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jjb fitness

hi, was wondering if any1 has tried the jjb fitness gym in belfast? or any of the other jjb gyms. I went for the show around and its looks lovely, but i know nothing about gyms and just like the prettiness lol i'd like some info beore i sign up. thanx xxxx
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I am a member at JJB in Aberdeen, i absolutely love it. Everyone is really friendly and even when I don't fancy a workout being able to just go and relaxin the sauna is great.

It is a lot cheaper than most of the other gyms round here too which i love!
thanx :) have my appointment this afternoon. do they weigh you or anything ?
They might weigh you if you ask them to do you a program but you don't have to if you don't want to.

I found it quite interesting because they worked out all my body fat etc when I asked and also the amount of cals my body consumes while at rest, made very intersting reading!!!

Good luck
I'm a member of JJB fitness in Leigh and I love that gym, although lately I've been loving its prettiness far too much and not enough loving of its facilities.

The thing I like about it is that everyone is really friendly, they call me by my first name when I come in after swiping my card and the facilities are excellent. Gorgeous pool and tip top machines.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll love it.


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I nearly joined the one in Bristol but at the time I couldn't afford it. It was a very nice gym though and had everything there that you need. I have since moved to the opposite side of town but if I was closer to it I would definately join. Go for it
i joined today... all signed up and paid for 6 months. ppl were v.nice although i felt a bit over worked, im not fit at all and after walking 2 miles, sum trainer guy asked if i was new to the gym i said yes and he brought me over to a machine and set it for 45 minutes after about 10 minutes i was dead but he was talking to me through it.. when he said he'd be right back i waited til he'd turned his back and escaped! i like to start off slow, so tht put me off a bit. but still going bk tomorro


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That was a bit naughty of him, he should have helped ease you into it by starting you off on 10 minutes at the most. Those kind of antics can put people off going to the gym forever. Good for you for going back

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