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Job Interview Update


I am one of the 63336
Well, I had the interview on Friday 22nd January and was told we'd find out by around Wednesday 27th January. I've JUST had an email to say I haven't got the job - but then I'd worked that one out for myself!!

I have been extremely down about it all and have eaten for England since last Thursday but I'm NOT going to let it get me down!

I've so many job applications in its untrue. 2 with local councils, 3 with the NHS, 1 with a pharmacy, a couple with other companies, 1 where I'd be trained as a funeral director and even one where I can spend my time dressing up and playing at pirates. Now, how cool would that be!!!
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
These people don't realise they're playing with peoples lives! It makes me SO cross! You wouldn't have liked it there anyway, and they don't deserve you! You'll get a much better job, you just need a nice boss to realise what a treasure you are!
good luck Sue with all your applications - one of those will be the right one for you - i believe in fate, so when you get that feeling at your interviews (of which i hope you have many!!!) you will know!

best of luck xxxx
I'm also waiting for the results of a job interview. Had my interview on 28 Jan, they told us we would hear up to 10 working days either way...its been the longest week so far, only another to go....
Not been to bad with my eating - normally when I'm stressed I tend to eat and eat...this time, I'm either too nervous or Go Lower (the diet I'm doing) has taken all the hunger pangs away. It is supposed - maybe its working? Weigh in later, so I guess I'll find out.
Good luck with your other applications. I'm sure your perfect dream job is out there, it won't be long before you find it.
Aaarrrrrhhh!!! Jim lad!!!! Forget the others! In fact just phone them up right away and say you're not interested!!! GO FOR THE PIRATE JOB!!!!!

The only job offer ANYWHERE that would beat that, is if you could go to work and pretend to be a NINJA!!!!! Or as chief taster in charge at Cadbury's (and of course, as it would be a job requirement, Slimming World would have to make it syn free!!)...

.....disappears off into her own little dream world....

P.S. Good luck with ALL your applications, no matter what the job!!!
good luck with your job search, something will come up eventually. In the past I have found it is like waiting for a bus, you wait ages for one and then 2 come along at once.

I too am looking for another job, the Dr has signed me off work for 2 weeks with stress but there doesn't seem to be much around at the moment.
Good luck hun, something will come up when you are least expecting it, its certainly not for the want of trying on your part is it. Do you fancy working from home at say childminding? Not always practicle but if it fits in etc.

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