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just worked something out..shame


Tequila makes miaow happy

I have just been working out some figures from my ticker. I usually work in kg, but coverted it to lb as wanted to work out my target weight after losing 3st (my target before Xmas) and SHAME
never realised I was so heavy - cant even bear to type it. I realy need to lose 6.5 stone alltogether - I feel awful. I think I can do this until Xmas, but what if I get stuck then?

can i do it, I really feel hopeless. It is really stupid - I felt so positive until I worked this out. KG never seemed so bad, but in stones it is horrible:(
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Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks Starlight. I suppose what doesnt help is that Although 9lb have gone, for some reason I dont feel any smaller - I remember on other diets in the past I have felt the difference even at 2 or 3 lb
But just think how different you'll feel when even more has come off *hug*

Baby steps - that's the key. I've got at least 8 stone to lose and that in itself is terrifying if you convert it to pounds! But I'm gonna do it a few Ibs at a time. I WILL DO IT DAMMIT!!!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Take each set of 14lbs at a time, not the whole lot all in one go and you'll be just fine!

CD definitely works - I have lost 4 stones and today is my Day 80!!


Tequila makes miaow happy

Thanks guys. I guess I just thought I would really feel the difference by now. Maybe I will soon, or maybe just an off day. I keep reminding myself that even if it is a small loos, at least some loss is guaranteed - not like SW or WW where I could go for weeks being 100% and nothing happened.

did anyone else find they didnt feel different at first? smaller i mean


Tequila makes miaow happy
Wow westie you look great! Maybe I should have a swim and a sauna - that always makes me feel good - and will tone me gently as well.
Wow westie you look great! Maybe I should have a swim and a sauna - that always makes me feel good - and will tone me gently as well.
Correction, I looked great! Because I didn't follow maintenance properly I have actually put a lot back on (about 3 stone to go again).

Swimming and a sauna sounds fantastic, great gentle exercise. On SS you don't wanna do too much and overdo it xxx
Hi Kikuka, I also weigh in kg and I agree with you, it looks so much "less" than when converted to pounds, just break it down into smaller bits, I'm planning to break mine down into 2.3kg losses, then treat myself to a manicure/pedicure after each 2.3kg loss, if more great!


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks everyone - thanks dyintobeslim - a manicure is a good idea - i can add that to my current obsession with brightly colored MAC eyeliners every half stone.
I have set my ticker to show my first 3 stone, or 19kg, as if it showed the whole 6st i need to lose it would put me off. So, this is my Xmas ticker for the first 19kg (hopefully) then after Xmas I will have a holiday themed one.
Hi There

Hi there,
When I started I had 8 stone to lose and now it's 6.5 same as you.
Just keep sticking to your plan and drinking loads of water and you really could do it. Try 5 ltrs - 6 each day for 1 week and see what happens. That's what I am doing this week.

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