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I was called THICK today !!!
because i dont want to eat different foods !:eek:
At work in the canteen today one of the women i work with ate ....
3 satsumas, a whole tub of philidelphia!,cherry tomatoes,loads of utterly butterly, mayonnaise
And 6 :eek::eek: slices of toast OMG......
she ate it in this order-
2 satsumas
2 slices toast with loads filli and butter and toms
another satsuma
2 slices toast more filli more toms and butter and a great big dollop of mayo
then 2 more slices toast and filli and mayo
I was sitting there with my gob opened amazed:eek::eek:
she says to me ''whats up?''
Im just gobsmacked, I cant believe she is eating all that and all together
she calls me THICK for not trying different food, and that I should be used to eating jellied eels cos I come from London !!!!.........WOT?
wot a dozy cow !!
I dont come from london I come from surrey, its a bit further down- I tell her
I know where it is she says, and you lot eat jellied eels and us lot up north eat TRIPE and onions.....OMG have you seen that muck it looks like a bit of manky fur carpet !!

Then it dawned on me why her breath smells like poo , all the junk she eats
yuk !!
dont you just hate some people you have to work with?
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Hehe - the best thing to do is add up (in your head) all the syns she is eating and then just smile sweetly at everything she says x


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Oh hun i am so sorry how rude can some people be they are really so so annoying .


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Good Lord! Is she big?! I dont eat that much bread in a week!! lol

PMP at smelly breath! x


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omg how rude is she lol
it did make me chuckle though im from the norht and never eaten tripe in my life and im 38 lol but my nan used to love it :8855:


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wot is annoying is she is not massive shes a size 18/20, and she has been know to have a shower and still her breathe smells like poo, it is really bad and i mean bad!!
she used to go to asda and have a chicken meal and get and extra half chicken portion - she would eat the whole chicken !!!
Ive seen her eat a whole trifle to herself and 3 slices of toast with 6 scrambled eggs on .
She smokes aswell and she has brown fingers (gross)
just not nice at all , and she's sooo gobby !!

victoria sponge

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she sound like a right waynetta slob,and a heart attack waiting to happen..just sit back and count all her syns and think how good your being xx


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Well sod that! I wouldnt want associate myself with her!

Funny to watch tho1 x


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lol she sounds like someone i know. you don't work in leeds do you? lol


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worst thing is though.............
i live next door to her aswell !!


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Err tripe and onions that sounds horrid. Im from up north and I can honestly say I have never eaten tripe in my life bleughhh just the name makes me feel sicky :rolleyes:.

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Urgh!!! Does that mean that as Im welsh, I should just be living on leeks???...but then I moved to Hampshire (South in case anyone didnt know!! He he!!), so jellied eels for tea it is then....oh, just remembered, Im on a Green Day....oh pity!! Lol

Silly nasty gobby woman!


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Thanks for the Wednesday morning laugh! I think you should subtly leave some SW stuff lying round and suggest she gets healthy!

pmsl @ poobreath!!

I am northern, I don't eat tripe...or any other offal! But I do have a flat cap and whippet. And wear clogs to the mill. And say "eee by gum" and "ey up" a lot.


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And here she is:-


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That is scary!!! Lol