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just had a very frightening experience..

I been getting palpitations for most of my adult life, had many ekg's, and even wore a 24 hour holtor monitor about 4 years ago.. they just said its panick attacks.. (get them before i panick?)

anyway i used to just ignore them what eva! over the past 2 years about 3 times i been woken up by them (when i sleep on my left) and am left with a bad wheezy chest for a few days after.. (had ekg after each episode).. well anyway, today i been getting them all day, very frightening, i took my pulse and even my pulse was palpitating was not in ryhthm and with ever palpitation my pulse was skipping too? surely this isnt normal?

my mum says she gets them, she even had a stress test just came back stress, my friend says happens to her but neither have ever checked their pulse as this accures... ? i think i am worrying over nothing but ya know, thought i would ask here if anybody has had an experience simular to mine?

thanks for any help... :D
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hi, im sorry to hear that you have had an awful day with palpatations, i know it can be quite scarey, my mum used to suffer with very bad palpatations too, her heart and her pulse would be racing so fast you could see her chest moving, she too had many tests, ecg's and a heart monitor but nothing was ever found, these episodes could be frequent or sometimes she would go more than a year without one but then have another episode, in the end she just had to accept that they couldn't find anything wrong and learnt to cope with it.

i understand how frightened you must feel though and i think i would be tempted to get in touch with my GP again, its better to be safe.

hope you are feeling a little better now



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Snap....I cannot help, but hope you feel better soon hun.

Off to the GP if you are unsure. x


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Gosh - that sounds worrying.... I'd ask for an emergency appointment tomorrow at the Dr's.

If your Dr's is like mine there may not be Dr's appts available & they may offer for you to see Nurse Practioner, who are wonderful and if they feel a Dr needs to assess you then you will see on.

Or attend a local NHS walk-in centre - again they are run by nurse practioners etc.

I hope you're ok though hun - must have been really scary!

Let us know what your going to do xxxxxxxxxx
thanks guys, i am defo going to the doc tommorrow, will ask to be referred privatly (still got hsa) for tests as i am starting to panick now...

will let you know how i get on xx

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