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Just joined the gym...help!!


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I've just joined the gym and went for a program yesterday. I still have 3 stone to loose explained this to the instructor and I have been given the following program -
*10 mins stepper
*10mins rower
*10mins bike
I was advised to do this program 3 times a week along with 1 x water aerobics and 1x step aerobics.
I haven't been given any weights for toning does this program sound good or should I add anything else to it.

I'm also on a 1200 cal diet.

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Stick with the programme that they have given you. The stepper, the rower and the bike all are toning as cardiovascular exercises.

Good luck and enjoy


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Have you not been given anything on the treadmill or cross trainer? I have a cross trainer at home and I have a few stone to loose and i find that it doesnt put any strain on my joints.


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If you have 3st to lose cardiovascular is the way forward for now. Stick with it and eventually they will add the toning :)


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im surprised they havent given you any resistance training???


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You should give the cross trainer a bash, it's awesome and it burns loads of calories. And the Treadmill on a low speed with an incline is good too.
But tbh any exercise is good exercise and you'll see the results.


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This is fine for losing weight. Resistance training is also a good way to go (weights), as increasing muscle mass (toning) will raise your metabolism, thereby burning more calories all day.

Stick to your CV machines for now and see how you get on. It will raise your fitness levels, which will allow you to add more exercise later if you want to.

I spend 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 40 minutes doing resistance exercises and finish off with 20 minutes on the treadmill, and I find this combination is working very well.


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I think it also depends what you like doing. I don't like cardio stuff, so if I thought that all I was ever going to do was bikes and steppers and so on, I'd never go!
I much, much prefer the weights and the resistance stuff.

I think you need a mix of things, to keep you interested, and to make sure you're working the whole body as well.

Good luck, and I hope you get some good results.


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I want to loose 3 stone as well, ive got my first p/t session next tuesday... ill let you know if i get any weights etc! how have you been getting on with what he gave you? i def think you should give the cross trainer a go.. thats proberly my fav thing at the gym! :)

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