he could do WW without me, though he did lose a few stone on Atkins a couple of years back (and subsequently piled it all back on + some).

Breakfast: 50/50 crustless bread (thank you guys! love it!) with a thin spreading of marg and jam. Sugar free orange juice (free! :D) - 3 points

Lunch: Deli - 9

Dinner: Chili and rice - 8



The mother flippin'
Loss already, yay!

Well I went for a glass of wine. Put 4 points of wine in the glass :giggle: I fell asleep on the sofa after drinking only half though, so I still have 3 points saved, yay!

I weighed myself this morning. 12 stone 4lbs! That's 4lb since before the holiday and 3 lbs since I started. That's 3lbs after 2 days! I'm looking forward to seeing my first full week weight next Saturday.
Well done, that is brilliant!


The mother flippin'
Yeah, having a timed goal is something I've never done before. Last time I did WW I'd sometimes do days where I'd add on the 6 points for maintanence if I felt weak, but now I won't! I will save my points instead :) Want to reach my Christmas goal! Tis a very good idea.
We did them all the time on the Cambridge board, we had september challenges and big brother challenges and... you name it!
They weren't quite as organised as the one we've got going on though :p always ended up in about 5 different fonts and sizes and colours, haha.

It's like a lil project for me :p
Keeps me from dying of boredom anyway, I have until Friday before I'm back at college and I've read half my books again already.

Hi Jess and welcome. Don't worry too much about the snacking - if that's your preferred way of eating then you're better off making sure you have enough points to have snacks and building your meals around healthy 0 or low point foods to allow for that.

All diets work. The ones that work in the long run, though, are the ones we can stick to long term so, if you're a snacker, you're not making it any easier for yourself trying not to be one. There's nothing wrong with that - I snack all the time and lose weight on it. Good luck x


The mother flippin'
Nom nom

I used my saved points last night and had a meal at Café Rouge, my favourite chain restaurant. I've been having a craving for melted camembert and bread for aaages now. When I get a craving it doesn't go away until I've had it. I had it at Café Rouge, 11 points, but it's a sharer and I shared it with Adam. It was gooooood. I also had the salmon fishcakes. Yummeh! Had to be really good during the day though.

Now I really have to do this diet! Firstly, I've got my Christmas challange to get to 11 stone. Secondly, I'm about to buy a dress for a Masquerade ball on November 1st. I'm a size 14/16 but according to the measurements from the ebay seller I'm an 18. I'm going to buy a 16! :eek: It's going to cost me about £50-60 for the dress so I must must must be really good this month.

The dress! I'm so excited ^_^



The mother flippin'
Another day over

That's 5 days almost over! Been a very good girl. Adam's been really good too, I'm very proud! Someone gave him 2 packets of rich tea biscuits and a double decker today, 2 of his favourite foods, and he gave them away.

I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I can't wait for January because then I can apply for a new one. I have 5 weeks work experience coming up, plus I plan to be spending a lot of time in Worcestershire (where I come from) over Christmas so I can't really get a new job then take so much time off. One of the few good things about McDonalds is you can take pretty much any time off you want. Getting a payrise soon which is gooooood. Think my 3 month payrise will be lost amongst everyone's payrises though, cos they're both this week :(

My work trousers fit much better today. Before I went on holiday they were really tight and it was uncomfortable bending down to pick things up etc, but I was too embarrased to get new ones because I'd asked for that size. Now they fit almost perfectly. :D

I enjoyed my quarter pounder a lot today. I'd been working pretty much everyday during the summer holidays and had McDonalds so often I was so sick of it. Now it's just twice a week and I'm at that stage of dieting where I'm completely obsessed with food. Nom nom nom.

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