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Just started Lipotrim

Hi Guys, I'm on my second day on lipotrim, I was going to do the dietchef but found this one to be easier for me as its a "all or nothing" situation. These last two days havnt been too bad but I firmly believe thats because I have a terrible cold and cannot taste or smell anything whatsoever, so kind not thinking about normal food. Ive also just started a course of Antibiotics (amoxicillin) and kinda worried it means I'm not going to lose any weight, but hey started it now. Love this forum btw
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Welcome the next few day scan be hard as you will go into ketosis and until your there its tought but stick with it im the same all or nothing i would rather do this that ww find it easier this site is great for advice and help or even just to know there are people out there the same as you and struggling give yourself mini goals as sometimes (for me anyway)the goal is to far away i just take it one week at a time and what ever ye do dont eat i did and it really was not worth it i felt sick and stuoid to much money to waste ive went though online catalouges and ive picked out a top i want in a size 12 and ive printed it off and stuck it beside my pc so its there to spur me on also i read on this keeping a diary which i do and ive figured im a major comfort eater when things dont go right for me i eat so its something im going to have to look at but also the first few days ive put a lot of things in it about how i feel being big and never wanna be here again and i might just be printing them out and sticking them and fat me on the fridge to detir myself away from the wrong foods in the future this is my second time on lt and although i lost all the weight i put it back through no fault but my own cause i didnt change my eating habbits and lets face it none of us are here cause were happy with outr bodies hope i havent bored ye to much and ive mannaged to give you a few tips
Thanks so much for your advice, you seem like your doing great, I think were kinda the same in eating habits and I just hope that if I do manage to lose the weight that I can really sort out my eating habits to avoid putting it all back on. Feeling a bit empty in the stomach tonight, I'm hoping over the next couple of days I will get used to it, got to say I did enjoy the vanilla shake a couple of hours ago tho! I still can hardly taste anything cause of the cold but could still feel the sweetness. I will be updating, thanks again :)
Starting while you have a cold is hard enough so if you are coping with these few days then the diet will be easier than you expect.

First week is always ruff, second week seems a lot better but when you get past week 4 its sooo much easier. Its part of your routine.

If I could give you any advice its to not take a break for like a weekend in the middle, I have just done that and its take 2-3 weeks to get back on.

Good Luck with the LT journey !! :)
Hey I too have started LT (well 3 hours into it), so far so good, a bit headachie but the water is helping it... here's to the first week!
Nelly, its so funny you say dont give up for the weekend, because tonight it is so so so so so tempting to go get some chips and a battered sausage or some chicken and chips! ahhhhH!! I'm almost at the stage of just going f**k it! but this is my 3rd night and I'm going to stick at it, I cant keep doing this. Theres nothing more inviting then a film and sum grub tonight but im resisting hard! So thanks your advice, heres to a slimmer us! ....;-)
I'm the exact same, watching films seem to make me want to slip more than everything else and I have been dying for chips and a battered sausage!!

I am a diet coke addict and before this I hated sparkling water and rarely drank still water. Now I find sparkling water is like a treat I love it now.. and it gets me through nights like that. :)

Really worth it though, I went through my wardrobes today and I have no cloths left! I started this a size 18 and on the tight side. Now I am a 14 and on the lose side. Can't ask for better
good luck hunny. im almost in 2 week 9 and i promise it dus get alot easier,the 1st week is tough but if u can do that you can do anything.
thanks alot guys, managed to stay away from takeway last night now in 4th day, although dont think im in ketosis yet? Who knows..wish i was on week 9!! Seems so long away...:flirt2:


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Hello, welcome to the forum :)

The first week (especially the first 3 days) tends to be the hardest for most people, it was for me ... it does get easier though.

Of course there is still hard days and bad days where old habits will want to take over or mentally it seems too hard and easier to give in but just keep telling yourself why you're on this diet and how worth it will be to stay strong. Also keep posting as this forum really helps.

I think setting mini goals is a great way of staying focused, like getting into a smaller dress size or each stone mark you hit ... really keeps up the motivation. Also reward yourself for achieving your mini goals even if its just a magazine. Pampering yourself is a good way of taking your mind off food and filling the void it once filled too.

Good luck on your journey .. you can do it :) x
Welcome, LT is hard but the results can be amazing. I hope you have some great success.
i found once i got past my first week it was bit easier to keep going i say a bit easier because this diet is not easy and you do have bad days but those wi really keep you motivated good luck
Thanks guys, 5th day now and dont feel too bad at all, my stomach does feel empty but im not ravishing by any means im just getting on with it, although I'm not feeling like im in ketosis? reading the sort of things people feel when they do enter into ketosis....hmmmm


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Keep going hun, your'e doing well. First week really sucks but once you get into ketosis the weight falls off! It also gives me a slightly euphoric feeling which is great! Other posters' have said they have also experienced it. On the downside, week three can be a pain. I'm near the end of week three now and although I have'nt wanted to eat food, it is definately on my mind more and I have felt a bit down with it, almost resentful but I know it's my body trying to trick me into feeding it solids! This can happen either week three or four so just watch out for it. Keeping busy is the best thing and keep drinking the water, Good luck chick!
ye are all amazing

I have just started Day 1 so am facing an uphill battle. Wow well done to each and every one of ye. Ye are nothing short of amazing. I keep reading all these amazing weight loss figures. I hope to God I measure up.

I read someone saying to give yourself a little treat as you reach a goal. Thats a great idea. Also love the idea of the pic of the dress you want in a size about 4 sizes smaller than I am now. How did I end up here, I let myself go in the last year or so and am very down about that. I am disgusted with myself now that I realise how far it has all gone. Anyway I have started Lipotrim today so please god I will have the will power to stick with it and begin to like myself again

Congrats to all of ye - ye are my heroes

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