Joanne's Diary...V.Exciting news!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Weight Loss Diaries' started by calorie crusader, 12 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. calorie crusader

    calorie crusader Gold Member

    Well just had my first weigh in since beginning ww last month and ive managed to lose 3.5lbs!!!!!! Yeyh!!!!! So pleased with myself :D

    Hope I can keep up the good work this week. So glad I found this site, its definately kept me motivated!!

    Hope you all had/are having a good week x
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  3. lippy66

    lippy66 Member

    Well done CC
    You must be really pleased with that result. WW is a great system and really works if you stay with it.
  4. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Well done. Looks like you're off to a great start :D
  5. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    fab, I am hoping for a similar loss myself on wednesday...well done!
  6. Sajane

    Sajane Member

    Well done!!

    Keep it up!
  7. sarahjb

    sarahjb Member

    Well done thats a great loss xx
  8. calorie crusader

    calorie crusader Gold Member

    Thanks all!! Just noticed that I had put " since starting ww last month" in my post, oops!! I meant last week. Silly me, must be all the excitement of first WI, ha!

  9. smilerjen

    smilerjen Has the power of the horn

    Well done!! thats brilliant!! Well done!!
  10. calorie crusader

    calorie crusader Gold Member

    Thanks v. much :D notice you had a great loss this week too so well done to you!!
  11. smilerjen

    smilerjen Has the power of the horn

    thanks you honey! I am so happy to be back on track after Xmas and New Year!! Its so bizzare, your attitude to food just changes!! lol!! I cant believe I was dead happy not to be tempted by choc anymore!! Just doesnt seem right!
  12. calorie crusader

    calorie crusader Gold Member

    I know its so strange how you can go from feeling like absolute crap on your first day back at work after the xmas hols to feeling fab after only one week, I love it!!! :D

    Although I have to admit its been pretty tough passing up on all the chocs and shortbread that are STILL circulating the staffroom. What is wrong with these people who just keep bringing more junk to work!!
  13. Loulabella

    Loulabella Gonna be skinny!

    Well done chic :)
  14. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    Well done. That is brilliant!
  15. kelly96

    kelly96 Full Member

    Well done!!!

    Got my first wi in the morning if its anywhere near yours i will be happy!!! x x
  16. saree

    saree Full Member

    Congratulations! I bet you're really pleased.
  17. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    Well done! That's great!

    A belated welcome too xx
  18. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

  19. Less Rotund One

    Less Rotund One Gold Member

    Hi CC, well done on your first week and welcome.

    another teacher? this forum is getting overrun by teachers....its a good thing though if we need help with our kids homework!
  20. Tanari

    Tanari 100% Focused

    Well done
  21. calorie crusader

    calorie crusader Gold Member

    Ha! I know us teachers are taking over the world :D:D

    Thanks everyone for ur messages of support, they are all appreciated!!! Hope everyone is having a good week and WI are going well!!


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