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Jordan the workout

Can I suggest this fitness DVD for all those who are beginners in exercising like me!!
Now I'm not a fan of Katie Price but this is a great workout DVD! I used it this evening and found nearly all of it pretty managable! The instuctor with Jordan is really easy going and I felt quite comfortable doing it (that says a lot believe me lol). You don't even have to watch her, you can follow the instuctor. And the best part of it is that it's only Β£2.99p from Amazon!! :)
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Oh thats really good!! Thanks Caz...I was looking to download things and I got yoga and the 30 Day Shred but I did see Jordans and didn't think to get it...x
Ha! No she doesn't talk very much!! She looks kinda bored actually! I followed the instructor anyway! Give it a try, even if you's don't like it, it won't break the bank!! :)
The thing that would put me off it the idea that Im putting any of my hard earned cash in her bank account :mad: lol
Lol same here!! Same with most of these celebs.. They need to get normal people doing these, although i suppose they wouldnt sell then!!
bad binneybee lol i would to but we got caught doing that woops x
I agree Rach we need normal people on dvd's.....Jordan workout mmmmm isn't she Ms Plastic ??
I recommend The Biggest Loser....each day ur workout is different..and it calorie counts so little effort little burn't.....the workout results are then upto you !! You also have challenges to take part in...
low fat recipe ideas are also great on it !!

Goodluck everyone in all your exercise .....Lets conquer our February challenges......xxx
Its really good and its not repetitive...(well on the game machines)....can really feel parts of my body I obviously had forgotten about today lol

Rach how do I put my photo on ?? :)
Good luck Rach! I found the dvd ridiculous! Lol. I can push myself and do it but you deffinately feel it! :)
Good for you Rach...let me know what its like......

Have a positive day everyone x
I think i may try all the reccomendations on here too! I like to vary things and still haven't found one for me! I just can't wait to move and get a bigger lounge so i can use the kinect again!!

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