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Just tried this...


Fat busting crime fighter
Mozarella rolled in crushed pork scratchings and nuts - then fried. I made a curried mayo dip too.

I mean any NORMAL person would never dream up a cocoction like this but on atkins...needs must!

Drink lots of water afterwards because of salt content in scratching..... it should swill it out then the body wont store it.

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if i liked cheese, that would be awesome, you really do come up with some inspired pairings lol, but like you say, needs must, and if it tastes good, then it's a success! (look forward to seeing your recipe book in the shops for xmas...! :D
sounds good to me love. Very tasty.


Fat busting crime fighter
curry powder and mayo - thats all.....pips!

I dont know how you cant like cheese and stay on this diet, Mick. I would just die without cheese on this diet.
never got a taste for it, so don't really miss it tbh, but i feel deprived lol, cos everyone else seems to love it on just about anything!
I love cheese, in all it's wondrous forms. LOL. I had to be careful on induction though, I was one of those it stalled.
well, i guess what i've never had, i won't miss. that's the beauty of atkins tho, there is plenty of variety as i love my meat fish and salad/veg, so it's all good really

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